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When does fullscreen show more than widescreen?

All I know is that i have not had a old style tv since the 90’s… All tv’s except bedroom have always been wider screens…
With rare exceptions… its always been better for me to do widescreen.

As it is, as the years go by… my main den tv gets bigger… and wider.

Smalllest i ever had was my first and only nonflat… Ive had flatscreens for decades. Ive had 52inch plus for nearly the whole time… i had plasma but not since the beginning… my plasma has zero issues with burnin unlike earlier plasmas.

This fall I will have my craziest tv buy ever… will go 65" smarttv either 4kuhd or oled (latter is typically too expensive).
A lot of this is per a gut redo of the den. sorta mancaving it.

Ive had very few exceptions were fullscreen was preferred… but note: I have 500 movies… but of that maybe 80+ are sufficently old enough (pre 1960’s scifi and westerns)… many of those are not ever gonna be widescreen…

So despite my preference, some of my collection will never be widescreen…

But if i have a choice, its widescreen all the way. Ive got enough of them where i have both wide & full.
When they are estatesale buys. .I dump the fullscreen once I find I dont care for it.

Since I will never ever have a old style regular tv (outside of bedroom) I dont really care.

I know that at least nearly since the previous post (to mine) that I have yet to see regular block tv’s in years.
Nearly 100% have been flatscreen and rectangular…