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Chronologically Lost HD (Remaster of Mike Maloney's edit) (Released) <strong>SEND PM FOR LINKS, DON'T REPLY ON THREAD</strong>

i finished watching it days ago. thanks for the effort. it totally worth it. it was great in total but like i said, timeshifts and 1974-1977 shouldve been after 2004.

my suggestion is:
1-3 (beginning-1972) island, two brothers, richard, dharma
9-79 (1978-2004) all characters flashbacks, others early years, flight, accident, all island things, teleportation
80-88 (2005-2007) the ones with leave the island, second flight, accident, after accident
all the timeshifts + 4 (1974-1977) the ones with stay on the island
5-8 (1977) everyone on the same page with oceanic team back and explosion
89-96 (2007) after explosion everyone on the same page again
97-101 (epilogue)

tbh, its not easy to locate timeshifts (there are fourteen of them.)

Chronologically Lost HD (Remaster of Mike Maloney's edit) (Released) <strong>SEND PM FOR LINKS, DON'T REPLY ON THREAD</strong>

i just started watching this and it was great till end of the episode 1. i didnt understand what happened. i would rather watch these scenes after i watched the before scenes. i guess causelogical order wouldve been much better for this kinda series.

jacob and his brothers and their mothers and the people scenes were perfect. i almost didnt remember any of it. it was like a new series for me. loved it this way.

1 question: to watch it my way, where should i keep watching from now?

edit: after skip last part of episode 1, it was okay again with episode 2. i’ll write down the part i skipped later.

Harry Potter Extended Editions (Released)

i just watched poa and it was like official uncut version. deleted scenes replaced flawlessly. i watched the movie in theatre years ago, and read the books so many times. so its complicating for me to distinguish the scenes. if i didnt need subs, i couldnt realise which are original scenes which are added later. you my friend did an amazing job here.

though i expected more deleted scenes, more crucial scenes expanding the story through the book. that was dissapointing for me which there is nothing you can do about. we’ll have to wait for the authorities to release remastered uncut never seen version if there is any.

i hope someday someone realises this series turned into movies inadequately and tries once again. but this time a cable series. a fan only can dream.

by the way poa is the best movie in the series. so bad alfonzo didnt want to keep doin his amazing work through the series.