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The Original Trilogy restored from 35mm prints (a WIP)

how are the 2 prints you have of empire not faded are they lpp re-releases or is it luck they were taken very good care of and haven’t started to fade yet almost every time when you see empire showing up on ebay for sell ever reel of every print is faded brick red I don’t mean any disrespect just wondering how these 2 prints have not faded yet they look amazing tho makes it hard to watch the grindhouse version after seeing this because you can really see how the color is off and all over the place on the grindhouse even tho that was brick red they did the best they could trying to restore the color

Project #4K77

I got a 4k tv and 4k blu ray player last month just ran this on my 55inch 4k tv and wow its fire I am blown away I prefer a beat up print myself this is still amazing tho I think there should be a clean version and a scrathed up version as well ether way amazing work thank you williarob cant wait till the 40th of star wars next year

Phantasm Ravager

figured I would start a thread about the 5th phantasm movie phantasm ravager I just got done watching it and it is very confusing and its left wide open for another phantasm movie this was suppose to end the series tie up all the loose ends and finish the series id like to know what everyone else thought of the movie I’m gonna watch it a few more times before giving it my final thought but right now it has me upset and feeling wtf

Team Negative1

this was on thestarwarstrilogy.com Team-Negative1-has-disbanded UPDATE:
under the disbanded article anyone else read this very interesting

Despite the message at OT, this has nothing to do with that. Or any C&D order.

We have no internal problems. Basically, we set out to prove that we could

finish the preservation project and we have. Everything else is extra.

There has been no illegal or acquired scans or prints that have been unauthorized.

Everything we have, we have paid for, or gotten the owners permission. We have verbal

and email confirmations for anything in question. We will not make any further comments

on those issues.

We wish OT well, but with the environment there, we feel it is best to focus any efforts

individually for the future.