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No idea what you are referring to, but from an objective point of view, here are my thoughts:

Originally posted by: boon23
The world needs more places of rant, of cruelty, of stupidity.
Seems to me that you're not one complaining about "places of rant, of cruelty, of stupidity."

Originally posted by: boon23
Flaming is so much fun. And it reminds me on that nice myspace page you put up about me, where you changed the photo so I wore a nazi sign. That was a good one too and so much fun.
Maybe keep it to MySpace or private?

Originally posted by: boon23
I will not retaliate anyway.

You just did...

Originally posted by: boon23
So come on, beat me up a little more.

Why this urge for violence?

Oh and by the way, noone ever explained to me in detail what exactly happened and why I was "attacked" last time I started a Mangler Bros. Inc. thread.

Favorite Beer
Don't worry, should I ever come to Texas, I will definitely share my planned destinations with you, and should it be close to any of you cahoots (that word popped into my head, I have ZERO clue as to how though...) I will crash your place!

EDIT: And after checking out what it actually means, I cannot use the word "cahoot", I will use the word "queers", since you're definitely not steers...
Malazan Book of the Fallen - Steven Erikson
This thread is dedicated to the widely acclaimed novels that comprise the "Malazan Book of the Fallen" series, written by Canadian writer Steven Erikson.

Since there are many books in the series, it would be silly to start making a thread for each and everyone of them, as well as their "SPOILER ALERT" ccounter parts.

The books so far are as follows:

Gardens of the Moon
Deadhouse Gates
Memories of Ice
House of Chains
Midnight Tides
The Bonehunters
Reaper's Gale

There are three more to be released, next one is set for 2008.

The books can be described as epic fantasy.

Since there will be posts (I hope there will be posts) with spoilers in them, I suggest we write as such - in order to avoid people having read a spoiler they did not intend to read.



This book is written by Steven Erikson, and he is from Canada.
In my opinion it is written in english, but it has been translated into other languages as well. It has more than a hundred pages, but less than ten thousand.
What do you think the weather should be lilke tomorrow?


And if there is no spoiler, we would still need to specifiy which book we are talking about, although it will be hard without spoilers.



Am I the only one that thinks that Formula 1 is much better than NASCAR?


If anyone has any comments, ideas or suggestions in order to make this thread better or more user friendly, please feel free to post them. They are more than welcome.

I'll start off, but won't go into details of specific books.

I've only read the first three, and they have absolutely blown my mind away. The plots, subplots, subsubplots and the epic is very well written and once it grabs onto you, it will not let go. You don't want to let go either. The magic system he uses is extremely intriguing and interesting and more facets of it are presented to you with every book.

PS: The Gardens of the Moon and Deadhouse Gates examples are pure gibberish and are only meant to show how we might do this.

If it were possible to write in the same colour as the grey-blue background, it would be very useful. Spoilers could then be written in that colour and those that are interested will have to highlight it.