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Video Games - a general discussion thread

For the last few months, I’ve been playing 7 Days to Die with my friends. It’s pretty wild, but it has appeal. There really isn’t an end to it. You can play it for a long time. And the Minecraft-style building is pretty entertaining.
You can play it by yourself if you’re fine with no real goal but just to survive as long as you can. But it’s more fun when you have others to play with. Just beware, don’t play on their servers because they’re slow. Get a private one, it’s not expensive. My friends and I rent one from https://7d2d.net/ for only $6, so I recommend getting one from there.

General Star Wars <strong>Random Thoughts</strong> Thread

Gandalf the Cyan said:

Yeah, Lucas stops at nothing to erase people whom he (I guess?) doesn’t like. It’s so bad that even Scott Ross (former head of ILM) says that he was written out of history, no idea why. I wish more people knew about his dishonesty, especially since Lucas has a weird cult of personality among certain fans who will actively defend his pseudohistory.

It’s like some fans have blinders on when it comes to his flaws and controversies

Unpopular Opinion Thread

It does seem like there’s a bit of a missed opportunity in “Return of the Jedi” when it comes to Vader’s loyalty and potential conflict with the Emperor. That scene on Endor where Luke turns himself in could’ve been a perfect moment to dive into Vader’s inner turmoil, but it feels like they kind of breeze over it, right?

And that line from Palpatine about Vader’s feelings? It’s like, okay, we get it, there’s some tension there, but then they just move on. It’s definitely one of those moments where you’re left wanting more depth and exploration, especially after the setup in “The Empire Strikes Back.”