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I Spent 10 Years Rewriting the Prequels to Match the OT | "Prequels SE"

While I did enjoy the Scion of the Force, there are still a few things that jump to my eyes as inconsistent with the OT.

  • First, the Skywalker name being bound to a lightsaber. While interesting, it makes the name resonate with history and gives hiding luke as a Skywalker even less sense.
  • Having Lars being a captain, instead of Obi-Wan’s brother (Rotj novel) makes it a bit weird
  • That it is mention that it takes years to learn to fight with a lightsaber. Luke was given one a whole 32s after being told about the Force. It should have been implied either that only true members (and the Council gives Anakin one on Alderaan) get lightsabers and/or only those strong in the Force could weild one, which also ‘confirms’ a theory that Han is Force-sensitive.
  • the power levels of Jedi is all over the place and this is somewhat contrived. At first, obi-wan is described as Demigod walking amongst us, but then Milard and thr other are dispatched easily.

I plan on reading the rest.