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Star Wars mania in 1977
I was six years old.  I remember it so vividly because everyone was talking about - my older siblings, their friends, TV news, my friends.  Everyone was so enthusiastic about it and so excited - especially the "super fast spaceships at the end" that was the talk of the town (from my perspective).  I felt excluded from what everyone was excited about and begged my mom to take me.  Luckilly, she agreed and I went with my older siblings who were seeing a repeat (the first of many).  There was a line and the audience in the theater was completely sold out and everyone's excitement was palpable.  When the Lucasfilm LTD logo came up, wild applause ensued.  Then total silence as the "Long time ago..." came up.  You could hear a pen drop.  Suddenly, the earth shook!  The Star Wars logo burst on screen and this tremendous blast of the B flat major trumpets shook me.  The music made an immediate impression that has literally changed my life (I'm a composer today and that was my earliest musical memory).  I remember it so vividly.  The film was thoroughly entertaining and completely held my attention.  I thought it could end after the rebels escaped the Death Star.  Then the even bigger climax of the attack against the death star happened.  It was a total thrill ride and I was blown away and wanted to see it again right away.  I had to tell all my friends in school.  It was all any of us talked about.  We all had action figures and play ground was full of re-enactments for months.  I remember all the promotions - buy a burger and get a poster!  We did all those things.  Great times that I will never forget.  I also remember hearing they're making another one and thinking 1980 is so, so far away.  Then they would leak concept art and it completely filled my imagination - the strange alien planets, new aliens and adventures.