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Star Wars 4K77 - Regraded - No DNR

I forgot to say I work only with uncompressed files (x264 gave some trouble, uncompressed works perfect). I convert them using virtualdub, then save as quicktime .mov. The project should look for the source file I worked with. I’m assuming you’re already bypassed this issue.

When rendered, I then use a brief avisynth script + megui + x264. With mkvtoolnix you can load the original 4K77 and simply replace the video with the regraded one.

BTW, in this 1080p regrade I worked a bit with the frames to remove reel change marks. So, no more cigarette burns in this regrade 😃

Star Wars 4K77 - Regraded - No DNR

Williarob said:

That looks very nice!

Could you export your Resolve Project and share a link to that here? (I don’t think that would break any rules since without already having 4K77 it would be worthless. Plus it would be a very small download). That way, everyone who already has a copy of 4K77 can simply import your project file into Resolve, open it, relink it to the 4K77 NoDNR source file we already have, and then render it out.

Also, if it’s as good as it looks in the stills I can apply it to the prores master…

Yeah, no problem.
I uploaded it to uploaded net.
If you have any trouble downloading it, just tell me.

Direct link:

You will see 2 folders with LUTs. There are about 160 (!!) of them, but as I said, I ended using only about 60.

Star Wars 4K77 - Regraded - No DNR

Just bringing you a regraded version in 1080p. 😃
If someone thinks is a good reference for the proper 4K, please use it (link to a gallery at the end of the post).

Workflow for this regrade:
The first thing to do is capturing a frame of the original 4K77 release. Then, I regraded that frame using Photoshop. When that single image is regraded, it’s time to use the great Dre’s colormatch tool to create a LUT (I ended using about 60 of them). And, last but not least, DaVinci Resolve to apply the LUTs and make some (a lot of) other corrections.

Audio and subtitle options are of course the same as the original 4K77 release.

A comprehensive gallery
(96 pics):

Look for it using your favourite torrent search engine. Or more specifically on katcr, or limetorrents.

If you can’t find, just PM, of course. I’ll try to be around here quite often.

Come and See (1985) regrade (using the DVD as reference).

The DVD is bit too red sometimes, but you’re right, those sand pics are indeed green.
I’m still polishing some scenes, I’ll look into that too.

The DVD does look “good” on many scenes, but when comparing DVD vs BD directly, even if the latter is faded, you can tell it has a richer color pallette than the DVD, (which look somewhat muted in the “interrogation under the bridge” scenes).
For the sake of consistency, some graded scenes are closer to the DVD while other do look different.

Come and See (1985) regrade (using the DVD as reference).

I’ve been working on a regrade of this classic war film (probably the best war film ever).

I’m using, of course, ColorMatch to create the LUTs (more than a hundred!) and the DVD as reference (but not as a matching reference). Then, DaVinci Resolve for the final grading.

Very difficult to grade this film, as the BluRay has literally dozens of different gradings… or differently faded footage I should say, as it appears to be unrestored. There’s one more thing that makes the grading even more difficult: dynamically graded (faded) footage (meaning that the grade/fade graduallly changes within a scene).

Grading is finished!! (Now, encoding…)


Some pics: