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Harry Potter Extended Editions

i just watched poa and it was like official uncut version. deleted scenes replaced flawlessly. i watched the movie in theatre years ago, and read the books so many times. so its complicating for me to distinguish the scenes. if i didnt need subs, i couldnt realise which are original scenes which are added later. you my friend did an amazing job here.

though i expected more deleted scenes, more crucial scenes expanding the story through the book. that was dissapointing for me which there is nothing you can do about. we’ll have to wait for the authorities to release remastered uncut never seen version if there is any.

i hope someday someone realises this series turned into movies inadequately and tries once again. but this time a cable series. a fan only can dream.

by the way poa is the best movie in the series. so bad alfonzo didnt want to keep doin his amazing work through the series.

and one last note: i would’ve wanted to watch first two film from you. i didnt like the revisited versions here. they were too much changed. so many soundtracks from other movies. one minute i felt gof, other i felt poa. so many scenes from other movies inorganicly, lack of amazing scenes (harrys arrival to the dursleys wasnt included for example) etc etc…