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Info: Recommended Editions of Disney Animated (and Partially Animated) Features

Doctor M said:

I know Snow White should look that good later this years and there is rumor that there is standard Blu-rays of Peter Pan and Sword and the Stone in the works that might be done in a similar manner.
Here’s hoping.

Sword in the stone is already om D+ in 4K (cropped). If Disney already has it already in 4K, why would it not be the same?

[Edit, sorry missread, you said standard BD. It will most likely be the same]

Info: Disney foreign dubs - and preservation

qnorsten said:

GoboFraggle1983 said:

qnorsten said:

Interesting thread. I am another swedish person dedicated to preserving Swedish cartoon and dubs.

Do you have any old Swedish dubs by any chance? If so, which ones?

I have the following original Swedish dubs (or first redub in the case of Dumbo)

  • Pinocchio (Swedish original dub from 1941 was used on a rental VHS edition from 1987. All releases after that use the 1995 Swedish )
  • Alice in wonderland (Swedish orignal dub was used on rental VHS edition from 1990. All releases after that use the 1998 Redub)
  • Dumbo (first redub from 1972 used on VHS release from 1991 and showed a few times on TV. All releases after that use the second redub from 1996)
  • Bambi (Swedish original dub from 1943 was released on the first batch of VHSes 1994 by mistake. Later editions and batches use the redub from 1986)
  • Oliver and Gang (Swedish original dub from 1998 was initialy released on the DVDs from 2002 by mistake, but these were quickly withdrawn. This dub has also been shown on disney channel for some reason. Later releases include the rebug from 1997)

Still missing these original dubs that have never been released on on any home video media

  • Peter Pan (Swedish original dub from 1953, was only shown in cinemas, all releases use the 1992 redub)
  • 101 Dalmatians (Swedish original dub from 1961 was only shown in cinemas, all releases use the 1995 redub)
  • Black Cauldron (Swedish orignal dub was only shown in cinemas, all releases use the 1998 redub)
  • Cinderella (Swedish original dub from 1950, all releases have used the 1967 redub)
  • Lady and the tramp (Swedish original dub from 1955, was only shown in cinemas, all releases use the 1989 redub)
  • Dumbo (Swedish original dub from 1946)
  • Snow white (Swedish original dub from 1938)

This are the major movies I have/are searching for. There are plenty of other redubs as well in Sweden.

Interesting thread. I am collecting original dubs as well. Could you please PM me download links for Pinocchio, Bambi and Alice please?