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Info: CKY preservations?

paulmeranda said:

i wonder if all you guys have copies of everything at this point… ive even made a custom dvd with that scene of brandon as santa clause by now.

HAH, check it out, there i am!

well, its been years and years and FINALLY, Bam Margera’s videos & films are being remastered in-house by Joe Frantz, and we are midway through the initial digital release. in recent years, ive found myself contributing to the Alliance in way of the CKY Subreddit, and we’ve done quite a bit of work over there releasing stuff like the Viva La Bam Ultimate Collection (All 5 Seasons + all DVD bonus, specials & more), as well as the CKY Film Series Ultimate Collection (Haggard & Minghags + all DVD bonus, delicately uprezzed to 720p). ive wanted to do a proper CKY Video Series release for many years, but i kept getting stuck at CKY4- even now coming across this post while casually searching for any info i cam find regarding some sort of CKY4 Premiere Screening like CKY3 had…

anyway, while our CKY: Lost Tracks Remastered audio collection is on hiatus due to my PC dying late last year, ive been making more plans for continuing work on the CKY Video Series Ultimate Cuts Collection: this release will encompass CKY1-4+Doc, and will feature original DVD cuts, utilizing the 2019 HD footage when available (assuming all is well with timing & cuts), and with VHS-Exclusive scenes (DiCamillo’s Santa Scene) reinstated. ill be making sure to include any duplicate/alt scenes separately, as well as any/all bonus material (DVD exclusives) and relative media (similar to my other video releases). i run a Discord server with my production crew for the CKY Alliance Subreddit where we discuss project details at all stages of production, post auction links & discuss physical media trading, reminisce with old band/crew photos & stories, and talk new stuff like the HD Remasters, the band’s resurrection and… well, “whatever the fuck we want.” so, if youre interested in any of this, come check out the Discord (https://discord.gg/WGBuz3J) or check out my stuff at r/cky. best in happiness & health to you & yours, thread members & rando-readers!