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Felicity (1998 WB Series) w/ Original Music Restoration Project (a WIP)

GoldMotel said:

restorationguy said: is the insta I run. I assume you are using my resources right? Not mad but I know you had my audio for your Season 1 episodes. I’m curious to see how the blu-ray will look tho. The Season 1 you had of mine tho was wildly outdated.

Hello! Yes, I am using resources from you and another user for the audios I didn’t have. Actually, my own audios of S1 was the season with the least amount of holes, lol. Once the project is released, I’ll definitely credit y’all for providing the resources, it’s been a big help!

Also, I tried upscaling the show through PremierePro as a test and it was…okay. Honestly, the DVDrips actually look pretty good being purely upscaled by my 4KTV. Still testing how an SD Blu-Ray encode would look, but no promises, lol.

Yeah I actually am looking forward to it. I do know someone provided me with your Season 1 files but they were my very old drafts from like 8 years ago haha. Not all of them were bad but did you acquire more since then? I wouldn’t know how to upscale the actual video file but I would def love to see the finished project. and let me know if you run into any snags.

That 70s Show - initial FOX airings with original music (Released)

SpacemanDoug said:

does anyone have any updates regarding this project?

I’m very desperate at getting the rest of this series restored, I still am missing a third of season 1, all of season 2, and the one season 3 episode

please let me know the best places at where I can get them

I think we all have the same source unfortunately. I would still like this tho! Is there a link available? I’m pretty much missing the same as you but I’d still like to compare.