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Star Wars coming to Blu Ray (UPDATE: August 30 2011, No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!)

I'm not saying anything that hasn't already been said but I feel strongly about this as do all of you.

I cancelled my pre-order (and told Amazon why) and have gone through 20+ pages of reviews on Amazon, saying all the 1-star reviews were helpful and all the 5-star reviews were not.

After the 1997 and 2004 pointless and crap changes to the OT, further 2011 changes (eg Nooooo, krayt dragon) were to be expected. But Lucasfilm seems to have blatantly lied at their recent press event. The technical fixes only apply to those shots and not the entire films. There is no point to this official release, we're better off with the HD fan preservations.

I'm bummed about not getting the deleted scenes and even the PT for posterity (I think I already have all the old docs from preservations, I don't really need them in HD) but I'll live. Especially if the deleted scenes make it onto youtube soon.

And if I break down and crumble, I'll buy the box from eBay so Lucasfilm doesn't see a penny of my purchase and my demand for it isn't officially recognized.

The only way to stop GL's nonsense and get the technical restorations these films deserve is to vote with our wallets.

And in terms of spreading our opinion, we need to do it in a calm and rational manner. Otherwise we get written off as fanboys. We need to emphasis the lack of technical fixes (color timing, compression etc) and Lucasfilm's lies/misrepresentation of making those fixes rather than complain about a noise we hear for 2 seconds from an offscreen monster; again, that labels us as fringe crazies. While I agree completely about how the "Noooo" changes the emotional impact of that scene, the average joe reading about this change won't make that connection, or at least won't feel it so significantly. That alone would not be enough to turn them off this set.

Eternal thanks to all here who are keeping the faith alive. 1977-1983 forever!

Blade Runner: The Complete Music Collection (* unfinished project *)

focuspuller said:

This thread is for this project. There are a million recources and places to discuss other soundtracks, topics, etc. You know what the rules are. Just respect this forum, thread, and project by following them. Thank you.

A plea to all readers: please respect this thread: It is for discussion of the BR soundtrack that focuspuller is compiling. It is not for discussion of your personal lives, eg your family or personal things that are occupying your time. Thank you.

<strong><strong>BLADE RUNNER: The Unauthorized OFF-WORLD Box Set</strong></strong> (Released)
As a huge Blade Runner fan, now that I've soaked up the 5-dsic box set, I was wondering if this project still had any traction? Would be nice to have at least a disc compiling a high quality "On the Edge of Blade Runner" doc plus the various other extras/docs that didn't make it to the beautiful briefcase edition.
.:. MoveAlong's - The Lost Scenes .:. Complete &amp; Released
Originally posted by: strangelove
I'm having trouble with the MySpleen torrent file. It keeps crashing Azureus when I try to load it. I suspect it might have something to do with the nfo text at the top of the page. Any tips?

Working fine on my Azureus I always left-click on the link on myspleen and then save the tiny torrent file to my desktop. I then use Azureus to open the saved desktop file.
Originally posted by: Doctor M

Pavemental: what is the general quality of the rough cut?

Sci-Fi pile?

It's an original Sci Fi disc, so picture/audio is broadcast quality. I haven't watched it but my scan through didn't reveal too many temp fx title cards (unlike, say, BSG discs also in the Sci Fi pile). The episode seems to have opening credits, but not closing.

I've been thinking about this 107 min cut, I'm wondering if the guy who blogged about it has it wrong, maybe his dvd player said 1:07? (ie 67 mins). The reason I say this is that a 107 min edit is way too long for a 2 hour broadcast, but a 67min edit would match a 90min broadcast slot.

Psycho_Dayv, get in touch so I can mail you the disc.
Originally posted by: caligulathegod
I have completed the Dual Layer NTSC version of RTJ. It's actually Boon's disc but I converted the feature myself at about the same bitrate as Jambe's PAL version with sound at NTSC speed and pitch corrected for most of the commentaries. And best of all, there's no bugs in it . Is there enough interest for me to torrent it, or perhaps mail it to someone who can torrent?

Did this version get torrented? If I can get a copy I'm happy to start a US PiF.

Help: looking for... all the Kenner Toy TV adverts
What I would really love to see are the toy commercials aired on British TV in the early 1980s. I'm fairly sure these aren't on the Kenner collection of ads (partly because the UK toys were manufactured by Palitoy). I might have audio of the commercials on a tape somewhere.

My memory of them is very hazy, but there was one (starting narration: "On board his star destroyer...") that I think had Luke getting tortured by Vader, and then Han on the Falcon swoops in to save the day. This would have been around ESB toy range, probably tying in to the Star Destroyer playset.

I think there was one for Hoth too that was cool. Later on there was a cheesy one with kids racing speeder bikes around the legs of their dining room chairs. Anyone else know what I'm on about?

[And isn't this thread in the wrong section?]