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Help: Looking for... the 1982 kids show, The Good Book - on vhs or dvd

I’m looking for the 1982 kids show about The Bible The Good Book, hosted by Robert Morse of How to Succeed in Business and Mad Men fame.

I’ve already found a few episodes on Amazon and Ebay, but the rest are VERY out of print. Here are the episodes I still need:

Adam and Eve/Rich Man and Lazarus
David and Goliath/Samson
The Good Samaritan
Noah and the Ark

All I know about this show is that the production companies have gone out of business, the original creators are either dead or can’t be bothered, it originally aired on an obscure UHF channel that had to be unscrambled by a cable box sold by Selectv that came out in 1978 and went out of business in 1991, it never aired on PTL, TBN, Smile, or any of the other family networks, I don’t know who owns the rights to it.

This could be a great show for all ages, but it is so rare and Out of print.

Thanks if you can help!

Nancy King