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Harry Potter Extended Editions

I’m very sorry this happened, JJ. I enjoyed very much your extended editions, and I think they are the best way to watch Harry Potter. Thank you very much for all your work. I’ll save them as safely as I can, but I’m very sad that a lot of other people won’t be able to enjoy them and we’ll be not able to watch the definite version of your edits. I understand you, but please, reconsider your decision. Cheers!

Harry Potter Extended Editions

JJPotter said:

It is definitely an interesting time we are living in, that is for sure.

I will throw a little nugget of news out there for everyone. I got to playing around with After Effects the other day, testing some keying effects. I have never been happy with how the bus scene came out in PoA due to the way I removed the blue screen and how it changed the color palette. In some of my testing this week, I may have found a way to remove the blue very easily without damaging the color palette. This is a positive for several reasons. First, it means I can go back to PoA, fix that scene and possibly one other and have that film 100% the way I want it. It also means I may be able to use the same method for some of the green screen scenes to make those edits easier. I have been struggling with the Dudley Demented scene for quite a while now due to the green screen. If this eliminates those issues, I’ll be able to add at least 2 additional scenes back into the Deathly Hallows movies.

So, it has be a positive test week. Hopefully once we get moved in a couple of weeks and I get my new home office set up, I will be able to spend the rest of the quarantine time doing some editing for relaxation.

I’ve always found the visual quality of PoA’s deleted scenes a little subpar compared to the rest of your extended editions, but i didn’t give it much importance because it isn’t one of my favourite HP movies. It’s very nice to know that you will be able to fix them, though. And I can’t wait to see what you do with DH. Thank you for your work. Now I can’t imagine the HP movies without these deleted scenes, I think they improve them a lot!

Revenge of the Sith (The New Canon Cut) [kind of AVAILABLE]

NFBisms said:

That’s fair. In the context of the rest of the edit though, there’s just nothing to suggest prior bad blood between Anakin and Obi-Wan. And since I’m not approaching Anakin’s fall from the angle that Anakin is blindly corrupted and villainous, I needed to convey that Anakin still sees Obi-Wan as a friend. Obviously Obi-Wan “turned” Padme against him, but I think it’s clear with the rest of the edit that Obi-Wan didn’t intend to. Anakin should be able to sense that.

Anakin in this edit hasn’t gone fully over to the dark side by this point. Sure, he’s killed a lot but he doesn’t like that he had to do it. He doesn’t feel like he’s the one who’s been betrayed - he’s fully aware that he’s the one betraying. He had hoped to hide this from Padme, and he could never look at Obi-Wan again.

But now that he’s confronted with consequence - a Padme who hates him - he doesn’t necessarily want to lose Obi-Wan too. Obi-Wan should have died. “Don’t you turn against me. Don’t lecture me. Don’t make me kill you.” Join me, just let me do this, get out of here or else.

“Don’t you turn against me” also gives Obi-Wan something to work with as reframed actually trying to help Anakin. Instead of Anakin’s anger and lust for power taking Padme away (as Obi-Wan responds to in the theatrical), they are the things that Obi-Wan says have turned against Anakin himself. Obi-Wan wants to convey that Anakin is a victim of his own selfish passions; he isn’t indicting Anakin as much as he is the toxic feelings that led him where he is now. He believes he can still make the right choice.

Anakin’s cognizant rejection of that olive branch is what will make him Vader. Padme thinks he’s a monster. It’s too late for him.

Darth Vader is a cold and in-control warlord. And a loyal servant of the Empire. He’s more hollow shell than vengeful maniac. I think the transition between Anakin and Vader is smoother without the in-between: the childlike, power-obssessed Proto-Vader we get in the theatrical.

Ok. Thanks for taking the time to give me such a detailed answer. I like your ideas very much and I can’t wait for this edit to be released 😄

Harry Potter Edit Megathread

Anakin Starkiller said:

Dursleys under the Cruciatus curse? I guess that would explain their treatment of Harry. The only other theory out there is that him being a horcrux drove them insane, which doesn’t really add up given his friends were fine.

JK Rowling reveals why the Dursleys dislike Harry Potter so much:

Bond of blood charm: