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Alternative Star Wars Movie Titles - Keep Checking the First Post!

Offering 2 …inspired by the ‘Journal of the Whills’ originally-intended frame story, and also by suggestions from previous posters, here’s a re-tooling of the saga as THE JEDI CHRONICLES (with the titles reflecting a greater focus on the Jedi’s specific role / function / purpose / circumstances through the series)…

Bk.1 – Keepers of the Peace
Bk.2 – Knights of the Republic
Bk.3 – Guardians of the Temple

Bk.4 – Outlaws of the Empire
Bk.5 – Friends of the Rebellion
Bk.6 – Spectres of the Force

Bk.7 – Scavenger of the Sands
Bk.8 – Warden of the Scrolls
Bk.9 – Beacon of the Light

P.S. going down a rabbit-hole right now as I start thinking about flipping the POV for what could be called the ANNALS OF THE SITH

Alternative Star Wars Movie Titles - Keep Checking the First Post!

my offering for the ‘Skywalker Saga’…

Ep.1 - Star Wars: Resurgence
Ep.2 - Star Wars: Republic
Ep.3 - Star Wars: Renegade

Ep.4 - Star Wars: Rebellion
Ep.5 - Star Wars: Revelation
Ep.6 - Star Wars: Reckoning

Ep.7 - Star Wars: Relics
Ep.8 - Star Wars: Revenant
Ep.9 - Star Wars: Resistance

other randoms, in no particular order:
Dawn of Resistance / Ashes of the Empire / Ruins of the Empire / Shadow Apprentice / Dark Disciple / Shadow Recruit / Rebel Alliance / Rebel Scum / Search for Skywalker / Peacekeeper / Last Orders / Star Wars: Requiem / Reyn / Bloodlines / Ties that Bind / Whispers in the Dark

Star Wars: The Last Skywalker Awakens - A sequel trilogy &quot;mega-edit&quot; (<em>RELEASED</em>)

PM received with thanks ghost 😃

Just finished Part I … and its a job very well done; a brilliantly executed edit of the narrative delivering a satisfying movie experience. If I was pressed to give your Part I its own subtitle (while paying homage to / significantly ripping off another space opera franchise) then I would have to call it “The Search for Skywalker”…its how the film opens, what drives Kylo and Rey [+ Rebel Fleet + First Order] forward throughout while dealing with respective absentee parents, and when Rey finally finds him at Ach-To, we follow Luke eventually having to find himself (again).

I was of the camp that felt Abrams’ TFA was too derivative of the originals, while appreciating RJ’s attempt to open up the lore and mythos with TLJ. And I kinda feel now that TSLA Part I goes a long way to bridging that divide, and is the transition movie I’d been waiting for; finely balancing the old guard (essentially Han Act 1, Leia Act II, Luke Act III), and more successful in introducing and passing the baton to the new (Rey, Finn, Poe). Removal of the Starkiller base trash gets a big thumbs up; didn’t miss the Caretakers; enough humour peppered throughout. I was curious from the outset where Part I might finish, and now having watched it, I could not think of a better place! Everything is up for grabs!

So, again, great job ghost; excited to get into Part II!

The Matrix: Édition Noir et Néon (WIP)

Hey RoccondilRinon

So I was thinking if you’re trying to match dialogue duration to existing footage, the altered text you’ve drafted may be a bit wordy…and perhaps contains too much exposition. Taking the simplicity of the original text, and the new context of your altered draft, would something like this work:

The human brain is more powerful than any computer ever built by man or Machine. Unable to replicate the complex network of a billion firing neurons, the Machines, in time, found a way to harness the near limitless processing power of our conscious minds…

What is the Matrix? Control. The Matrix is a computer-generated dream-world, built to keep our sleeping consciousness under control, in order to change a human being… [holds up a pocket calculator] …into this.

Does this cover what you’re trying to convey?

❕ <strong>Welcome to the |</strong> Introduce yourself in here | <strong>Useful info within</strong> ❕

Hey OT community, new member here. Big fan of movies, and storytelling in general, and I salute the passion, dedication and creativity of the editors and broader community, helping to evolve our contemporary stories. Found my way into the world of fanediting looking for digestible versions of The Hobbit (so far, have seen the Maple Films version, and sethlinson’s Bread and Butter Edit, both very good…parts I love, parts I would tweak, of course, if had the skills!), and looking forward to getting stuck in to some other classics, Star Wars, Matrix to name but a few! Will be exploring the OT site, please feel free to get in touch with thread recommendations and projects to keep an eye on. Cheers!