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Sequel Trilogy? Say it's so!

Originally posted by: Bossk
Oh man, go get the tenth anniversary release of the film. This cover...
Highlander 10th Anniversary Edition

Something like 20 minutes spliced back in to the flow of the film. The most important piece of info that it adds to the film is how Rachel came to be with Connor back in WWII. This was how I was introduced to Highlander and I went back and watched the original video release and it pales in comparison to this version. It leaves so much unexplained.

Thanks bossk,

as motti_soL has already explained this is the version that was shown in europe in the cinemas. So no wonder we have no director's cut of Highlander here in Germany.

MORE CHANGES!!! (for the 2004 OT DVD release)
One more thing about the book and the comic.

Like the comic adaption the original book had the scenes with biggs (on Tatooine and on Yarvin). Additionally it had the Jabba the Hutt scenes in the hangar. (For I'm not completely sure if it was set in the hangar, but the two (Han and Jabba) met in this scene and Jabba was not described as a slug!

When the Special edition was released there was a new comic released. In this one the scenes with biggs on Tatooine were misseng, the Jabba scene was altered to a Jabba-slug scene and the Biggs scenes on Yarvin were in it again. As far as I recall the kissing scene between Luke and Leia was changed, too (short kiss before they swung over the gap on the death star). While in the OT-comic book Leia kisses Luke on his mouth she kisses him on the cheek in the SE-comic-adaption. (While the kiss in the film did not change.)

Why the book has not be changed when the SE was released I have no idea. Maybe it has to do with the problem that GL is not the true author of the book but Alan Dean Foster and so the book would have to be completely rewritten?
MORE CHANGES!!! (for the 2004 OT DVD release)
Stupid I'am.

Sorry, I'm back so late. And even more sorry for telling bullsh..

I'm so nervous that GL might do changes even to the SE now that I was buffled wwhen I read Ian mcDiarmids name. To stay to the truth. I was absolutely sure that the emperor in ROTJ was played by someone else and that Ians first appearance in SW was in TPM.

I apologize. and I apologize to Mr Lukas, too. (If only for this one thing)
MORE CHANGES!!! (for the 2004 OT DVD release)
Im getting sick.

Until one hour ago I still hoped that all these rumours about changed scenes in the DVD-release will not be true. I hoped that all the scenes we get to see on all these well-informed internet pages are preparations for the Ultimate Edition.

Now this hope is lost:

Go to this page and have a look on the actors credits!

For me, I already planned to buy bootlegs of the OT. Now its time to get some of the SE too.

George Lucas no longer cares
There are still some nice things coming from LukasArts.

I loved the Biggs Darklighter comics and I have the best hopes for Timothy Zahn's new book.

The difference is: In the beginning until mid of the '90s there was up to 90 % magic and carefully created stuff and about 10 % off bullshit. Today it is more or less fifty-fifty, (maybe a little less than fifty on the good side).
What was your first experience with Star Wars?

I think for many people in this forum their first Star Wars experience must have been a special moment. No matter if it was the OTs, the SEs or the prequels. I think it could be interesting to share some of these moments.

I was a ten years old boy, very much interested in Sci-Fi films, when Star Wars (later renamed A New Hope) was shown on the big screen.

For me the SW-experience started with a evening broadcast on TV. It was a monthly broadcast that featured scenes from new films to be shown in the cinema the following weeks. I was less than excited on this broadcast as there were rarely shown any films of interest for a small boy. But suddenly my world changed. A young man and a woman swung on a rope over a gap behind them guys in white protectionsuits shooting with laser weapons. Then starships flew around a big space station, firing their lasers and two guys, one in black the other in brown fighted against each other with some weapons that looked like swords made of light. A big hairy alien shouted “uuuuuaaaaaaarrrrrrrr” and some other aliens with bandages around their head and some metal parts between these bandages were seen. It was unbelievable and seemed so realistic. I had to see this movie.

I went to see it a week later. Never before I had seen such a queue in front of the cinema. I was between the lucky ones who got a ticket (I think my father was with me but I’m not to sure about this.)

The film started with a strange sequence:

A written narration that explained what was happening in the SW universe. That there was a bad bad empire and a rebellion against it. The writing disappeared and the camera angle changed, the magic started.
a yellowish planet came into sight and suddenly two spaceships appeared. Laserbeams. War in Space: Star Wars.
I remember, being puzzled about the good and the bad guys in the beginning. For a ten years old boy it is clear. Good guys: White. Bad guys: Black. Are these white guys, storming the ship, the good or the bad guys?
then suddenly there was silence and out of some mist a dark figure entered the ship and made clear who’s good and who is bad.

Dart Vader was so impressive. His height. This aura of evil…
I could continue and explain my every feeling during the film but this would be too much for the forum. Let’s stay to the key scenes. Scenes that followed me for the rest of my life.
The scene were Ben explains to Luke what the force is all about. That was pure magic underlayed with a wonderful discrete music. It got me goose bumps.

Mos Eisley. Not the cantina… no. The cantina was very special too. But it was the introducing sequence that was so special for me the first time I saw this movie:
Ben saying: “Mos Eisley space port. Nowhere you will find more scum assembled than here.” (This is a direct translation from german. I don’t know the exact words in English.)
Then the cantina scene and of course the alien who looses an arm. For a ten years old boy this was hard stuff.

This was followed by the introduction of Han . When today I see this movie, Han is my favourite character from the moment he appears. He was not at this first time. It was Luke I wanted to be.
Next big thing was the millenium falcon. Ohh man how I wanted to have this ship. To own it, to fly it and to have a buddy named Chewbacca.

Then one climax was followed by the next. The destroying of aldebaran, the first appearence of the Death Star, the fight on the death star with its humorous moments, and then Ben’s death. “The circle closes.” said Vader in the german version. “Once I was your student. Now I’m the master.” “Only a master of evil.” Ben said. “When you beat me, I will get more might than you can ever imagine.” And Vader hits him and Ben disappears. Ben was dead but he was not dead. Magic again.

Until then there had been more action, more magic, more anything than in every other film I had ever seen. And the big final was still to come. The fight on the Death Star was very close to a roller-coaster experience. It was not Luke or Red-5 or Biggs, who flew these X-Wings, it was me. “Trust to your feelings.” And at the end again goose bumps: “Luke, the force will always be with you.”

When I left the cinema I was completely exhausted and excited at the same time. When I came home I tried to get the force work for me. I closed my eyes and tried to trust my feelings. It never really worked, but it was always fascinating to try. I saw the movie four more times, before it was cancelled at the cinemas in my town. I bought the comic and the book and the radio play. I had some of the action figures, a light saber and Han’s pistol as well as a stormtrooper weapon. Most time of my childhood there existed two worlds. The real world and a Star Wars universe. I was living in both of them. Until today Star wArs A New Hope is the film I have seen most in my live. At least 14 times on the big screen (including the SE). And though my age has changed, the magic of this movie never did. I will be a lucky man if my children will have the chance to get a similar experience of magic in their live.

It's just marketing... wait a while.
If GL would think like that, then he would publish now the OT on DVD, a few years later the SE including the OT and another three years later the UE including the SE and the OT. This way round it would make most sense. Because even many young fans that only now the SE will buy the OT if it is the only version released on DVD. But when the SE is available, the number of people willing to buy an additional OT release will be much smaller. Lukas knows how to make money. But he is so rich he doesn't care for the little extra he could make with an additional OT release.

Sorry, but for me this seems to be the sad truth.
Read these two articles please...

Originally posted by: Rebel Scumb
according to AICN, the sabers were not fixed in that version.

as for the jabba scene, I know it was originally shot, But I highly doubt they planned to replace jabba with a creature back in 1976, it was just going to be that guy, and here's why:

1.the guy is in costume

2.Han refers to him as a human being

3.There was no way to technically achieve that shot back then, nor would ILM have any belief they could, its a moving shot with no blue screen and Han walks both infront of and behind Jabba, hell ILM had trouble doing it with digital technology, there is no way they would of shot it the way they did if they intended to sub in a creature afterwards, not in their wildest dreams.

Look at the shot, it would of been impossible.

There are two more causes why I think Jabba was originally meant to be human: the 7ties comic adaption and the book-adaption. In both Jabba is not described as an alien. I want to emphasise especially on the comic. In this you also get a first look onto Biggs Darklighter. You get to see some scenes with him (Tatooine and Yavin) and the scenes were very similar to what appeared in the SE or at some other sources of cut film material. The same is true for the Jabba in the comic. He looks very similar to the one in the original scenes that didn’t make it into the film. It’s hard to believe that the comic artists were told to create the comic based on unfinished scenes. It appears more likely that they became a rough cut of the film or a drawn script, that showed the movie how it orignially was intended to be.
Read these two articles please...

Leave idiots account open. He maybe an idiot but we have to deal with people like him everywhere in the world.
Let him call us stupid, idiots, oldies etc. When I first read his first thread he really got me angry. See my reaction.
But now, having read three or four threads of him he makes me lough. This lack of knowledge. This arrogance and lordliness. This is great comedy.

And not to forget: If these (idiot b. and his kind of folk) are the people that defend the SE and deny that the OTs even existed, than this is a clear and strong argument for publishing the OTs on DVD.

@rebel scumb

Thanks for taking so much time to answer every idiotic phrase .... sorry every phrase of Idiot B.


A warm welcome on If you like, make us smile again.
Sequel Trilogy? Say it's so!
Rumours about sequels have also reached Germany. The saying is that Chebacca (Mayhew) has signed a contract for Episode 3 that has some backdoor arrangement (sorry I do not know the correct English for this) so that Mayhew would have to act in sequels also if they will ever be released.

Three causes why I don't believe in this:
1. Chewbacca has died. I don't remeber the books anme but it is in the official SW timeline. and this timeline is already full of events until his death. It would be very difficult to find a gap for a three episodes sequel except they film the Zahn-books.
2. Everybody could play Chewie. You even can make him a CGI (see Monsters Inc.). That he (Mayhew) now appears in Episode III is a bonus for the old fans. If there would be sequels not to many people would care who is the man behind the mask.
3. If there really will be a TV-series about Darth Vader, I can imagine that chewie (Mayhew) will be part of it. Maybe this for is the backdoor arrangement in the contract.

But there are some more rumours. One is that the contract between some publisher of toys etc. has been lengthened til 2012. The question: Why so long if there are no more movies. Films sell toys.

Additionally Mark Hamill has stated that he can imagine to play a part in at least one of the sequels. any hint ? Or just something an ex-actor said who would like to be back on the big screen.

In contrast to some other people here I would like to have sequels. Someone said: Sequels suck. But TESB didn't suck. Aliens didn't suck. There is still a chance episode 7,8,9 wouldn't suck. Especially if there is an other director. (Steven Spielberg's name was mentioned a few times). To be honest: I have no fear the prequels could suck more than the sequels.

So let's lean back and wait for the things to come. Let's hope for the OTs on DVD, Special Editions of the Prequels that are better than the originals and for the prequels. "Nothing is written." (Peter O'Toole, Lawrence of Arabia)
Okay, what did we LIKE about the Special Editions?
I liked the Biggs scene but it made only sense for those who new that there were more Biggs scenes from the beginning still waiting for their release. But I still have one question in mind about this scene: When GL wanted to give the SEs a modern look why didn't he use CGI to remove Biggs horrible 70s mustache? :-)

Back to serious: I liked the new look of Bespin. I liked the Banthas. Some more things but they are all minor.

WHAT I REALLY LIKED ABOUT THE SE: To see the films on the big screen.
Read these two articles please...
It's a pity that even a german like me can better read and understand English than IDIOT BASHER does.
Especially his second link is a pro for the release of the Original versions.
And the guy who writes is is a gentleman, who says Lukas is doing things wrong but we have no right to hate him. That's right. Many people who have written their opinion on these sides don't hate Lukas. They are asking for a favour. If granted we are happy. If not we have to live with it. And have to get the bootlegs. But why hate Lukas?
OK. There will always be people who react like this, but they are a minority. If you don't believe me Idiot Basher, then read the pages of

The first link Idiot Basher presents is written by a man who defends GL. Please go on. Let this guy do it. There is no reason to hate Lukas. This guy is right. Where he isn't right is when he compares our intention, to get the OTs with telephones without wire and CD-players that do not sound like Grammophons. Sorry, but there is a big difference. If I like an old telephone with a wire, I can still buy it. I'm still buying vinyl records, because I like them more than CDs. And for good reasons more and more artists tend to release their new albums additionally on vinyl. That is because the record industry has realized something that Lukas has not yet understood: What the customers want creates the market.

And to come to and, IDIOT B. hating Mr. Lukas and publishing this has nothing to do with these sites. is a forum for the people who would like to see the Originals on DVD. Their petition may be hopeless but not stupid. What you call stupid is part of democracy. is also a forum for all Star Wars Fans, and a good one. It's a shame that people like you come here like a bad teacher and want to tell us what to do and what not to do. Tell us your opinion IDIOT BASHER, but do not act like the guys you want to bash.
How do u all like Eps I & II compare to OT

Originally posted by: HotRod

And as for James Bond nrg I totally agree.

I used to love the old Bond films, but especially Roger Moore'. He was the Bond that I grew up with.
I mean man, The spy who loved me was out the same year as Star Wars..
I think that year was the year that I fell in love with Cinema.
Ever sinse then I just love watching films!!!
And I do have a life.............And great sex.................with my girlfriend!

But with the new Bond films, and When I say new Bond films I mean the last 4.
It seems that all they do is think of a great stunt. Whatever it is, either jumping out of a building, or drive a fucking BOAT through the streets of London.
Seriously, someone tell me. How the fuck could he stear that boat around corners an' shit.
It's a fucking boat for Christs sake.

Point is it seems that all they do is think of great stunts and try to make a story out of and around it!!!

And for JB.

For me “The Spy who loved me” was one of my first cinema experiences beside films like Godzilla, Tarzan and old german films that were shown regularily in special performances for school kids.

I loved this film. In the following years I watched all bond movies on the big screen. My favorite bond was Sean. But I also liked the other ones (I only had problems with “Licence to kill” for the total lack of humour in this movie. I even liked Brosnan in Golden eye but this was the beginning of the end. More FX, more stunts, less story, less character and (what I find worst) worse villains. Bonds ex-colleague in Golden Eye and the sowjet general ended the long line of prime villains. Famke Jannsen, the chick with the killer legs in golden eye ended the long line of impressive henchmen. Sorry, I can’t remeber any of the villains from the following films. They were all more or less replaceable. Nothing special about them.

The death of James Bond was the last film. James Bond always had cool gimmicks. In most cases they were at least imaginable to be based on something true, some new technique etc. But a car that can get invisible. And this after such a fulminant starting sequence at the korean border that made me hope for a good JB-movie. Gosh. I nearly vomitted.

How do u all like Eps I & II compare to OT

Originally posted by: HotRod
Also nrg...

Mr Lucas has looked at the original designs of the spaceships from the OT, to help him design the new ep3 ships.
If it wasn't George doing this, then it was someone pretty high up in the Lucasfilm ladder! They are really gonna tie the PT and the OT with this film.
I'm just afraid that it's gonna be like TPM. As in, getting so exicted I nearly wet myself at seeing the trailer on UK TV for he first time, only to be so fucking dissapointed at seeinf the final result.
Repeat viewings didn't help much.
It was only till I got TPM on Video that I started to quit like it.
There was nothing like buying it on its fisrt day of release getting home and rolling a big fat joint. Then settling down to wacth the first new Star Wars film in years!!

I really started liking TPM, and the last 45mins were trully amazing!

AS for AOTC, you see I wasn't now expecting a sequel/prequel to the OT. No, I was expecting a sequel to TPM. I knew what to expect in terms of special effects and the way it was all filmed an' shit!

As with AOTC, for TPM me and a few of my mates all took the day off work just to go and see the films on there first showing.
Half expecting the queus to be massive, But only to find that us and a few of the super nerd squad were watching the films.

So much better having an empty cinema, than to have a place full of popcrn eating, sweet unwrapping noisey bunch of twats.

So yeah I liked AOTC alot more coming out of the cinema than I did TPM.
Man, after wacthing TPM for the first time I was so gutted.
Really, once we left the cinema we all went straight to our local pup. There it turns out that alot more people I know also took the day off to go and watch it. Actually, now I think about it, we met outside the cinema by chance. Then all sat together watching it!!
And I could tell after the first scene with dialog, that I wasn't ging to like it very much, and be very,very dissapointed.
Which I was
So I sat in the pub feeling so pissed off.
So pissed off!!

Come on admit it! How many of you were a little dissapointed the first time you saw TPM????

When TPM started in the USA for us in Germany it was still a few weeks to wait til the film sould start in our country. By chance I had to go for a four weeks visit to Cold Spring Harbour near New York right at this time. When I reached NY the first thing I did was buying a ticket for TPM. I sat in the movie and was so excited. I still believed all the bad rumours about the movie that had already reached germany wouldn’t be true. But I was wrong.
I didn’t like the child hero that blasted a space station. I didn’t like jar-jar. I didn’t like the flying guy anakin had to work for and I didn’t like the much to long pod-race. (It has been done much better and more tensious with less FX in Ben Hur.) And I didn’t like the Princess Amidala-doppelganger story. This was unnecessary rubbish.
There were three things I liked: Liam Neeson as the wise jedi. Darth Maul as the villain. The Space ships. As we all know, two of these good things did leave the stage at the end of the film. What kind of waste!!!
After the film I felt tired an disillusioned. I didn’t watch the film a second time and I have seen the classic films more than 15 times on the big screen and many more times on the tv screen. I didn’t buy the DVD and I think I will never do.

When ROTC started I was not enthusastic about the prequels any more. I went to the cinema and watched it. It was ok, not good but ok. Like many other films. I didn’t like the love scenes. I didn’t like the arena scenes (Too much CGI. And far to many Jedis needed to solve such a small conflict!!) I liked the sandpeople scenes. But the Wrath of Anakin was not well performed by Hayden and then forgotten for the rest of the film. I liked Chris Lee as the villain but I hated Yoda, Yoda the wise, jumping around like a rubber ball. (This scene did kill the movie at last.)

It took me years to understand what Lukas wants. He didn’t do these films for the old fans. He did them mainly for new fans. The kids of a friend of mine, they are more than enthusiastic about these movies. They really love them. But they are 5 and 7 years old. I can not imagine them having any more enthusiastic feelings for these films when they are grown up.