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Koyaanisqatsi - IRE Fullscreen Version (MORE IMAGE!)

suntech said:

I do not see any seeds on the noid,  would some one pm me with details?


The site has a message banner that reads

We are currently experiencing problems with the torrent seed/leech stat querying. The torrents have peers, but they are not being reported properly. It will be fixed as soon as possible, sorry for the inconvenience.

Just download the .torrent and see what happens ;)

Hard Boiled and The Killer

Matt_Stevens said:

The subtitles have been edited. So yes, they differ from the very first patch. 

The audio is the same. 

Griff, that's cool. :)


Thanks for the reply and the continued work in making this version of one of my favourite CYF films. 

Do you know how difficult would it be to create a patch to the JP BD that would be acceptable for distribution via ADC ? They don't like raw audio, preferring a patch of some kind.

Maybe Griff's work is that patch ?

Request - Apocalypse Now Workprint (now available)

tranzor said:

straightedge said:


But Unfortunately it doesn't have any seeder.

I sent out quite a few of these. I know at least one member threw it up on a newsgroup, I also saw another member mentioning getting it out there this past Sunday


milw50717 said:

Just skimming through the 3 DVD version now - thanks to all involved and am wondering why the use of a different (decent) source for the killing of Kurtz. Was this missing on the workprint ?

the Kurtz Compund was a deleted scene. This was given as an extra on one of the early dvd releases, so after the workprint finishes out with the laserdisc (which was the only source at the time since the dvd did not exist yet), I then later on added in the Kurtz compound destruction since that was truly the way the film was going to end. As you can see it flows very smoothly from the laserdisc ending making this the longest known version out there at I believe 5hrs and 36 mins


Thanks for the explanation and for all the hard work making the release possible.


A BETTER TOMORROW and FIST OF LEGEND laserdiscs? Anyone have them? I need the soundtracks for restorations. Also GOD OF GAMBLERS and DRUNKEN MASTER 2, etc.

Matt_Stevens said:


A BETTER TOMORROW 1 & 2, POLICE STORY, POLICE STORY 3 (one Hong Kong release had the original stereo instead of the mono), GOD OF GAMBLERS, DRUNKEN MASTER II and FIST OF LEGEND. 

I can help out. I have a few HK and Japanese LDs including the below that may be of interest:-

  • ABT I, II and III - HK LD
  • Police Story I and II (but not III) - Japanese LD
  • God of Gamblers I and II - HK LD
  • Drunken Master II - Japanese LD
  • City on Fire - HK LD
  • City War - HK LD
  • Prison on Fire I and II - HK LD
  • Once A Thief - HK LD
  • Tiger on Beat - HK LD


I have an LD player and assuming that it still works I should be able to capture the audio.

Drop me a PM


Hard Boiled and The Killer

The Sally Yeh/Yip album FACE TO FACE has the song DRUNK FOR LIFE (track 13) featured in THE KILLER - FLAC/WAV from CD

I'll look through what I have to see if I can fill any of the things you are on the prowl for. In the meantime, here are some other items that may be of interest for a JW/CYF archive, but not necessarily about THE KILLER or HARD BOILED :-

  1. Audience recording of John Woo at BFI (London) 1993/10/01 - FLAC/WAV format from cassette
  2. John Woo interview on NPR Fresh Air 1997/10/07 - FLAC/WAV from cassette
  3. John Woo interview on Fresh Air 2000/03/26  - MP3 download available
  4. Audience recording of Chow Yun Fat at Scala Cinema (London) 1993/06/05 and 1993/06/06 - FLAC/WAV from cassette