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Can we get some love for Yub Nub?

Since I always hated the Ewoks, Yub Nub drives me insane. Yet, the new song and victory celebrations around the poorly done CGI-looking galaxy were bad too, plus make no sense when watching ROTJ without having seen the prequels.

I made a fan edit that removes all the Ewoks, and replaces the ending song with another Star Wars track that is fittingly moving. I also removed the silly force ghost “happy ending” and replaced it with the final image of Luke burning Darth on the funeral pyre.

Star Wars was never meant to be cute, but George wanted to sell more merchandise.

What is your main way of watching the Original Trilogy?

Harmy’s despecialized versions are my favorite right now. I cannot tolerate the stuff Lucas did to the originals with his so-called “specialized” versions, especially Greedo shooting first. While the stupid CGI effects he added were annoying (especially the dinosaur walking in front of Ben and Luke’s speeder), changing the scene to Greedo shooting first ruins Han’s character, especially at that point in the film. The whole scene sets up Han as a scoundrel ,and possibly one that Ben and Luke can’t trust. It sets him up for his character arc, not to mention makes him that much more of a bad ass.

I also have just created a personal edit of Harmy’s ROTJ to eliminate all the Ewoks. I hated them then and hate them now. I don’t think I’ll ever watch the actual version with Ewoks again.

Hate Ewoks?

I grew up with the original trilogy but absolute hate the Ewoks. Hated them as a kid, hate them now. They just seem so unrealistic as warriors, look like kids in teddy bear suits, and cheapen the whole ending to an otherwise amazing trilogy. Am I the only one that hates them so much? Before you answer know that I even hate them more than Jar Jar Binks. As bad as that cartoon rabbit is, he only messed up an already messed up prequel trilogy. Ewoks hurt the original!

I hate them so much I just finished editing Return of the Jedi in PremierPro to completely remove them from the movie, so I can watch it in peace. Am I crazy?