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Alien 3 Extended Edition (Released)

Alright guys, I got a quick update on my edit.  I’ve gathered most my required materials.

Alien Quadrilogy Box Set

The normal Alien 3 DVD

Alien 3 Workprint DVD-R (thanks alot to RevBeastly for hooking me up)

The OSTs to all the films (original CDs too, so I can rip lossless tracks if I decide to rescore the film)

I’m starting to clean up and resize the workprint from fullscreen to the same res, AR, black bars, as the Quadrilogy.

A full list of changes is coming soon!!

What I do need though, Is a decent copy of this trailer

Alien 3 Trailer #2

It contains the EEV crash scene, I don’t believe is in any cut of the film not even the workprint.  But it is in the trailer.  Is the trailer on any of the Quadrilogy discs, I didn’t see it, but maybe I missed it.

I’d definently be your best friend/lover/loyal companion for life if you found me a decent copy of this trailer.  I really want to edit that scene in.

Info Wanted: Has anyone ever heard of this editor (for halloween 2k7)?

Has anyone ever heard of this edit of halloween 2k7, I’m obtaining it, and I’ll post some shots or something when I’m done, but as far as I know this guy isn’t here or on  He seems to have some talent and I think it would be cool if we could get in touch with him and let him know about our community.

This edit seems very interesting, and follows the original leaked workprint very well judging by the description.

Here’s the cover:

<pre style=“text-align: left;”>HALLOWEEN - THE TRAGEDY OF MICHAEL MYERS

A Fanedit for Halloween 2007 by steFANedit

What is it about? To go for a more sympathetic view of Michael Myers.
This time it´s his story and a more realistic one.

original film name: Halloween Unrated Director’s Cut
new film name : Halloween - The Tragedy of Michael Myers
tagline: Evil Unmasked
film studio name : Dimension Films
Date Original Film Was Released : Dec 18, 2007
Date Edit Was Released : Oct, 6, 2008
Original Runtime : 121 minutes
New Runtime : 120min 55s
Cuts removed/added/extended :

Added Michaels hearing to get transfered to minimum security
Added Michael leaving Smith’s Grove Sanitarium after the rape scene
Added Michael taking the gravestone
Added Loomis meeting up with Sheriff Bracket in the graveyard
Added Alternative scene where Loomis gets the phonecall telling him Michael´s out
Added Alternative death for Lyndas boyfriend
Added Alternative ending, it´s all about Michael Myers, this is his journey, so I feelt that this is a more suitable ending

Debra and Michael out for a walk at Smiths Grove + Loomis final video recording of Michael
Original death scene of Lyndas boyfreind gets killed dressed up like a ghost
Sid Haig at the cemetery, I think the alternative footage is way better + feels more realistic
Koplenson calling Loomis telling him Michael´s out
Cut joke made by Tom Towles character just before Michaels hearing, I just didn´t get it or thought it was funny
Cut the whole bagel thing
Put scenes in different order

Your intention for this fanedit: Make it more realistic and as close to the workprint timeline as possible, I liked that one better, Zombies final movie was just a big leetdown and I can´t belive that he cut out and
altered the scenes that he did. This remake is mainly about Michael Myers, lets keep it that way.

!!!You need to own the original DVD to legally watch this!!!

Info &amp; Offer: Borat - Promo Tape Rip (5mins of Deleted Scenes)

I’ve got around 5mins of extra scenes from the movie “Borat” ripped off of a promo VHS.

The scene include:

Borat in the supermarket asking about different kinds of cheese

Borat talking about STD’s to a doctor

Borat attempting to buy a dog to attack jewish people

Borat getting sent to Guantanamo Bay

Borat getting pulled over and presenting a Khazakstan Drivers Liscense

The quality of the tape was pretty good but not great, I’ll send you a copy if you want one.

This could be useful for a preservation effort of fanedit.

NOTE: I don’t know what the source of this is, but by my understanding it’s a VHS Workprint/Promo tape, if you feel it to be otherwise, post and I’ll ask the guy that ripped it.

THX-1138 (HD Transfer - 720p) (Released)

While I was overseas on a trip for the past nine days I took it upon me to use the DVR at my friends house to record a few HD programs I was interested in and I believe you guys may like one of them too.  There’s some HD channel over there, I have no clue the name of it, but it was broadcasting THX-1138 in HiDef, now I have no clue if this is the fault of the equipment or of the channel, but I was only able to get it in 720p.  I was going to do a little de-graining/de-noising on the source and then do a transfer to DVD9.

Here’s a few shots from VLC Media Player of the streams I captured.

Things to do:

1. Extract Audio from my DVD5 retail copy in high quality. (The audio it was broadcasted in was Russian/Ukraine or something)

2. De-graining/De-noising (just enough but not too much, I’m using avisynth filters_

3. Make Menus

4. Optional (Include Russian Audio and other foriegn language audio or subtitles)

5. Make DVD Menus (and add in trailer, DVD_ROM content, etc.)

6. Transfer to DVD

7. Labels?

I can provide more screens if needed, also, PM me when I’m done with this is you’d like a copy (I think we’re still allowed to do that)

FYI, there’s no BluRay or DVD9 release of this flick, so I figured it’d be appreciated alot.

The Last Man on Earth (Released)

I’m working on a fan restoration/preservation effort of “The Last Man on Earth” starring Vincent Price, I chose this movie for a few reasons:

The movie was never officially copyrighted and is therefore public domain

It’s got Vincent Price in it

It’s based on the Book by Richard Matheson, and the script was written partially by him

It’s based on the same book as “I am ledgend” and is better than it in my opinion

Numerous transfers to DVD and VHS were done badly by third party companies.

So, let’s get down to the details, I know someone who owns this on 16mm film, he used a digital workprinter an aquentience’s place of employment to get it into a file that he then supplied me with.

I then went to a local target store and bought this film on DVD to compare it to the telecine of the film my friend supplied me with.  The DVD Release was done (badly I might add) by a third party company who did a terrible job.  So that inspired me to do my fan restoration.

Here’s a shot from the DVD Release, it’s in a widescreen format I rarely see.  Also, the lines in the shot below are noticeable throughout the whole DVD.

Crappy DVD release

Here’s a screenshot of my telecine after some preliminary denoising and a little sharpening and resize to anamorphic widescreen, I’m not the best at editing, and I did what I could in avisynth, but it definitely looks better than the DVD release.  Also, the screens aren’t the exact same frame, but the DVD doesn’t have the same scene as the telecine so I found a shot a couple seconds ahead where he’s in the same position.

I have little/some experience in video editing, and no experience in audio restoration, or making those cool DVD menus you guys are so good at.  So if anyone wants to help me out let me know.  I have an ftp server we can use as well.

Info: Could this be something special?

I'm about 18, so the old Star Wars is a little before my time,  but my friend is 21 so he'd have a better idea of what's different.   Alot of these tapes came in recordable VHS sleeves, or at least that's what they were in when he showed them to me.  As for the unfamiliar items and the text before the words in space, I'll stop by his house tonight and see if he'll let me watch/rip the tapes.

Info: Could this be something special?

A friend of mine purchased three VHS tapes of what he thought was just Star Wars EP1-EP3 from someone for very little, upon playing the tapes, he found them to be different than the Star Wars episodes he remembered, upon calling the seller back the seller told him the following message.

These are the versions of the original Star Wars films before Lucas screwed them up. Remember Han Solo shot first.

My friend wanted me to find out if these were something special, or worth transferring onto DVD or something.  I’m not as big of Star Wars fan as some of you so I don’t really know; so if somebody knows anything about these tapes please post.

I can rip them using a VCR and my capture card if you guys want me to.

Possible? Mono Audio to Stereo Audio

I'm working on a preservation effort for a movie, I'm not done yet so I don't want to name the film.  But I've done a fresh telecine of it, and can no longer get access to the film reels.  So what I'm wondering, is, using what free/paid tools could I take the mono audio and divide it up into stereo channels.  I'm not even sure if this is possible, but if it is, it'd help my project out alot.  I can give you information as to which format the audio and video is in, if needed.



Apocalypse Now - Workprint (now available) (Released)

I've got a cammed or really LQ VHS of this if anyone's intersted.  Not the best though, someone probably has better.


Also, I had a rip of this on my PC awhile back, it was a scene release from 2004 so good luck finding it, but it was a xvid rip or something of a tape that's better quality than mine.  Here's the NFO to help your guys find it.  The torrents of this out there, I have no clue if there this copy only renamed or what, but I'm downloading to see if I can find a decent one.  This is the tape I have to offer, I can rip it if you guys like.