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kk650's Star Wars Saga: Regraded and Semi-Specialized (Released)

kk650 said:

The Star Wars Semi-Specialised Edition V2.5 is now up on myspleen and tehparadox. Here are updated screencap
comparisons for all seven Star Wars regrades…

Still looks yellow.
I like the “semi-specialized” concept, but don’t think colour is your thing.
Any chance you could separately release “semi-specialized” & “semi-specialized: han-solo-has-end-stage-liver-failure edition”?

Topic - The Official Thread

doubleofive said:

He did the music for Independents’ Day. Oh, and some VFX for it. WAIT, he’s also IN it! Now I have to watch it.

Oh dear. This is our messiah? IMDB score of 1.7! You pretty much have to be trying to get such a low score. That means every person who has rated the movie has given it a 1, with a few people attached to the project giving it a 10.

Edit: A few quotes

  • CGI that looks as bad as the acting
  • special effects…I can’t even call them special effects…just no
  • Poor CGI. TERRIBLE acting
  • This is easily the worst movie I have every watched (and that is even putting it lightly)
Harmy's Despecialized Star Wars 1977 - Color Adjustment Project for v2.7 (released)

yoda-sama said:

Pretty sure I wrote something earlier… don’t contribute to the problem of us having to deal with complaints from people who get files like this and think the problems they encounter have anything to do with the creator-endorsed versions.

I think you’re being bit precious. I can’t see that many people downloading a 2gb version of an HD movie and then being so concerned about the quality that they would join this forum & then post a complaint.

Call me crazy, but it’s a free market. If people want it, let them download it.
Just do the courtesy of posting a decent .nfo and screenshots