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Fantastic Four (2005) - Extended Cut in HD

Genemon123 said:

DZ-330 said:

I have the DVD burned as an ISO file, but when I try to do an upscale burn to an MKV it always stops at the 50 minute mark.

I’d love to find a way to get an HD copy of this though. Loved the EE of this movie.

Disney has been putting some of their films on other platforms lately. Apparently HBO Max had the extended version of Fantastic Four in 2020. That’s the only way unless Apple let’s people download the special features instead of just the main film. https://comicbook.com/movies/amp/news/fantastic-four-extended-edition-coming-to-hbo-max/

Is the extended cut still on MAX (formerly HBO Max)?

Final Destination: Descent Into Madness (WIP)

This has been an edit I’ve been working on for the past year back in 2022, and it reimagines the first Final Destination as a more psychological/crime/mystery-based story with a shocking twist in the vein of films by the likes of Alfred Hitchcock, David Fincher, or M. Night Shyamalan for the first 2 acts, before turning into what Final Destination is all about with the twist in the 3rd act. This edit is recommended for first-time viewers with its mystery-focused story, which aims to surprise new viewers of the Final Destination series with a shocking twist that sets up the sequels but can be also watched by series veterans to see a new take on the original film.

Premise: On what is supposed to be an ordinary day at the airport turns into chaos when Flight 180 suddenly explodes upon take off. The only “survivors”, who were kicked off the plane for getting into a fight before taking off, watch in shock as the plane explodes, but they are relieved that they survived. Alex, one of the survivors, tells the authorities that he had a premonition of the plane exploding, and started the fight that got the “survivors” off the plane. The authorities are very curious about Alex, as they are unsure whether he’s a guardian angel or an unloyal terrorist. However, weeks after the disaster, one of the survivors, Tod, mysteriously dies, and everyone believes he committed suicide, but it is implied Alex found a note that said, I KNOW YOUR EVERY MOVE, which he believes that someone obsessed with the disaster is getting revenge, and now Alex realizes that he must protect the survivors at all costs and hunt down the killer by watching the survivor’s moves, checking on suspicious activity, and finding hidden clues, all before the killer eliminates them all.

Runtime: 74 minutes (for now)

(SPOILERS) Changes: (feel free for feedback, suggestions, and questions)

A lot of the teenage humor is removed

Characters are more likable

Flashbacks are desaturated

The opening has been completely changed, there are no scenes leading to the disaster, but they are moved as flashbacks later in the film. The scene has been rescored to Dust in the Wind by Kansas (FD5 callback). The film opens up on the disaster itself from the POV of the passengers before we switch to the survivors’ POV when the plane explodes.

Alex’s premonition is less detailed and graphic and gradually extends his premonition, and the full version will play out during the reveal

Alex and Clear are unaware of the killer’s design until the news report (they still don’t know the killer)

When Alex comes across a familiar occurrence, there will be a flashback to the night of the disaster

The FBI no longer pursue Alex until the 3rd act

Mentions of the mastermind’s name, as well as some clues and strange occurrences, have been removed until the twist in the 3rd act

Most people are no longer angry at Alex for the plane crash

Ms. Lewton and Tod’s family (they don’t blame him for his “suicide”) no longer holds a grudge against Alex

Alex throws the newspaper instead of the Playboy magazine

Tony Todd’s scene moved later, you’ll see why

Try to find a way to remove Terry’s blood splattering on Lewton, Alex, and Carter to keep things grounded for the first 2 acts (people don’t spray blood when getting hit in real life)

Alex only visits Lewton’s house 1 time, during her death scene in which both visits are merged and it is implied that Alex was planning to catch the “killer” red-handed

Shorten Billy’s speech to “That’s right! You’re next Carter! And you ain’t taking me with you!” (Temporary until people decide that its better to restore parts of his speech)

After Billy’s death, Alex is shocked by this and finally demands answers (he is shocked because Billy’s death came out of nowhere, and he was killed in a way no human can accomplish, and Carter was supposed to die instead of Billy and the killer he was looking for would focus on Carter first) He is then redirected to the Mortician off-screen.

Tony Todd’s scene moved here, as the mastermind is revealed to be Death himself, kicking off the 3rd act with a supernatural twist, and there are flashbacks to Tod, Ms. Lewton, and Billy’s death scenes, as well as the full premonition of Alex.

At this point, the FBI discovers evidence at Lewton’s house that is linked to Alex, and he now becomes a suspect at this point in the movie. (He is not arrested in this version of the movie)

For the end scene in Paris, make it so that the trio believes they are safe forever, but something unexpected happens that leads up to Carter’s death.

Rescored the end credits with Dust in the Wind

Future idea:

Make some of the death scenes/flashbacks a bit more brutal with some modern VFX

First Draft is now available. PM for a link

UPSCALE X (WiP): Star Trek Enterprise - Warp 5.X (High Definition Upscale in 4K & 1080pHD)

Artan42 said:

red41804 said:

Should you use the theme song from “In a Mirror Darkly” for all the opening credits for the series? It fits better as the main theme rather than “Faith of the Heart”.

I doubt that’s within the scope of the project, but also, it doesn’t fit better.

The closing theme is the one originally written for the opening credits anyway.

Maybe you can use the closing theme instead?

Evil Dead 2 (1987) - Original Mono Preservation (Released)

ghsushsu123 said:

See No Evil said:

Here are LD ripped mono audio tracks for both ED1 & ED2;



The links are dead (for me at least), would you mind uploading it again? and if not does anyone have the ED2 audio and can pm it to me? thank you!

Any updates on this yet?

Info Wanted: Mad Max (1979) Original Aussie Mono audio

SpacemanDoug said:

red41804 said:

The Mono found on the Kino Blu Ray is again a down mix of 5.1.

No it’s not, I actually have the proof that it’s the legitimate domestic theatrical mix, I can share my video if you want

That fool who made that comparison video (and refuses to take it down despite being proven wrong) didn’t realize he actually used the European mix which used the Australian dub but used several sound effects from the American mix (the American mix in addition to changing the dub also added many sound effects that weren’t in the Australian mix), essentially meaning the European mix is a hybrid between the domestic and American tracks

Does this mono mix have the original SFX?