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Batman The Killing Joke restructured (Released)

I watched this edit and really enjoyed it. The pacing of the book was really not something that translated to the screen. This cut shapes the narrative into something closer to a two part BTAS episode. All in all, a much more concise watch. Of course losing the goofy prologue is a must, but I think this edit somehow manages to salvage what may have been a bad idea in general. There was no need to try to recreate the book frame by frame. The narrative works better with the Joker’s origin opening the story, standing on it’s own gives it some space emotionally.

Only recommendation would be to move the first part of the end credits to the beginning to give the film some titles. Not a necessity though. Good stuff.

Star Wars vs. A New Hope - Which do you say and why?

The fact is you could take away the Episode subtitles and the entire saga would lose nothing.

“A New Hope” is easily the worst title for a film (maybe ever?). You can type this shit, but who wants to refer to their favorite movie as “A. New. Hope.”?

It’s Star Wars and it will always be Star Wars. It has sequels and prequels but it will always be the first one.

Even in terms of the eventual 9-part saga as a whole, I will refer to Star Wars as IV but probably never “A New Hope” because it’s just…terrible. Imagine if VI was “There Is Another”.

In fact, if you say you just watched Star Wars to someone there should really be no confusion. No one would say that title by itself referring to any other part of the saga.

Reconstructing the prequels from what was implied in the original trilogy

I’ve been working on something like this in my head over the past few weeks. I plan on fleshing this out and expanding to full synopsis of each episode. My idea is to be true to the concepts developed in the OT while fleshing them out with cinematic and literary influences which are thematically close to the OT. Essentially my idea is to make the prequel films direct Kurosawa knock-offs set in the Star Wars galaxy.

Episode I will be a hybrid of Seven Samurai and Yojimbo. Anakin, 19, is a freelance pilot and scavenger on a mission to find an ancient jewel on a jungle planet. The opening scene is straight out of Raiders as Anakin finds a kyber crystal in an old Jedi temple but is chased away by pirates as the temple is destroyed. The pirates chase Anakin through space, damaging his ship and causing him to crash land on Tatooine. Anakin awaken to find Jawas dismantling his ship for junk parts but he is saved by the Old Man Lars. They go back to the Lars Homestead and meet Old Man Lars’ children - Owen and Padme (I’m only naming her this so it’s not confusing who the character is) - both around the same age as Anakin. When the homestead is attacked by a group of Tuscan Raiders and a bounty hunter, Anakin suggests fighting but Owen resists and Old Man Lars devises a plan: they must go to Mos Isley and hire a Jedi. When they get to Mos Isley, they meet Obi-Wan and discover he is involved in a quarrel between rival Hutts. The group is able to help Obi-wan and Anakin offers him the kyber crystal as payment to help against the raiders. Kenobi offers his help for free, but says even a Jedi is only one against a group of Tuskin Raiders. After the group returns to the Lars homestead to discover Old Man Lars killed and Padme kidnapped, they’re forced to go into space and find other Jedi to help in the rescue mission against the Hutts. From there, Obi-wan urges Anakin to become a Jedi and join him in the Clone Wars.

Episode II follows Anakin and Obi-wan as they return from the Clone Wars and Anakin falls to the dark side. It will be based on Throne of Blood/Macbeth.

Episode III will be told Rashomon-style with different people recounting stories of a mysterious Darth Vader killing the Jedi and the Empire taking over.

Ranking the Star Wars films
  1. Star Wars
  2. Empire
  3. Jedi
  4. The Last Jedi
  5. The Force Awakens
  6. Rogue One
  7. Revenge of the Sith
  8. The Phantom Menace
  9. Attack of the Clones
  10. The Clone Wars

If they had released a full cut of Clone Wars (2003) in theaters it would probably be my 3rd favorite in the franchise. As a show, I enjoy Clone Wars and The Clone Wars equally. Absolutely love Rebels, think it’s one of the best shows on right now, but I’ll wait for it to wrap before placing it along the rest.

The Disney films have done an incredible job of restoring a fandom in me that had long since been lost. It was a slow build and it took 3 films to convince me, but I’m fully obsessed with Star Wars in a way I haven’t been since 1998. I’ve watched all the shows and even reevaluated the prequels.

Highly doubt anything will ever touch the originals.

ronwlim Ultimate Star Wars boxset, 2.0!

I got really into collecting Criterion Collection Blu Rays over the past few years, so I had no problem ordering a few sets of blank cases and buying a printer to make an attempt at this incredible set. I’m close to attempting some kind of a box set, but I just wanted to pause and say thanks to Ron for the amazing designs. It was this thread that inspired me to make this and I couldn’t be happier with the end results. THANK YOU

Also, huge thanks as always to Harmy for doing the Lord’s work.

I’ll be passing along a few extra sets to spread the goodness around.