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Andor EP1: Spark of Rebellion 4K [RELEASED]

Finally got around to watching this. It was great. I never finished the show because I got bored with it. This edit was so much more exciting. I was genuinely nervous before the prison break as I hadn’t seen it before. If I had to nitpick it’d be nice to see how Cassian ends up in prison. I know it’s mentioned in the opening crawl but I still felt a little lost there.

This is a great edit. I enjoyed it. Well done!

The New Republic Movie Series EPIV: A Threat From Beyond (An Ahsoka Series Edit) [RELEASED]

smudger9 said:

So that’s a wrap! The Edit is complete and rendering. I just need to sort the artwork and I will release it over the weekend. PM if you want a link.
One final clip… Shin v Sabine with the lightsaber injury.


I liked the slice version but this works just as well. Nicely done

Deepfake Tarkin & Leia swap (Rogue One) (up on the Shamook youtube channel)

Burbin said:

Hello everyone! It’s been some months since Shamook was kind enough to provide the source files of his Rogue One deepfakes, and as I noted back then the deepfakes themselves were a lot sharper but the surrounding footage was of lower quality.

Well I was finally able to take the time to redo my deepfake implementation, only using Shamook’s source quality files this time. Not only is the source quality much higher, but the files also included all the shots that were missing from the Youtube video. Previously I used alternate sources for these shots (save for one where I couldn’t find any source), they blended better than the original CGI but still they were lower quality and weren’t a perfect match to Shamook’s work, now all the shots are of equal quality and source so the whole thing is way more cohesive.

Here’s a preview of all the new clips:
pw: fanedit

Most of the work had to be redone but the process was a lot more straightforward this time around. With just a bit of noise the footage blended pretty well, as well as some small fixes, fades etc . I kept the clips the same lenght and name so that is easy to replace the previous versions. (I also learned that exporting lossless is unnecessary and creates ludicrous file sizes so now all the clips only come at 2.16 GB).

I’ve created a Google drive to share this new version and will be sending the link to everyone who previously showed interest, if anyone else would like the link feel free to PM me. Huge thanks to Shamook for sharing his work and making this possible!

This looks amazing! Sorry if I missed it somewhere but has this been put into a full edit of the movie? If so, where can I get a link?

Prism's Sequel Trilogy

I watched these and thoroughly enjoyed them. This is canon for me. Yes, ep 9 got a little wacky, but it was so much better than the dumpster fire Disney gave us. If this was the story in the movies I would’ve gone to the theater 10 times for each one. After seeing Jake Skywalker I certainly wasn’t going to pay to see rise of garbage in the theater.

Crimson Maul's - Kenobi: A Star Wars Story RELEASED

I want to say first that this is an excellent edit. Job well done! The focus is so much more on Kenobi and Vader instead of it being the Reva and Leia show. The training flashback is also very well done with it being split up over the course of multiple scenes. Here are a few observations.

Will you eventually provide a higher quality version? The artifacts from the video compression are pretty clear and distracting.

Something seems off with the overall sound mix. I have a 7.2.2 system and no matter what I do with the receiver the audio that should be on the center channel comes out from other speakers. It also suffers from heavy compression. Anyone else notice this?

At 11:36 it looks like a frame or two from another scene is still there and needs to be trimmed out.

The transition between Bail and Leia talking on the balcony and Leia running out the back door into the forest doesn’t really make sense. One minute they are chatting and the next minute Bail tells his wife she’s gone…for some reason.

I think the shot of Vader in the bacta tank needs a bit more work. Just looks a little out of place imo. Maybe it’s just me. Could the tank be made a little more foggy like in Rogue One? I always liked the extent of his injuries being left a bit to the imagination (even though we know what happened).

The tie fighters around the 1:38:00 mark need more work. It’s a bit distracting in its current state.

Overall I really liked this. Bravo!