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For Your Eyes Only: A Fan Edit by Echo3

This is a much leaner version of For Your Eyes Only. All of the fat is cut. The darker more serious tone it always aspired to is helped by the removal of awkwardly placed comedic moments.

The biggest issue I always had with this Bond movie was the Conti score which feelt cheesy and dated. It really made the film seem cheap and inconsiquential. This version with the Barry music added turns it into a true classic. I loved most of the music choices and they were all a big improvement on the original.

For Your Eyes Only: A Fan Edit (Released)

I just finished watching this edit.

This is a much leaner version of For Your Eyes Only. All of the fat is cut. The darker more serious tone it always aspired to is helped by the removal of awkwardly placed comedic moments.

The biggest issue I always had with this Bond movie was the Conti score which feelt cheesy and dated. It really made the film seem cheap and inconsiquential. This version with the Barry music added turns it into a true classic. I loved most of the music choices and they were all a big improvement on the original.

James Bond: Moonraker (1979) - (Released)

James Bond - Moonraker:An Unloved Season (1979)


I wanted to remove the 2 silliest parts of the film. Jaws’s girlfriend and the gondola-hovercraft in St Marks square. And to tone down some of the other silly gags, but to still keep the tone of Moonraker fun but not campy.

I have moved the opening skydive action sequence to around the 1hr 15 minute mark. I think I have found a place to put it that makes narrative sense to me.

I have borrowed the precredit scene from A View To A Kill to make a new opening to Moonraker.

List of changes:

  1. Replaced pre credits scenes with pre credits Skiing scene from A View To A Kill. The replaced scenes have been moved to later in the story.

  2. Removed Beach Boys song with John Barry music and added some sound effects.

  3. Replaced the start of the opening credits with a small part of A View To A Kills opening credits as Moonraker starts with circus images and images of Bond parachuting which are no longer relevant without those scenes preceding it.

  4. Space shuttle hijack has been moved to right after the opening credits.

  5. Inserted a London MI6 exterior shot from A View To A Kill.

  6. Bond now enters directly into Ms office. The scene where M asks Moneypenny if Bond is back from the African job and Bond talking to Moneypenny are not in this cut.

  7. Took out shots of Bond using a camera that has 007 written on it.

  8. Trimmed comedic shots of gondolier sinking after his gondola is cut in half by a speed boat.

  9. Gondola hovercraft in St.Mark’s square has been cut. A new ending to the Venice gondola speed boat chase has been created using footage from the first scene where Bond is seen in Venice. Bond now pulls up to the dock, gets out, takes a look back at his pursuers and then casually walks away.

  10. Jump scare in Goodheads hotel room has been removed.

  11. Trimmed Jaws shocked reaction when his cable car is about to crash.

  12. Removed Jaws girlfriend Dolly.

  13. Removed a shot of ambulance passing a product placement sign.

  14. Replaced the MAGNIFICENT SEVEN theme and replaced with a John Barry track from Thunderball. Added sound effects to this scene.

  15. Moved the skydiving scene so it now comes after Bond talking with M and Q in Brazil and before we see him in the boat searcing for Drax’s base on the Amazon.

  16. Removed shots of Jaws flapping his arms after his parachute fails to open.

  17. Added music track from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service to skydiving scene.

  18. Removed Jaws breaking speed boat steering wheel.

  19. Removed various shots of Dolly on the space station. In shots where she still appears with Jaws I hope it comes across as she works for Drax and is assigned to give Jaws a guided tour similar to how Corinne Dufour gives Bond a tour of the Drax estate earlier.

  20. Added a neck snapping sound effect when Jaws grabs one of Drax’s guards by the face.

  21. Removed Jaws reunion with Dolly. Repurposed some of the footage to show Jaws looking for the docking release system to help Bond.

  22. Removed Bond saying “Don’t worry they’ll make it. It’s only a 100 miles to Earth.”

  23. Removed Nasa guy saying they picked up 2 survivors, a tall man and a short woman.

Various small edits:

Original Venice Gondola scene Vs edited version

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones - The No Naboo Cut (Released)

These clips have been reduced in size to save space so are not at full resolution.

This is the Sports Bar/Nightclub scene with added background music : “Lapti Nek”
When Zam dies I’ve added subtitles: “Beware… Tyranus…”
In the Jedi council scene that follows Yoda tells Anakin to hide out on Tatooine with Padme.

After Obi Wan speaks to Jango he now has Zam’s toxic dart analysed and discovers the toxin comes from the moons of Bogden.

A discussion in Palpatines office where they come to the conclusion that Sifo Dyas was the jedi who erased Kamino from the jedi archives in order to hide the creation of the clone army.

Obi sends a message to Anakin and R2 delivers the message during the funeral.

Anakin and Padme have their fireside conversation on Tatooine instead of Naboo. With added dialog from the refugee trip to Naboo.

Obi and Anakin meet Padme in her apartment.

Anakin reveals he is using Padme as bait.

Padme packing for her trip to Tatooine.

Obi Wan and Mace Windu on the Jedi landing platform.

Yoda senses Anakins pain and then gets a call from Obi Wan.

This is the cover for the edit.

❕ An <strong>Index Of Projects</strong> &amp; <strong>Help Thread</strong> for <strong><em>Star Wars Fan Edits and Other Projects...</em></strong> ❕

Can I have my Star-Wars-Episode-II-Attack-of-the-Clones-The-No-Naboo-Cut
added to the Prequel to the prequel list. It’s finished and released. Thank you, PoorAndin

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones - The No Naboo Cut (Released)

The intention of this edit is to cut the trip to Naboo and instead Anakin and Padme will go straight to Tattoine after leaving Corouscant.

In this edit they arrive on Tatooine in the 39th minute before Obi Wan has left Coruscant. In the original they do not arrive on Tatooine until the 64th minute just as Obi Wan is leaving Kamino to go to Geonosis.

At the same time I wanted to make cuts to improve Anakin’s character. Less whining, tantrums, complaining and lechery. Make him cool and confident and a man of few words.
Make the relationship between Anakin and Padme more romantic and have their mutual feelings for each other grow over the course of the movie.
Create a sense of a genuine friendship between Anakin and Obi Wan.

Running time: 2hrs 18mins

All Changes:

New Pre Fox fanfare Titles “A Poor Andin Fanedit”; “Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones - The No Naboo Cut”.

Cut Cordé’s dying words “I’ve failed you, Senator”.

Inserted the deleted Padme Senate scene. Added and replaced some crowd shots of other senators reacting to her speech. I always liked the politics in the prequels and this scene sets up the stakes of the conflict with the separatists.

Inserted subtitle for hologram in Palpatine’s office “Shall I tell them to wait.”

In the Elevator Obi Wan notices that Anakin he is sweating and tells him to breath I have cut Anakin’s reply “I haven’t seen her for 10 years master”
Anakin is nervous about seeing an old friend after such a long time but does not have an unhealthy obsession with her.

Cut Anikin’s “…for a senator I mean” line. He flirts with her but is more confident and assertive.

Cut Anakin “I meant in the interests of protecting her Master of course.” and moved forward the line “Protection is a job for local security not Jedi.”
Cut Anakin “Investigation is implied in our mandate.”
They still argue but Anakin is not as petulant.

Cut Anakin to Jar Jar “I’ve thought about her every day since we parted.”
He is disappointed she did not remember him but he is not obsessed with her.

When Obi Wan asks Anakin if he has been dreaming about his mother I have trimmed the Anakin reaction shot.

Cut Anakin ``It was her idea." to use her as bait. If you want to get a girl to like you don’t throw her under the bus. Anakin takes responsibility for his own actions and shows initiative. He is more ruthless and is more interested in tracking down the assassin than protecting Padme. He is willing to endanger her by using her as bait to catch Zam. Now his character ark has him change so that when Padme falls from the ship on Geonosis he then puts her safety ahead of his mission to catch Dooku and wants to land the ship to make sure she is ok.

When Anakin says he could not find a speeder that he liked I cut “with an open cockpit and the right speed capabilities.” don’t over explain the joke.

Sports Bar/Nightclub
Cut one instance of Anakin saying outside the bar “Yes Master.”
Cut Anakin “I am trying.”
Added background music playing in the bar: “Lapti Nek” from the Return of the Jedi soundtrack.

Added subtitles when Zam dies “Beware… Tyranus…”

In the Jedi council scene Mace Windu now does not tell Anakin to take Padme to Naboo instead Yoda tells him to hide out on Tatooine with Padme.

Added Yoda saying “Master Kenobi. Your apprentice Skywalker.” (taken from Phantom Menace)
Added Yoda “To Tatooine to his family send him.” (taken from Revenge of the Sith)

Cut Mace Windu’s “Anakin, escort the senator back to her home planet of Naboo.” and cut “Travel as refugees.”

Added Yoda “Young Skywalker.” , “Hidden, safe on Tatooine” (taken from Revenge of the Sith)
“Senator Amidala” (taken from earlier scene in Palpatine’s office)
“Must be kept. Until the time is right, disappear.” (taken from Revenge of the Sith)
Added music from Revenge of the Sith.

Anakin visits Palpatine. Added at the very start of the scene Aankin’s “There have been two attempts on her life” (taken from a deleted scene where he talks to Padme’s father in the garden.)

Padme’s packing scene
Cut Anakin “He’s overly critical, he never listens.” and moved back Anakin saying “I’m ready for the trials” to replace it.
Cut the whiney line “It’s not fair.”

Moved forward the Dex Diner scene to after the packing scene.

Coruscant spaceport where Obi Wan says goodbye to Anakin as he leave with Padme for Tatooine
Moved a behind shot of Anakin and Padme walking away, to after the shot of Obi Wan and Captain Typho talking.
Removed shot of refugee ship taking off. This is not the ship they will be travelling to Tatooine in.

Inserted a Jedi Temple establishing shot from Phantom Menace.
Obi Wan in the Jedi Library scene and Yoda and the Younglings scene are now placed back to back.
I initially planned to cut both these scenes as Yoda never instigates the mystery of who deleted the Kamino system from the Jedi archives making it pointless. However the Clone Wars season 6 episode “The Lost One” finally explores this so now I think it is worth keeping.

Cut Anakin and Padme eating on the refugee ship on the way to Naboo. Most of the dialogue I have used in the fireplace scene later.

Moved forward, Anakin/Padme arrive on Tatooine and talk to Watto.

Inserted a Jedi Temple establishing shot from Revenge of the Sith.
Inserted deleted scenes of Obi-Wan and Mace talk on the landing platform. I have kept the earlier similar scene where Obi, Mace and Yoda(on a flying plate) talk while walking through the Jedi temple.
I have edited the landing platform scene to remove the similar dialogue.

After Mace says “This disturbance in the force is making it hard to get a sense of things”
I have moved forward Obi Wan’s line “Master we should not have been given this assignment.”
It now comes before Obi’s “I realise now what you and master Yoda knew from the beginning. The boy was too old to start his training.”

Cut shot where Obi and Mace stop half way along the platform.
Cut Obi Wan "But he still has much to learn. His skill has made him, well, arrogant.

Cut Mace’s “if the prophecy is true…”
Moved “…he is the one who will bring balance to the force” to after he says “you must have faith that he will choose the right path.”

Cut obvious green screen shot Where Obi bows to Mace and says “Yes Master”, This shot is very unfinished, his ship bobs up and down when he bows.
Moved the “yes Master” line to when Obi gets on his ship.

Cut Padme/Anikin arriving on Naboo and speaking to the Queen.

Moved forward Anakin/Padme arriving at Lars Moisture Farm.
This scene has been divided into two separate scenes. This one ends on a shot of Padme after Anakin leaves the kitchen. Extended the last Padme shot slightly.

Obi Wan arriving on Kamino scene and being taken to view the clone army scene have been placed back to back.

inserted Anakin saying goodbye to Padme and looking for his mother (the 2nd part of the arrival at Lars moisture farm scene)
Extended slightly the opening shot of Anakin standing by his speeder bike.

After Obi Wan talks to Jango Fett I have inserted the deleted scene of Obi Wan and the Analysis droids examining the toxic dart that killed Zam.
The scene now takes place on Kamino instead of the Jedi temple on Coruscant. The droids are similar to the droids seen on Kamino in the Clone Wars animated show and the look of the lab matches the look of the cloning facility on Kamino. I have removed the droids dialogue and recorded new dialogue so now instead of the droids not being able to tell Obi anything they now tell him the Toxin from the dart comes from the Moons of Bogden. As Jango told Obi that he was hired by a "man named Tyranus on the Moons of Bogden’'; Obi can use the information given to him by the analysis droids and Zams dying words “…Beware…Tyranus” to identify Jango as the assassin. This lets Obi be more of a detective.

Moved forward Anakin finding his mother and killing the Sand People. As a result the scene where Mace enters Yoda’s room and he senses Anakin’s Pain comes directly before the scene where Obi wan calls Mace/Yoda from Kamino. In the official cut it comes 24 minutes after Obi calling “the old folks home”.

Moved forward Obi fighting Jango in the rain to straight after the “Old Folks” call.
I used the same idea I saw in ebumms episode II edit to change Obi Wan swinging to safety into one continuous shot instead of him dangling for a few moments. Thanks to Ebumns or whoever first came up with this.

Extended shot of Anakin’s speeder bike coming back to the Lars farm with his dead mother by hand animating a few more frames of the opening shot.

In the garage removed Anakin’s “He’s jealous!”

The garage scene is no longer followed by the funeral, instead we get the Geonosis asteroid rings dogfight.

Moved the Naboo Fireplace scene back so It now takes place on Tatooine in the Lars Moisture Farm. Used two sunset shots from Revenge of the Sith of Obi Wan riding up to the farm on a Eopie as establishing shots. Photoshopped out Obi Wan and Aunt Beru. In the first shot Photoshopped in a static Eopie lying down.
I have added most of the dialogue from Anakin and Padme talking on the refugee ship into the beginning of the scene to establish Jedi are forbidden from having relationships.
Cut the worst lines ``I’m haunted by the kiss that you should never have given me. My heart is beating, hoping that that kiss will not become a scar. You are in my very soul, tormenting me." They haven’t yet kissed in this cut but I would have cut this terrible speech regardless.
Cut “I wish I could wish away my feelings” That’s just a waste of 2 wishes!

In the original cut Anakin being all intense and melodramatic comes out of nowhere, after a pleasant picnic and dinner, when he starts freaking out by the fireplace he comes off as a complete psycho stalker to me and I believe Padme’s reaction should be to get a restraining order against him coming within 12 parsecs of her.
Now the scene comes after he tracks down his kidnapped and tortured mother only for her to die in his arms and then him murdering the entire Tusken village before coming back to Padme and telling her all about how he slaughtered them like animals. So now when we get the fireplace scene he is broken, shattered and unhinged. This makes his behaviour more earned and builds on what came before it. He has just lost his mother so he is desperate to not lose the only other person he loves. He has already started down the path to the dark side and left the Jedi way by giving into his anger and hate by killing the Tuskens, so breaking the Jedi rules to get romantically involved with Padme is an easy choice for him.

Next we see Obi Wan listening in on Dooku’s plans.
Then Obi Wan attempts to contact Anakin.
Changed the line “maybe I can contact Anakin on Naboo” to “maybe I can contact Anakin on Tatooine”
Replaced shot of ship screen showing planet image of Naboo with one showing Tatooine.
Cut “But it’s coming from Tatooine.”
Cut “What the blazes is he doing there. I told him to stay on Naboo” as he is getting out of the ship.
Replace it with “Anakin, Anakin do you copy. This is Obi Wan Kenobi”

We go from R2 receiving the message into the funeral scene.
Slightly extended the shot of R2 seeing the message.

Cut shot of Anakin smiling when Padme says she is going to go rescue Obi Wan and he will have to come along.

In Palpatine’s office added:
Yoda “The creation of the Clone Army kept secret from us Sifo Dyas did. How this was done we know not. Yet now a new piece of the puzzle we have. Perhaps clarity, it will bring us. Yes.”
Added subtitles for four eyed alien “Sifo Dyas must have deleted Kamino from the Jedi Archives.
To keep his Clone Army a secret from us.”
Yoda “Without the consent of the Council or the Senate he did this.”
Dialogue taken from Clone Wars season 6 episode “The Lost One”

This gives some closure to the Sifo Dyas mystery.

Inserted deleted scenes of Padme talking to Dooku.
Inserted subtitle for Poggle “Take them away.”

Inserted insert shot of Geonosis building
Inserted deleted scenes of Anakin and Padme’s trial.
Added Poggle subtitles:
“You have been charged and found guilty of espionage.”
“The punishment for your crime is Death in the Arena.”
“We build weapons, Senator… That is our business.”
“Of Course We’re Prepared!”
“Your other Jedi Friend is waiting for you, Senator.”
“Take them to the Execution Arena!”

Moved scene of Padme talking to the Clone trooper on the sand dune forward. It comes after a Clone tells Yoda the droid army is in full retreat.

Obi Wan and Dooku lightsaber fight plays out in full without cutting to Padme on the sand dune.
Extended the fight slightly by re-cutting some of the existing footage.

Extended the Anakin vs Dooku fight by re-cutting some of the existing footage into the part where they are twirling their lightsabers around in the dark.