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Mando EP3: A New Path (A Book of Boba Fett Edit) [RELEASED]

szopman said:

I know I may be a pain with this aspect, but does it make sense (for now at least) to still make it (The Book of) Boba Fett - Episode I?

We don’t really know yet if they plan the 2nd season. So ot would be off to have only Episode I with nothing to follow.
Then, if someone wanna watch SW in chronological order, we have:
Star Wars Episode VI, then Mandalorian Episode I, Episode II and then Boba Episode I 😄
And after Mando s03, it 'll be Mandalorian Episode I, Episode II, Boba Episode I and again Mando Episode III. So it’s like jumping between episodes of different subserieses. Maybe for now it makes more sense to make this Mando Episode III? Or simply Star wars:The book of boba fett or more like A Star Wars Story thing?

Don’t wanna criticise or anything, just sharing some insights about the bigger picture. Who knows, maybe after Ahsoka, it will even make more sense to make all yhos post-RotJ movies Episodes 7,8,9,10 and so on.

Honestly it could just be called The Mandalorian Episode 3: The Book of Boba Fett

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Jar Jar Bricks said:

sherlockpotter said:

Hey Hal, are you interested in using RogueLeader’s ideas for Kijimi in Ascendant too? About having it be mid-Civil War with people fighting stormtroopers off in the distance?

(Slight deviation from the Dagger discussions, I know.)

I would be interested in some spray paintings of Luke Skywalker on the walls.

Side note: I cannot get over the fact that the official canon explanation for why nobody came to help on Crait was that the First Order cut communication lines. Like, bruh. The whole point of the movie is that everyone was hopeless until Luke shows up.

It’s actually explained well in the book Resistance Reborn by Delilah S Dawson. It seems dumb when randomly referenced in the novelization, but has a lot of emotional implications for Poe, that ROS evidently ignored.

Captain America: The Next Soldier (Falcon and Winter Soldier Feature & Spoilers) (Released)

Cameron Samurai said:

Having had a bit of a think, I definitely see potential for two versions

Take 1 could be “No Regrets”, which would still include next week’s episode six, while trimming down episode five considerably, maybe lopping off 30 or so minutes

Take 2 could be the more unique one…an edit where the Flag Smashers are largely stopped due to Karlie realising she’s gone too far.

After John kills the Flag Smasher, we follow him through the battle with Sam and Bucky, then his court martial and discharge, but edit out his meeting with the Countessa. Sam visits the former super soldier and there’s the big history lesson/BLM lecture, then the talk with Bucky at Sam’s home, then Sam talking with his sister, then we end the film on him training to be “the next soldier”. End the film here. Post-credits can be Walker forging his own shield (just like the actual mid-credits of episode five) and a bonus post-credit scene of Zemo dancing in the club to George Michael’s “I’m Your Man”…because in THIS version, Zemo isn’t taken into Wakandan custody and escapes

I totally see your point, and obviously this is your edit, but I think that for me the emotional core of this show isn’t resolved. Character arcs are left unfinished except for Sam. We REALLY need to see Bucky apologize for Yori’s sons death. I also like thinking of this in a three act structure. Act 1 is the first two episodes which are easy to rearrange in many different ways. The first half of act 2 could be 3 and 4 if they could be cut down into 45 mins total. John going insane could be the midpoint. Second half of act 2 could be 5 cut down because it has that natural hero downer moment, then the hero decides to fight. Then 6 is the last act. I think this might have been their entire plan for a movie, and then decided they’d do a show instead. That’s just speculation though. I’m really excited to see your edit when it’s done!

What are your favorite fan edits for the Prequel Trilogy and why?

My favourite revenge of the sith edit is Hal9000’s labyrinth of evil mostly because it strips the movie of its overfilled story and creates an effective a, b, c, plot that really weaves through. I think that the editing of this movie lost a lot of the charm and drama, and this edit pulls it back in. I love the political rebellion scenes added back in, and the Yoda and Palpatine fight removal.

Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Anakin Starkiller said:

Using Rogue One footage is dumb because it’s very clearly set during the OT. There’s no way to remove all the iconography in a way that would make it plausibly pass off as being in the ST era.

It’s a little rude to just call theyre ideas dumb. Constructive criticism is helpful, but just judging something without giving any alternatives or ideas doesn’t help anytime.

The Clone Wars: Refocused [COMPLETE] + Subtitles for season one!

EddieDean said:

Here’s a clip of the new ending to A STRIKE AT THE HEART (my Holocron Crisis episode), which also now serves as our season one finale, incorporating the very last scene from LIGHTSABER LOST, which is getting downgraded.


See how that feels, and bear in mind that in this episode:

  • Anakin lost his lightsaber, causing real risk to the people he needed to protect and the woman he loves
  • Ahsoka had her padawan braid taken away before declaring she’d earned it back
  • Ahsoka, herself a padawan, nearly died by being thrown out an airlock

That’s amazing!!

Idea: Entirely Speculative Marvel Cinematic Universe Reordering

I want to preface this. I am not an editor and could never do any of the amazing things done here. I just thought I would throw these ideas to see if anyone wants them. For phase 2 I really like the reordering by NandoVMovies which I posted earlier, with a couple tweaks:

  1. Thor: The Dark World. I think think this movie desperately needs a rename. They barely spend any time actually on the Dark World. Move the Loki reveal to the mid credits scene.

Mid Credits: Odin is revealed as Loki

Post Credits: The Collecter receiving the Aether

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy.

Mid Credits: Baby Groot growing and dancing.

Post Credits: The Maximoff twins tease, without shield and hydra reference.

  1. Avengers: Age of Ultron. Cut out Falcons cameo and the New Avengers final scene. Also any hydra/shield references. Someone might need to voiceover F.R.I.D.A.Y.

Mid Credits: Absolutely no ideas what to put here.

Post Credits: Thanos putting on the Infinity gauntlet.

  1. Captain America: The Winter Solider

Mid Credits: Bucky goes to the Smithsonian.

Post Credits: The ancient one fights Kaicillius

5.Doctor Strange. Take away the opening scene.

Mid Credits: Mordo begins to steal magic.

Post Credits: Mandarin tease.

  1. Iron Man 3. Voiceover Jarvis with Friday. There needs to be a rename subtitle I think. Maybe Iron Man: Extremis?

Mid Credits: All hail the King one shot?

Post Credits: Hank Pym goes to see his prodigy.

  1. Ant-Man

Mid Credits: No idea what to put here.

Post Credits: the New Avengers assembled.

  1. Captain America: Civil War. I think this should be rebranded as Avengers: Civil War.

Mid Credits: Bucky goes to Wakanda

Post Credits: Spider-Man goes home.

Idea: Entirely Speculative Marvel Cinematic Universe Reordering

I thought about how I would structure phase 1.

  1. Captain America: The First Avenger. I think that the subtitle should be dropped as we learn the names origin in Captain Marvel.

Mid Credits: Steve waking up in 2010

  1. Iron Man

Post Credits: original scene with Nick Fury.

  1. The Incredible Hulk

Post Credits: Ivan Vanko building an arc reactor.

  1. Iron Man 2. I think that a new title should be added as a subtitle, as I’ve never liked how the iron man movies were numbered.

Mid credits: Coulson’s one shot.

Post credits: Coulson finding Thor’s hammer.

  1. Thor

Post credits: I’m not sure what to put here.

  1. Captain Marvel

Mid credits: the cat vomiting the Tesseract.

Post Credits: Nick Fury recruiting Dr. Selvig
7. The Avengers

Mid Credits: Shwarma

Post credits: Thanos tease

I have multiple reasons I think this ordering would be effective;

  1. The focus of phase 1 should be the Tesseract. Introduced in Captain America, it would return in Captain Marvel. In the Avengers the other heroes deal with it too.

  2. Coulson’s journey. His sacrifice is very important to the formation of the Avengers, and I think should be highlighted throughout. In iron man we meet him as a government agent. In Iron Man 2 his competency is shown and he gains more character. In Thor we see his heart and his inert goodness. Then, we travel back to the 90’s where we see his goodness displayed once again, and we learn why Fury trusts him. His sacrifice is more effective this way I think.

  3. As many have said, the Incredible Hulk is a better movie when placed after the first Captain America movie. It shows what they were trying to create, a new Captain America.

Those are just a few ideas.

The New Republic EP1: A Vergence in the Force 4K (The Mandalorian Season 1 Edit) [V4 RELEASED]

smudger9 said:

I’m just running through my first cut of the season 2 edit, and the one thing that keeps nagging me is a desire to put the Tattooine episode into this fanedit. I just feel that seeing how Fennic and Boba came together is important. Not necessarily for the Mandalorian, but for the Book of Boba Fett which seems like it will run alongside the Mandalorian.

I suppose there are four ways of doing this.

  1. Cut the village scenes completely and when Mando says “looks like this planet is taken” transition wipe to the Razorcrest in space. This would keep the current 2.5 hour run time.
  2. Keep the village scenes but cut the walker battle, giving a 2.75 hour runtime.
  3. Keep all the village scenes and have a 3 hour runtime.
  4. Produce two 2-hour movies for season 1 by including the initial Nevarro trip and Jawas and ending episode 1 as Mando escapes Nevarro with the child.

What are people’s thoughts?

I have an idea that may be interesting to at least think about;
The first movie could be the first three chapters up to Grogu being handed to the client. After that the sixth episode could be inserted as mando reckoning with his past and what he wants his future to be. The scene with the Twilek prisoner has a whole new meaning in this circumstance. After dropping the Twilek he could leave to save grogu. This keeps the first movie sort of small scale, and lets the sequels build it up.

Idea: Entirely Speculative Marvel Cinematic Universe Reordering

Sound interesting! This video has some interesting ideas that would work with some small edits. It’s worth watching,

Another idea I had was to move Steve’s voice message to Infinity War, so that the resolution is a bit more connected. If someone can imitate Friday’s AI voice, you could have some clips where Friday tells Tony that there is a voicemail from Steve.
He could ignore it the whole movie, and then you could play it after Peter dies on titan. Just an idea.

Episode VIII Rewrite Outline

I really like this! I love the version we got in the theatres, but this really works! I think something to add is an element of TROS with the Sith transfer. Since Sidious didn’t kill Snoke, all of the Sith could live in him. Then once Kylo had killed him, he could go into a degenerative state and slowly become unredeemable. The Rey could destroy ‘all the Sith.’ Thanks!

Mando EP2: Search for the Jedi [V2 RELEASED]

natestarwarsfan122 said:

Hi! I have been watching this project and it’s predecessor for a while from the shadows. I think that if a voice actor could be found, the first act of the movie could flow like this; chapter 9 opening, replace the tatooine line with trask, or mon calamari. Then cut to an establishing shot of trask, and go on from the restaurant scene. You could then cut out any boba Fett stuff from the rest of the season and focus on the main story. I think this would work well for establishing what I think don’s arc in the season will be. Thanks!

*din’s arc