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Harmy's THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Despecialized Edition HD !!!MKV and AVCHD v2.0 NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Harmy said:

That’s exactly what I was thinking. The ESB print I have right now is very far from ideal and SW is the one that needs an improvement the most anyway, so I will probably put Empire on the back burner for now.

Is there any chance of an international v2.1/720p (or v2.2/720p) release by making Laserschwert’s more up to date version of TESB available for the international viewership, just to bridge the time?

It would be a great deal to have the reconstructed credits (with typos) replaced with the scans of the original ones and the other minor improvements included in the international version. It’s just my opinion but I think this would eliminate the only inconsistency in the current 720p versions and result in a perfect set (considering the sources that were available at the time).

Of course, it depends on the additional efforts that would be caused…

Krieg der Sterne - Despecialized Edition 2.7 (German)

Laserschwert said:

Naja, wenn nicht ich, wer wüsste dann, welche Scans ich habe? 😉

Aber klar, schick mal.

PN kommt gleich. Das KdS-Logo von SW sieht so aus:


Ich vermute fast, das ist auch rekonstruiert. Sieht dem Original aber ähnlicher als das aktuell verwendete (bei dem die Buchstaben gleichmäßigere Proportionen haben), wobei das eine Bein der Rs etwas weit nach oben geht. Und die Spitzen in den Buchstaben K, N und R sind nur dort abgesägt, während sie beim VHS-Screenshot von Haarspalter spitz sind. Müssen also doch spitz sein. Falls du die Bilddatei von dem “schiefen” Logo noch hast, kann ich gern mal einen Feinschliff versuchen, wenn du möchtest.

Zum Vergleich das Original:


Krieg der Sterne - Despecialized Edition 2.7 (German)

Laserschwert said:

Von was für einem Originalscan sprichst du? Ich habe das Logo nur anhand der Laserdisc nachgebaut… ich WÜNSCHTE, ich hätte einen Originalscan des deutschen KDS-Intros. Ich habe nur einen Scan des DISZ-Vorspanns.


Öhm, eventuell ist das ein Irrtum meinerseits, aber ich habe 720p-Intros von dir, die ziemlich original aussehen. Bei TESB blutet das Gelbe auch nicht in die schwarzen Flächen. Ich lade es bei MEGA hoch und schick dir eine PN, ok?

Krieg der Sterne - Despecialized Edition 2.7 (German)

Laserschwert said:

Zumindest die Rundungen im R könnte ich noch fixen, das stimmt. Ich werde mir nochmal das Logo der Laserdisc genauer ansehen und meins etwas anpassen.

Das wäre supernett von dir, vielen Dank! Die abgesägten Spitzen sind ja sowieso eine Anomalie von Episode IV und bei den anderen beiden gar nicht mehr vorhanden.

Und bitte nicht falsch verstehen, dein/euer digitales Logo ist der absolute Wahnsinn. Mit dem Scan lässt sich ja wahrscheinlich kein vernünftiger Übergang zur Devastator-Szene herstellen, richtig?

@ Haarspalter

Ehrlich gesagt wäre mir das ohne den Original-Scan von Laserschwert auch nie aufgefallen.

Harmy's Despecialized Star Wars 1977 - Color Adjustment Project for v2.7 (released)

TJT said:
As for my comment you replied to: It is correct in principle… no restoration effort, no matter how well done, is useful if nobody uses it. There is a fine line between accuracy and practicality with these sort of things. I could bring up some examples from arcade emulation scene but you’d probably not be interested.

That’s all, I think, Cheers.

Well, let me clear things up for you: You’re just plain stupid and selfish - way too narrow-minded to see that you are the 0,01 % while everyone else preferes full picture information. If you want some cropped piece of shit, please do it yourself.


digitalfreaknyc said:

At the risk of getting bashed for this, I’ve talked to several people who, like myself, have calibrated monitors and we all agreed that the contrast/brightness on both Empire and Jedi is way low, for some reason. SW looks perfect but both Empire and Jedi just seem to be quite dark. Did something change there?

That’s simply not true. Especially the official DVDs from 2004 are darker than anything else.

Das Imperium schlägt zurück - Despecialized Edition 2.1 (German)

Laserschwert said:

Sorry, dass das überhaupt passiert ist… für die 2.5 werde ich es richten!

Im Endeffekt ist es so wie jetzt aber auch kein echtes Problem. Mir ist das damals ständig passiert, dass es irgendwas vertauscht hat, als wir noch die deutschen Tonspuren zur DeEd 1.0 hinzu muxen mussten.

Hab gerade erfahren, dass du die Credits selbst gereinigt hast. Hut ab - sahen die ähnlich aus wie die von ROTJ?

Das Intro habe ich, wenn ich mich recht erinnere, nochmal neu gemacht. Das “Bleeding” ist schon Teil des 35mm-Scans, daher habe ich es drin gelassen.

Verstehe, und war das separate Intro auch 35mm? Das war gestochen scharf und ohne jegliches Bleeding. Mit einer leichten Farbkorrektur wäre das eventuell sogar die bessere Option.

Das Imperium schlägt zurück - Despecialized Edition 2.1 (German)

@ Laserschwert

Nochmals vielen Dank an euch! Sie richtig genial aus.

Irgendwie hat die Datei standardmäßig den deutschen Untertitel aktiviert. Kann man das bei 2.5 eventuell abändern?

Und du hattest mir ja mal die 3 Intros einzeln geschickt. Ist das jetzt noch dieselbe Quelle oder war das andere eine Rekonstruktion? Bei dem einzelnen Intro hat das “Krieg der Sterne”-Logo noch etwas weniger in die dunklen Flächen “geblutet”, aber das ist ja allgemein ein Problem bei TESB.

Harmy's RETURN OF THE JEDI Despecialized Edition HD (AVCHD DVD9 &amp; NTSC DVD5 available!!! SEE FIRST POST!!!)

Harmy said:
Yeah, I didn’t realize it, but as soon as CatBus mentioned the possibility, I remembered Jedi was the last one done of the v1.0s and I probably just used the same logos I already had from SW or ESB.
Actually, ESB v2.0 also uses the same logos as SW v2.0, which were taken from a 35mm print of SW, so if ESB also had the logos slightly different, those are also not perfectly accurate in v2.0 - this will of course be remedied in v2.5, now that we have complete 35mm versions of ESB thanks to TN1.

If I remember correctly, you also used the Fox logo from Alien.



I’ve decided to make a compilation of all reports from the ROTJ-thread that weren’t reposted yet. Tried to kill as many redundancies as possible.

yoda-sama said:

is that edge enhancement on the people on the skiff outside the window?

Wazzles said:

between 00:02:20 and 00:02:30.
Alright, well the TIE fighters and shuttle in the beginning are digital comps (

matte painting extension is still there, as well as the recomped explosion.

occasional film damage/dirt around Shaw’s face Nothing too terrible.

quite a bit of film damage on the Death Star explosion.

ships flicker in and out of existence.

Quite a bit of noticeable gate weave whenever 35MM shots are occurring.
This, plus what I already pointed out, are all I noticed in a quick look over the film. I didn’t watch the entire thing, just skipped around to the areas with the most prominent SE changes. Overall, this is a ridiculously huge improvement over 1.0.

EvanRevan322 said:

in the middle of the wipe transition into the gang flying away from Tatooine (referring to: the last frame of a shot being a bit differently colored or stuff like that).

pittrek said:

21588 (according to VirtualDubMod frame count)
A weird glitch happens - when the subtitle disappears, you can see at this frame the bodies of Jabba and C3PO at the place previously occupied by subtitles, the rest of the frame shows Leia and Chewie.

One more thing - the Rancor scene was dark. I mean it was "so dark I have to adjust the brightness to actually see what’s going on " dark. Is that correct? I have seen ROTJ only on VHS tapes (and the GOUT once) but I never seen it so dark. It’s not a complaint, just a question.

timdiggerm said:

I watched a few scenes last night and noticed the jitter on the pan-up from the forest to fireworks at the end.

joefavs said:

I think the 35mm stuff immediately after the funeral pyre leading into the Ewok celebration really ought to be stabilized in the final 2.0. The other instances of gate weave aren’t too distracting, but right there it gets pretty extreme.

approx 00:36:10
There’s an awful lot of flicker on the shot with the skiff speeding off after Jabba’s barge explodes. I know you said a lot of the 35mm tweaks would probably have to wait until 2.5, Harmy, but this really jumps out at me. If that and the gate weave at the Ewok celebration I mentioned a few posts ago were the only fixes of that nature in 2.0, I’d be happy with that.

jacksparrow900 said:

The Rancor Scenes was dark also after Oola falls into the pit it looked like there was magenta color in some of the frame. Can’t wait to sit down and watch it entirely.

f8k8 said:

00:13:49 - 00:13:52 (019900 - 019970),
I noticed that there seem to be a couple of grey vertical lines in the background on the left behind Jabba, I think they appear when he leans forward. I’m not sure if these were in the original, but they look like they shouldn’t be there.

mumbles_ said:

Yeah I noticed the wobble in the picture with the fireworks scene and some strange looking blacks with artifacts throughout the darker scenes in the film. Hopefully a hybrid of 35mm film sources could fix this for 2.5. All-in-all though, a great improvement from the 1st version of ROTJ DE. Thanks so much for your hard work Harmy!

FrankT said:

00:02:27:12 / 003540
The compositing on the TIE fighter appears to be the corrected SE one. I don’t know if you want to revert that to the original transparent form or…?

00:12:23:00 / 017832
This entire sequence is a relief to see again! Noticeable gate weave though.

00:14:30:11 / 020831
There’s a visible discolouring left by the subtitles. It lasts for a few frames.

00:33:57:18 / 048906
This shot seems a little fuzzy. Don’t know if it was like that in theatres. Might have been.

00:34:17:13 / 049381
Apparently this shot was just shades of tan, but I can see some blue sky. Is this exclusive to GOUT prints, or is the theatrical print like that?

00:36:10:23 / 052103
Noticing a few vertical lines (scratches) in this shot, just at the bottom-left corner.

00:36:15:10 / 052210
Possible healing error on the centre dune.

00:36:17:04 / 052252
Bit dusty.

00:45:05:15 / 064935
May be a 2004 recompsite: there is an odd vertical light element thru Obi-Wan’s head, which previously was a branch.

00:53:10:03 / 076563
The outline between Vader and the screen is smoothed - a 1997 correction. Again, don’t know if you want to keep or change that.

01:42:18:13 / 147325
2011 R2. Presumably you already know about it, but I’m making a note of it here for completion’s sake. (also notice the colour’s a bit haywire here.)

01:56:17:20 / 167468
Looks like the redone Emperor’s shaft explosion.

02:04:35:13 / 179413
Noticeable gate weave for this and the next few shots.

02:06:20:18 / 181938
Gate weave noticeably stops just as the end credits appear. May be able to apply the HDTV final shot here, at least to a degree.

CatBus said:

post-credits: “bought” is spelled wrong

Darth Mallwalker said:

Got GOUT-sync?

We don’t want <(team member formerly known as negative1)> to think
that I’m picking on him exclusively, so…

Workprint frames 141780 & 781 are the same frame repeated (GOUT 141780).

GOUT 143417 is missing from the workprint, last frame of the shot.

From GOUT shot 22860-23044, the workprint is missing one frame.
Probably the last frame of that shot is the one missing.

Compared to GOUT shot 25408-743, the workprint has two additional frames
at the beginning of the shot.

From GOUT shot 28230-651, the workprint is missing one frame.
Probably the last frame of that shot is the one missing.

aviSynth said:

cHarmy= avcSource(“ROTJ v2.0 Workprint.dga”)

trim(cHarmy, 00000, 23043)
+blankClip(cHarmy, 1)
+trim(cHarmy, 23044, 25406)
+trim(cHarmy, 25409, 28651)
+blankClip(cHarmy, 1)
+trim(cHarmy, 28652,141780)
+blankClip(cHarmy, 1)
+trim(cHarmy,143418, 00000)

Sorry, it’s what I do.
Anyway counting frames of RotJ is far more fun than watching it!

Please note I didn’t check every single shot, and won’t do.
Only checked reel change, LD sides, and wherever pulldown cadence changed,
since those points were annotated in IVTC scripts I’ve previously shared.

I admire your efforts to keep it GOUT-sync’ed
because interchangeable parts are NOT over-rated.

No, it’s not back in sync by the end of the next shot.
It remains out-of-sync throughout those sequence:
The last two being worse offenders, with picture lagging behind the sound,
since light is supposed to travel faster than sound (even in far-away galaxy?)
WTF is “good enough”? A slippery slope, no doubt.
Only half-joking when I say I hope fame hasn’t got to your head.
Your attention to detail has served you well

SmegPod said:

Around when the Emperor arrives on the Death Star, the music sounded kinda funny, like a slight phaser effect or something. The biggest problem I noticed was R2-D2 around the 1:42 mark - his chroma layer looked fairly offset. Also, like others have mentioned, scenes with low lighting came out very dark, almost to the point of obscuring details. None of these detracted from my viewing experience, however, and allowed me to finish my Star Wars marathon on a good note.

Nearsighted Scrappile said:

Yeah I’ve brought up the “wind tunnel” occurring during the Emperor’s arrival before. The music is actually a hodgepodge of 3 different cues, and NONE of the source material has that flanging, phasing in and out effect. That tells me that it luckily didn’t happen at the scoring sessions, but at some point when being mixed down for God-knows how many prints were going to be produced. I have yet to experience ANY copy of that part of the film that this is fixed. It drives me nuts as an “audio guy”, but unfortunately it was used as the master for umpteen million releases, even the BD. If it were up to me and I knew how to work with video, I would assemble the track and put it in the film. But, it is what it is. Something happened in mastering and mixing that made the speed of the film change slightly from the sound going on at the same time or vice versa. So yes, Ben Burtt makes mistakes like everyone else.

Harmy's RETURN OF THE JEDI Despecialized Edition HD (AVCHD DVD9 &amp; NTSC DVD5 available!!! SEE FIRST POST!!!)

Harmy said:

Please report any quality issues you find here.
I would also like to request that if you already reported an issue, that you re-post in that thread. Thanks!

I also suggest that everybody should delete their reports here when they are reposted in the new thread, so you can check if some reports are missing.



00:54:00 (and maybe 00:53:51 too)
The space around the Sanctuary Moon is extremely blue (this is very prominent since 2004).

The blinking lights on the shield generator are red, while in GOUT, they appear to be white! Do you have a 35mm-source of that scene? Maybe the colours are just washed out.

The red bars are too dark.

The garbage matte around the Death Star II is much visible (also thanks to Lowry).

The Star Destroyers and the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon are extremely reddish.

01:54:30 and several scenes later
Palpatine’s face looks a bit too coloured (maybe).

Vader’s death scene seems a bit too blue to me.

The frontside of the X-Wing engines has a red glow which isn’t there in GOUT.

There’s some damage or particle above Luke’s face. I know that there are missing frames in the celebration scene but did you consider to use more material from v1.0 here, especially the force ghosts? It looked pretty good!

There’s a dust particle above “Lando”.

188200, 188360, 188450 and 188900
There are some more dust particles between the credits.

There’s a burning mark.