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Game of Thrones Redeemed (Released)

Great edit! Obviously a little rough in areas, but I enjoyed your take, and especially your creative solve for Brann and the Night King. Having the flashbacks to him getting stabbed was awesome.
I also thought it was very clever to move the buring zombie kid to the end and Branns eyes going blue. Great mysterious way to end the show… the fight still goes on.

Game of Thrones: Restored, Restructured, Rewatchable (Released)

Wow, great work! I finished the season and felt very satisfied, unlike the original. I tried to forget most of the original last two seasons, so I went in pretty fresh. Felt like a near seamless experience.

I have not watched almightycutie’s version, but will check that out. The major restructuring of moving the Red Keep all together and earlier and having the Night King battle top it off really works better. What you have here totally works and is well edited. I will be pestering some friends to watch it.

Curious to see almightycuties Bran as the Night King version, but your edit totally makes sense and wraps everything nicely.

Minor comments:
Episode 5

  • I did not feel the absence of the wight capture because the caves set it up well enough for Dani to have a change of heart, so I thought all that worked for me.
  • Cersei’s plan comes a little out of left field, but with that kind of being the point, it works. Was a little hard to understand why Dani and crew were crying at the wall, but it’s passable.
  • When Cersei then comes back to the wall to agree to a fake alliance, that scene could have used some color correction to make it seem like them and Dani where at the same time of day
  • A few instances in this episode the music cutting abruptly between scenes felt unnatural. Not huge but I remember noticing a few times, but not bad enough to note when haha.

Episode 7

  • I thought you could cut out Jon saying they have to burn the priests body. That way when you see the few random shots of the wight tied up, we could assume that it’s actually the priests body and they dont want to leave it behind to get zombiefied.

Episode 8

  • Tyrion has a line talking to Jamie about dying up north and denying Cersei the satisfaction. He already knows she’s dead at this point I believe, so I would cut that line short.

Episode 9 & 10

  • would be great to get a higher res version of these episodes. The darkness is really compressed.

Episode 10

  • Brienne on fire pit could use some darkening
  • Was hard to hear what Danis VO said when she touched the iron throne. Wasnt even sure you needed that moment.
  • When Dani burns the throne and her and Jon kiss, I would fade to black after that, so we have the idea of a little passage of time. That way when they are riding the dragons we could think it was later and they changed clothes.
  • Jon riding the dragon in that scene seems a little terrified even though he was riding in the battle. Not a huge deal, but could cut a couple Jon reaction shots.
  • At the very end when Jon is riding North we cut to Dani, would be nice to color correct her footage to match the more gray blue tones.

Overall, great stuff! I was left wondering what exactly Dani had decided to do (maybe go rule the south?) and thought maybe Jon had rejoined the Nights Watch, but it was fun, rather than annoying, to have those questions. Love Arya heading out to sea with Grey Worm and Miss on board to further adventures. I could see just leaving that out and having Arya go off with the Hound and that being very poetic, but I think you’re right, the visual of her and Sansa walking and becoming their own women was great.

Star Wars Episode III: Labyrinth Of Evil (Released)

Not worth its own thread, but I made a few edits if anyones interested. PM if so.

I kinda combined both endings.

Leia still gets to spend time with Padme, but we also get the beautiful funeral procession. At first I thought it was maybe not logical since shes probably an enemy of the empire now. But those kinds of empires like to pretend they love people after they die, to show they arent intimated by them, so I figure she could have an open funeral.

  • I took the line from Padme about “Obi-wan, I know there still good in him” and cut it into the birth scene.
  • I put the funeral as a mid credits scene

Felt like putting Padmes line back in made it clear to me that she hadnt given up on him, and it’s a nice tie in to Luke later… has a bit of his mother in him.

Other minor tweaks

  • put music under early Grevious fight
  • removed C3POs line towards the end about feeling helpless
  • turned down the volume on Quigons message to yoda

Anyway, wanted to say great work to Hal and all for this edit. I watched all the prequels in their most completed form and I think it may be my favorite trilogy of the bunch now.

Star Wars Episode II: The Approaching Storm (Released)

Fantastic fantastic work. Checked back in on this after awhile, the new AI upscaled footage is amazing. This movie working really makes the whole prequel trilogy work. Great stuff.

I may do a edit of the gladiator scene. There isnt much music at the start, so it could go pretty smoothly. That’s the only part of the movie that feels like it drags. Once the music kicks back in it feels ok, but when Obi-wan is just rolling around on the ground and stuff, feels very slow.

Star Wars Episode III: Labyrinth Of Evil (Released)

Fantastic work as always Hal.

Question for you or the group: If I was going to put music under the opening fight between Grevious and the crew, are there suggestions? To me that has to be the single most boring fight in all of the movies. Im wondering if throwing more rousing music on it might be a simple solve.

Ill look through the official soundtrack and see if any of them work.

I also had a silly idea to try to make it seem like Palps helped slow the ship on crash landing, unbeknownst to Anakin or Obi-Wan. It would require finding some footage of Palpatine extending his hand or something, but it could be interesting.

A New Hope: The Reimagined Cut | SC 38 Reimagined + Rogue One + Hal 9000 + Adywan (V1.1.1 available, V2 WIP)

Very cool, nice to see the progress you’ve made.
I might try a little snip snip on this myself. I think less is more with this new footage. I think you could cut the awkward first shot of Vader stomping in, trim a bit off of the start of Vader and Obi-Wan fighting in the hallway (might be able to just go to when the lights are red instead of seeing the wide shot with white lights).

Visually the only thing that really throws me off is the color of Obi-wans face. Kinda changes shades from scene to scene.

Audio wise, I think it needs one big lightsaber sound as Vader finally slashes thru Obi-wan.

Great work. Fun to see this in here and nod to the fact that Obi-wan was a badass. I love the audio cues back to their moment in RotS.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

sade1212 said:

You probably want to cut those Drive links, nluckett; it’s against the rules to openly share them in threads. That said, I’m very interested in checking out how you’ve executed your ideas, since the Leia scenes in this movie are very offputting to me.

Thanks for the heads up!

There are still a few things to work out, including some audio gremlins and making a few cuts more smooth, but I think it introduces some cool ideas. Let me know if you check it out.

Ill probably take Hals new version and put that whole end battle version into my cut now.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

sherlockpotter said:
Those are really interesting ideas, I’d love to check them out! Most test clips are either uploaded to Vimeo or to Google Drive. I also use Streamable if I’m just mocking up something quickly and want to dump it somewhere without worrying about an account.

DM me for a link to a drive. Has the video and the full changelog. I had started this a few months back before Hal9000 put the pink lightsabers and force ghosts in, so I had done a version myself using fanedits found on these forums. Not sure how it matches up to what you guys have in the latest version.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

TestingOutTheTest said:

Nothing about earning the saber.

Then you’re removing the thing that reinforces her core belief of self-worthlessness.

I took at that since she is staying home training, instead of, to the anger of her friends, going out and helping, she realizes she is not up to snuff. And Leia taking back and giving the saber indicates to me that both of them know Rey isnt ready.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

EDIT: DM me for link.

If I made some edits, whats the best way to share them?

I trimmed all the bits of Rey and Leia talking. Not only eliminating some odd performances, but also clarifying things (at least to me).

Now when Rey comes back from her training session it goes (Im paraphrasing)

  • Didnt finish the training course, got distracted
  • I know it looks like Im making excuses…
  • Leia looks at Rey
  • Rey hands back saber
  • from offscreen, “General” line comes in
  • Then Leia delivers her line “Dont tell me what things look like, tell me what they are.”
  • Then Leia walks off and Rey says “Yes master”
  • No lines about droids or being tired.
  • Nothing about earning the saber. Clearly Leia is the one holding onto the saber most of the time as Rey hands it back to her twice.

I also removed the entire sequence of Finn asking Rose if she wants to come. It’s established that she is accustomed to working behind pipes, not one to go running around blasting people. Felt unnecessary.

I trimmed the best I could the Nambi Gima scene so that right after Rey says “I’m Ray” she hears cannon blasts and turns away.

Trimmed out Rey and Finn being surprised Poe can hotwire. They’ve been running together for awhile now, they shouldn’t be surprised by this.

When the crew meets Zorii, I trimmed it down so Zorri doesnt say she likes Rey. Instead they have a stare down, then Rey extends her hand in friendship.

Added a flash of Chewy when Rey realizes he’s alive. She has visions all the time, felt like a more impactful way to show the audience instead of just telling.

Removed Ren talking about them being a Dyad. Now, Palpatine realizes it himself at the end. The puzzle of why the are so connected is held until the final climactic moment now.

When Jannah and Finn are talking, I cut it right after Finn says his code number and Jannah goes “you?!”. To me this hints that she had heard of him, like how Rose had heard of him in the previous movie.

Trimmed some of Mas Canadas lines about Leia to make it a little less on the nose.

Trimmed a little bit of Luke’s dialogue to Rey.

Probably a few other little things, but wondered if anyone wanted to watch and see if any of these would make it into a final cut. I didnt know how to get proper audio splits, so that was my biggest issue.

Star Wars: A New Hope (Enhanced Edition) CANCELLED

Hi, could I get a link? I have seen a few attempts to integrate the SC38 footage and your seems the best so far!

More is less really. From the link in your description, I would say the first shot of Vader (that awkward up angle) could go. It’s more mysterious and darkly elegant to have Vader just calmly appear in the distance.

I would also cut or hid Obi-Wan hitting that wall as it looks pretty bad.

Otherwise, great work cutting it down!