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The go to definitive prequel cuts?

Hal 9000 said:

Check out listings on for more detailed information on lots of edits, with ratings and reviews. Many are listed for download on the unrelated site, (Mine are listed there too, but the admin hasn’t updated the site in a while. If you decide to check mine out, PM me for links.)
There’s more prequel edits than you can imagine, but will help orient you to finding one that resonates with what you’re hoping for.

Wow, thank you for the thorough response! I’ll check these out tomorrow on my lunch break 😃!

The go to definitive prequel cuts?

I’m new around here, so excuse my ignorance if there is only one cut available, but over the last few years I’ve seen a lot of mentions about these despecialized OT cuts on reddit and I’m finally getting around to trying to obtain them, and get them onto BD’s so I can get rid of my official box set.

The more I look into this however the more I’m finding that there are a few PT cuts and I’m wondering which to look into. I’m not trying to start any arguments as I’m sure the authors of the various cuts are on here, but constructively I’m hoping which you guys would recommend? Which cuts do you like and why? Thanks!