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Preserving the "German" Original Trilogy (Released)
Concerning the German dubbing (off course)

I've been scouring the web for any German dubbed Star Wars OT online but found nada!
I'm currently planning an amusing side-project for which I need the german soundtrack. some may have asked before me....

Is there anyone who would like to share the soundtrack as LPCM or AC3.

And on that not I would like to make it clear that I'm not going to start a new preservation project!

I just need the raw audio for IV - V and VI

Anyone feel obliged to help!

'I Bent My Wookie' - The Animated Tribute Project (* unfinished project *)
Originally posted by: PaulisDead2221
I've got all 8 seasons of the simpsons if you need clips from any of them. There's a Star Wars spoof in "Home Movies," if you've got that in Sweden.

I don't have Home movies no...but I have Myspleen! heh!

Sure PaulisDead2221 - If you want to contribute then you are more than welcome to!

That's all the info you need to get started. PM me for FTP information! /Alex
'I Bent My Wookie' - The Animated Tribute Project (* unfinished project *)
Phew...lots of words!

Estimated deadline.....Well...kinda dependes on how much help I can get!
But personally I haven't set a specific deadline for this project. I want it to
be complete. So it will have to take as long as it has to.

I have the muppet babies actually - horrible muck...cheesy!
I would include it if I had any idea on the overall length and
size of this project. But I don't so I won't squeeze it in yet!

I am logging all your advice and spotted references.

Going down to work on South Park Season 1-4 this weekend (with a shovel and a pickaxe).

And by the way...I'm working on making it PAL (best nr. of scanlines).
Cheers from a rainy Sweden!

'I Bent My Wookie' - The Animated Tribute Project (* unfinished project *)
Originally posted by: andy_k_250
For completion's sake, I think you should include the FOX Simpsons bumper with Bart's head superimposed over Luke's during the trench run - I've got that.

You are right andy_k_250 this is one of the items I would have to include on the DVD. It was mentioned in the Star Wars insider article on the SW/Simpsons spoof article, but it's not exactly something you would stumble over on the net! (if you know what I mean).

BTW...I also saw that Wiki article and It would be optimal to make them ALL (heh heh) into a DVD project but I would rather keep myself focused on the animated SW references (Lets not even begin to talk "Bent Wookie 2 - Revenge of the Spoof"). Specifically from The Simpsons (spoofs in abundance). Andy_k_250 just email me on my private email! I would love to snatch that bumper clip from you!!!

'I Bent My Wookie' - The Animated Tribute Project (* unfinished project *)

Hi everyone!

I’m not new to this forum, I’ve just been silent!
I would like to present my contribution to the ever increasing flora of Star Wars related DVD projects!
This is…

I bent my wookie
A collection of animated Star Wars tributes

Star Wars has often been spoofed and spotted on shows like The Simpsons, Futurama and so forth.
I have long been trying to find and gather all of these small clips in order to document and preserve them (without having to store a zillion gigabytes of TV episodes on my harddrive).

I tried to compose a project like this a year back but I never got around to making anything useful of it.

Now I am on the verge of starting a new job as a digitial designer for a dvd company and I found that I needed some practise
and that is why I rebooted this project.

The DVD will contain the, more or less, of the following:

SW spoofs from the Simpsons (Seasons 1 - 18) as seen here:
SW spoofs from Futurama (Seasons 1 - 5)
SW spoofs from South Park (Seasons 1 - 10) as seen here:
SW spoofs from Family guy (Seasons 1 - 4)
and SW spoofs from Robot Chicken (Seasons 1 & 2)

Plus MORE…if I can find it!

All featuring animated menues and handy background information and so forth…yadda yadda…You know the drill!

You can imagine the problems of watching all these episodes so…

If you know any good spoofs - Don’t hesitate to tip me so I won’t have to sit through all seasons of South Park, Futurama and Family Guy
(Robot Chicken is already done and Simpsons is under control).

I’ve set up a section at my website for this project. Feel free to come by and look!
There you’ll find some overall info on the project and some work-in-process (but not any of the spoof clips!)

/Alex (MMXP)

Idea: Can we make Multi-Lingual OT DVDs?

Hey all!

Sorry if I barge in and pick up on a thread which might be going as it is!

While at it why don’t either of you compilers go for a multi-lingual version of the Original Trilogy.
All you need is a fair Audio track off a foreign VHS, as far as I’m concerned.
I’ve always wanted to hear Darth Vader in German, for instance! Why not in French?
If we all look really close then we might even be able to get a Japanese release!

Oh well…Its just an Idea!