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Bootleg DVDs
Originally posted by: MeBeJedi

"I have no idea what this stuff is supposed to look like on my laptop."

Hint #1: Don't calibrate this stuff on your laptap. The differences between monitors and TVs is bad enough, much less an LCD screen. This is why I bought a $40 DVD that could play rewriteable media, so that I could test my visuals on an actual TV screen.

That's my point. I can't judge this stuff at all on my laptop. I want to see it on my (calibrated) home theater before I judge anything...

Is your setup calibrated with Video Essentials? That name is no joke, it is essential. Never trust your eye to what "looks good", you need use the reference materials to get that stuff right. If your stuff isn't captured as close to "correct" as possible, it makes it unlikely (impossible?) that it can ever look right on someone's setup.
Bootleg DVDs
Originally posted by: MeBeJedi

"Audio: 192kbps Dolby Surround ac3"

ONLY 192 kbps? That's not nearly as much. I ran mine at the full 448kbps. You'd think a 3-pass MPEG would leave room for the PCM. I know my 2-pass left room for 3 soundtracks.

I would think that 192 is plenty for Dolby 2.0, but obviously not for a 5.1 track. Have you done audio comparisons at the different capture rates? You might be able to save a little extra room that you could use for the video or menus or whatever.

It is hard to really check out the video quality from captures. I have no idea what this stuff is supposed to look like on my laptop. I want to check these things out when it is hooked up to my DVD player and calibrated TV. Calibration makes a HUGE difference.

I would definitely recommend calibrating your setup before doing all this. If your blacks are too dark or whatever, it would be a waste given all your work.

But keep up the good work! I can't wait! As I said, I am a bit impatient.
Bootleg DVDs
With all of the talk of the Dr. Gonzo version, the TR47 version, and now the upcoming MeBeJedi version, why is no one talking about the Farsight version that has recently appeared on MySpleen.

Is it any good. How does it compare? He describes it as:

Major differences in this version compared to others are Anamorphic video, ac3 sound, improved video bitrate, and an extremely high amount of care taken to ensure that the result is as good as possible given the source (an old film print on analog medium).


Definitive Original Edition (NOT Special Editions)
Video: ~4500kbps 3-pass CCE encoded
anamorphic 23.97 fps
Audio: 192kbps Dolby Surround ac3

Source is the 9-disc LaserDisc set, the best available source for these versions of the movies. Encoded through S-Video, with great care to get 0 dropped frames, correctly merge the 6 disc-sides per film, properly convert the framerate, deinterlace the video, clean up analog noise w/o blurring the image, normalize the sound, and fix the various field-order errors in the original source. Basically, it's unlikely you'll see a better version of these films any time soon.

The 23.97 fps is notable because it is what MeBeJedi is doing... Plus he's done all three. I am impatient, after all.

At 4.5gb a piece, I can't download all three movies for each of the three sets off BitTorrent. Which one is best?
For what it is worth, I have a 34" HDTV widescreen CRT...

Thanks in advance.