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Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

I just saw this, it’s pretty wack lol, but a cool concept.

I want to see someone try this again and try to make a more cohesive edit with better choices in voice lines and less fan editing showing through because there’s a lot of potential here. Has anyone else tried an edit like this in this scene, besides this?

Because it shows that it’s easy to replace Han with someone else with pretty simple editing, so I wonder what someone with better skill and hardware could do with this concept.

I’m also curious how it’d would sound if you used better voice clips because these ones are not the best choices :v (there’s so much Anakin content it can’t be that hard, why use BF2 clips only?)

Maybe I’ll give it a try myself but I’m brand new at this kind of thing, and sifting through every episode of the Clone Wars, episodes 2 and 3, etc. for voice lines for this concept would be a lot of work, but it could be worth it, I guess :v

Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

I’m currently working on a rough draft of a VERY radical edit of the sequel trilogy taking place in an alternate timeline where Luke actually struck down Palpatine in anger during Return of the Jedi, and then killed Vader in the following duel in a fit of rage, before disappearing and leaving Han and Leia behind to do the spirit of the Emperor’s bidding and fully embrace the dark side.

Basically continuing from the ending of The Man Behind The Mask’s “War of the Stars” edit, if you’ve seen them (probably my favorite Star Wars edits of all time).

I think the idea of the sequels taking place in an alternate dark timeline could make them feel a lot more cohesive and fix the problem of the constant character assassination and disrespect to the original trilogy.

Han becoming a smuggler again and Leia abandoning the New Republic to fight a rebellion again, and stuff like that that felt out of character for these character now makes a lot more sense if they knew Luke disappeared and fell to the dark side, doesn’t it?

I’m not quite to the point of storyboarding the actual sequels and what I want to do with them yet because I’m working on the first part I have planned first.

So picture this, I’m going to open up the first movie with mostly scenes from the Mandalorian, not the Force Awakens. I’ve already found a great way to cut down all the filler and show the main arc of Mando finding, recusing, and growing attached Grogu in a fast, streamlined way. Then skip ahead as fast as possible to introduce Moff Gideon and get to the end of season 2 as quick as I can.

The kicker though is going to be the ending. We’ve just spent the majority of the story getting attached to Mando and his quest with Grogu, they’re facing impossible odds surrounded by Dark Troopers with all hope lost, until a single X-wing seems to show up out of nowhere with a Jedi stepping out to save the day.

Except this Jedi’s lightsaber is crimson red and something about his demeaner seems off. He’s not here to recuse them.

Din asks “Are you a Jedi?”.

“No.” Luke then slaughters everyone in the room. (not sure how feasible this would be able to pull off lol but I’m sure something could work, even if it’s just an outside POV from the closed door as we hear screams as a last resort)

We see the perspective of different planets and people reacting to Holoscreens suddenly flickering.

Palpatine’s broadcast about his return plays as the galaxy’s people’s react in fright and dispair.

End of the first movie.

The second movie will take place after a large time skip and focus on setting up Rey and co., and everything else.

Kind of just disjointed rambling here lmao but I’m curious if anyone has any thoughts on this idea on paper as it is, I’ll share an actual rough draft of the first half of my edit soon. I’m about 40% into editing it.

The Force Awakens: The Starlight Project - (WIP) <strong>WORKPRINT V4 RELEASED</strong>

hi, I would love a link to your most recent version

I’ve been inspired to make my own fan edit of the sequels so I’ve been watching everyone elses edits for inspiration and ideas, this definitely sounds like one of the best TFA edits I’ve come across yet, really interested in seeing it

Oh, and I also agree that Technicolor type visuals would be awesome to see, the more subtle color correction you’ve already done looks really good too (I always felt like there was too much blue in TFA)

Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Has anyone tried to edit the “sacrifice” scene so someone actually dies during it? It’s the only scene in the Last Jedi that I still actively hate and can’t watch without cringing. I’ve come to terms with the rest.

But it would have been perfect to have Finn die here and the fake out just leaves me feeling let down every time.

Obviously it would be WAY too difficult to have Finn actually die here. I mean, there’s enough footage and it would be easy enough to edit, but cutting him out of the rest of the film and Rise of Skywalker, AND coming up with realistic reactions to his death from the other characters would be a whole other story. Maybe it could work good in a radical 3 in 1 type edit or something similar where the battle of Crait is the finale of the story but not any way else.

But I was thinking… why not have Rose die saving Finn? I’ve seen the other edits where they have an AT or TIE fighter take them out instead of having Rose crash into Finn, but that still feels like a fake out to imply Finn’s death so heavily and have that happen, so considering Rose has no screentime in TRoS or the rest of the movie anyway, why not add more emotional impact to the scene and imply Rose actually dies saving Finn?

At the end of their kiss, she slumps over unconscious, so it would be really simple to cut out the lines they have together and have Finn just run up to her after the crash.

The laser hits the base and instead of kissing, Rose dies as it happens. In my opinion, that would have the most impact and make Finn’s and Rose story in TLJ feel like less of a waste of time. Thoughts?

Star Wars: The Last Skywalker Awakens - A sequel trilogy &quot;mega-edit&quot; (RELEASED)

could I get a link? or should I maybe just wait until you’re finished V3 at this point?

I’ve been brainstorming how I’d personally edit the sequels and a radical 3 in 1 edit seems like it’d work best, so I’m really curious how others have tackled that approach

also, out of all the clips from this fan edit I watched, what stood out to me the must was your edit of A Jedi’s Fury over the Rey vs Kylo duel, even if it’s a simple edit in the end it really captures the raw emotion of that duel and fits a lot better than any of the other choices of music I’ve seen used for that fight, like Duel of the Fates or whatever