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The Clone Wars: Refocused [COMPLETE] + Subtitles for season one!

I’m going to re-watch this in 5 episode chunks alongside your 2.0 rollout since I haven’t had a chance to check this properly yet (I watched the first 4 episodes in January then got busy).

They work great from a storytelling point of view. I haven’t watched Clone Wars much and I wasn’t confused by anything. I didn’t notice any plot holes and each episode zipped along at a nice pace. You’re doing a great job reshaping the narrative! Episodes 2, 4 and 5 are flawless as is IMO (3 is 99% perfect) but I noticed some edits:

Episode 0 v2.2

  • Jarringly sudden beginning when Yoda is seen. I think showing the full-length, unedited Clone Wars: Volume 1 intro with the wide landscape shots before it zooms in on Yoda will fix this. I think letting there be a few seconds of a black screen then smash cutting to the wide shot of Yoda galloping across the landscape will have a cooler feel than having it fade in.
  • 7m20s: Fade out feels abrupt, maybe try a wipe instead? I’ll refer to abrupt fades as AF from now.
  • 10m30s: AF
  • 19m25s: music stopping when Obi-Wan appears is noticeable
  • 20m10s: Anakin dialogue feels off/edited but might be caused by the source audio
  • 38m32s: AF

Episode 1 v2.4

  • 1m52s: Music crossfade is felt rather than transparent
  • 11m30s: Music after wipe kicks in suddenly; maybe wipe at an earlier point/shot so the music comes in gentler
  • 19m: AF

Episode 3 v2.1

  • 1m35s - ship engine roar makes you jump a bit as the shot fades in

I’ll post more thoughts as this rollout continues.

Twin Peaks: Between Two Ferns (a WIP)

act on instinct said:

I think you’ll just have to decide for yourself what scenes are really worth it, a reason I would give to cut out subplots completely rather than trim like Ben’s civil war antics for example is that by having less it ends up feeling more jarring and pointless to see it abridged. I think there’s room for little moments but they shouldn’t be so over the top while also being too short or it will just feel confusing why it was brought up in the first place only to be resolved by the next scene.

That’s what I was concerned about too. The current workprint think leaves most of the subplots in abridged form that doesn’t feel entirely pointless IMO. There’s nothing I personally want to cut at this point, but there’s been interest from a few more about viewing the edit, so I’ll see if their thoughts change my perspective in any way.

Twin Peaks: Between Two Ferns (a WIP)

13las said:
I hope you don’t take anything I’ve said as a knock against you and your work — this project just isn’t radical enough for me. Best of luck to you, though! And you’ve inspired me to try my hand at my own season 2 edit.

First things first, don’t worry at all about that! I’m making this project for me, I’m just curious what others think. Glad to hear it’s inspired ya to give it a shot yourself. It’s good to hear other opinions and engage in conversation on something creative which can never be objectively right or wrong IMO.

Having seen the workprint of your edit, I do tend to agree with the feedback that you’ve left in too much. Personally, I think if you’re going to cut the crap out of something, you should go all the way. You mention your desire to preserve the season warts and all, but don’t forget that the original episodes don’t disappear when someone fanedits them! If this truly is your ideal version of the season, then that’s great. If not, then what’s the harm in a more radical approach?

Let’s theoretically go all the way. Let’s imagine a more radical version of my edit.

  • No James/Evelyn
  • No Little Nicky
  • No ‘Ben thinks he’s a war general’ after he’s initially kicked out of running One Eye Jacks
  • No Norma and Mike romance scenes
  • Minimal scenes of Josie being a maid
  • Simplifying Ed and Norma’s romance more

That’d probably reduce the edit by about 60 minutes to a 100 minute movie. The remaining plot would be:

  • General Briggs goes missing and then shows up unharmed with cryptic warnings
  • Cooper becomes investigated by the FBI then cleared of all wrongdoing
  • Criminal ‘mastermind’ Jean Renaut is outsmarted by… a standard fake drug deal sting operation
  • Windham Earle starts toying with Cooper

Windham Earle and the lore exploration in General Briggs’ story is cool, but the remaining plot beats feel like obvious filler material IMO. Even Briggs disappearing and reappearing in and of itself has zero impact on the story. They have a fair bit of slow, serious exposition scenes and the silly plot threads at least balance out that seriousness with moments of levity and action-ish. I’d personally find watching the 100 minute version a dour chore due to the 90% serious tone (the 10% being the wedding scenes) over plotlines that essentially go nowhere compared to the moments of lightness sprinkled in the edit at the moment. Even if half of them are cringe.

That said, I think you’re well on your way to accomplishing your stated goal. A piece of (hopefully) constructive feedback I can offer is to define whether you intend this to play like a film or like an extended episode. Because, as it stands it sort of feels caught in between the two. If you want it to feel like a film, I think the opening few minutes could really use some kind of hook — I found the first scene with Ms. Briggs in the sheriff’s station too static and dialogue-heavy to be the opening of a movie experience. Not sure how you could accomplish this, maybe a recap of the preceding events? Or something a little more atmospheric — even an abstract title sequence a la Fire Walk With Me would go a long way to helping this feel more like a stand-alone experience.

That scene you mention, while a bit sluggish, does set up important mysteries and is simply how episode 11 begins. I’m aware the edit has an odd feel which is why I described it as a TV movie on Fanedit.org. I’ll think about how I can condense things further.

Twin Peaks: Between Two Ferns (a WIP)

act on instinct said:

Still need to see this edit before I give proper feedback but I agree with LeperMessiah that some stuff really can just be cut, I might need to check again but I don’t think James and Donna really come back for anything post Evelyn subplot, Donna is in Miss Twin Peaks but she also never left town except to talk to Evelyn in the same subplot, so truthfully I would cut it off when James leaves town and that’s it. I think same can go for Ben’s civil war mental break, he’s already been beaten and morally defeated so I don’t see a problem going from him in shambles reminiscing about his childhood to eating a carrot trying to reform his ways, cleaner just to avoid entirely.

On things that should be reduced but still kept in small doses either for continuity or character development, the whole travel critic thing and Norma having a bad relationship with her mother is so typical sitcom and pointless except that we need Ernie introduced. More obvious trims for Nadine and little Nicky, though I would keep some of the humor when it works.

Another I might be going out on a limb with is Windom Earle, haven’t seen his stuff mentioned but it’s a huge part of what makes season 2 abysmal for me personally. Giving Cooper this Joker-esque mad genius ex partner was really a mistake that only diminishes Cooper’s character to a comic book hero going after villain of the week. That stuff plays in so much it can only be tilted so it’s less on the nose, but if it can be helped I’d like only the best of Windom, no horse suit kidnapping Major Briggs, less with the stupid flute and dead random extras we’ve never met encased in paper mache chess pieces, the show should really be above those sorts of things.

Can’t wait to watch the edit!

Hope you enjoy! I see your points on weak storylines, but they somewhat define Twin Peaks too in a historically notable way. Twin Peaks lost viewer momentum and was therefore cancelled because of how much weaker Season 2 was, and that cancellation and mediocrity is what lead to Fire Walk with Me and it’s surreal continuation in Season 3 two decades later.

In an ideal world, there would’ve been no lame subplots and a better written villain/scenes for Windham Earle, but that would be a different show. I’ve seen quite a few fans online like the silly elements of season 2 - I’m indifferent - and I see my edit as an improved preservation of what Season 2 was rather than try to reform it into what I wish it would be. You can’t polish a turd, so my edit tries shrinking it instead. It’s refining instead of trying to craft something good out of the fundamentally weaker writing of Season 2. I always try to rewatch it with the context of FWMM and Season 3 being made in it’s aftermath, so that’s why my edit tries to slim down Season 2 rather than dramatically reshape it.

stretch009 said:


FWIW there’s a new 2nd season Fanedit that has been completed over at Fanedit.org that you might want to check out…

Already had that linked over to me by one of my other viewers. Its interesting to see the changes they made, but for my tastes their cut list is a bit too far. Twin Peaks is already a short-lived show and his edit restructures the entirety of the second half of season 2 (episodes 10-22), whereas my one only covers 11-15. I think the underlying storytelling focus is more or less decent in episode 10 and gets into more interesting territory from epsiode 16 with the worst subplots wrapped up. Like I said above, I want to preserve the lame parts rather then pretend they didn’t happen.

I’m somewhat a bit tired of Twin Peaks at the moment having thoroughly rewatched it in the making of my fan edit, but I’ll give Cooper’s 10 episode edit a watch when I revisit the show at the end of the year.

Twin Peaks: Between Two Ferns (a WIP)

Hello again! I somewhat forgot about this edit. I’m more or less finished with it, I just wanted to get some more thoughts from fellow Twin Peaks fans and there haven’t been many replies.

I re-watched the fourth workprint having not touched anything Twin Peaks-related since January and there’s only a single change I’m considering to add at this point. Now that I can’t remember the details of every single change I made via taking that break, my perspective was more focused on if the reformed narrative flows well and it does.

It’s looking like this will be ready for release soon. Whilst I work on the fifth and final version of the edit, drop me a DM if you’d like to check the fourth workprint in the meantime.

Twin Peaks: Between Two Ferns (a WIP)

Progress is quickly rolling along. LeperMessiah117’s feedback made me realize more sub-plot scenes could be cut as their events aren’t explicitly brought up as I thought they were in later season 2 episodes. I also realised some scenes I thought dragged a bit could be easily chopped for pacing. The edit now sits at 147 minutes long, with a total of 89 minutes cut.

The workprint is now on version 4. I’m still looking for feedback from others, so don’t hesitate to drop a reply if you’re interested.

Twin Peaks: Between Two Ferns (a WIP)

LeperMessiah117 said:
The scene with Andy taking Dick and Nicky out for Malteds is intact. It is the end part of the scene with Roger (the FBI agent) Ernie Niles, Hank and Norma at the Double RR 20-25 minutes in. The scene with them making the plans to get Malteds is also present.

Ah, yep. I did indeed keep this scene in to add a tiny hair of character development to Dick and Andy to show they’re at least trying to do something in relation to their potentially imminent fatherhood. Sure it’s a bit strange to have a kid appear then not appear for the rest of the show, but I think it at least demonstrates how Dick is attempting to be more father-like in the most shallow way possible. It’s a rare moment of silly comic relief in the edit as it presently stands, too.

Would cutting out the scene with the case worker be that difficult? I mean, you’d have to take some liberties with the soundtrack to make it work audiowise, but then I wouldn’t know if it’d actually work unless I personally sat down and tried it editing it myself.

Perhaps not. I’ll give it another go, it was just a bit tricky when I did attempt it.

Well, the manner of the stabbing is mentioned in the scene with Albert, Cooper and Truman, and it’s identicality to Caroline’s murder is also mentioned elsewhere (but whether it’s in that particular scene or not, I can’t remember.) Also, I feel that the following scene where they’re taking the body away also retreads some info (“If it was Earle, he didn’t miss a beat…” “No fibers…” “I found that car on the logging road, just like he said…”) but in a less direct “Cooper explaining things” way and more of a possible implied, unseen conversation way. But now that I’m thinking about it, I’m not sure if it’s mentioned outside of this scene if Windom orchestrates the power outage. It may not be feasible to cut it the scene, but that’s up to you to decide if it could and/or should be cut.

And that now sounds like a very redundant scene, and it’s now gone. Now sitting at 155 minutes, nice spot!

Twin Peaks: Between Two Ferns (a WIP)

LeperMessiah117 said:

Alright, just finished my viewing and here are my thoughts:
Overall, it’s a promising edit. Most of what was cut out was not missed and what was left in kept the storylines held together rather well. But I have a few suggestions.

Thank you for such detailed feedback! This is exactly what I’m looking for. I’m always iterative in my creative output and I wanna keep iterating, iterating and iterating on this until we’ve got the best version of this edit possible.

First being that maybe the orphan Nicky subplot could be cut out entirely? Since it doesn’t amount to anything in the end, even in the original version, it might be best to leave it out. I realize this means cutting Andy, Lucy and Dick down practically to cameo appearances only, but if their plot doesn’t really contribute to anything at all and doesn’t feature the most of the comic-relief shenanigans that Andy and Dick get into, then it might be best to axe it entirely.

From what I can remember, that plotline is pretty much entirely cut? The only remnants currently are Nicky’s case worker mentioning his parents passed in mysterious circumstances to Lucy, Dick and Andy before Andy gets called away to the Great Northern, and the Doc briefly calling Nick, Andy and Lucy into a room (we don’t see the scene wrapping up the whole subplot). Both of those scenes I only kept in because there would be rough audio transitions otherwise. Other than that, the entire subplot is gone. Unless there’s something else I missed?

In terms of Ben’s subplot, I would suggest reintroducing the scene featuring Dr. Jacobi’s explanation of Ben’s condition of “trying to change his own circumstances by changing the outcome of the Civil War” so we have a better understanding of why he’s acting the way he is in his scenes.

Thanks for pointing this out. Missing details like that is exactly why I’m asking for feedback. I’m just concerned about runtime - the edit is already over 2 and a half hours long which is pushing it for a typical film length IMO. I thought the audience could simply assume he’s acting up because of what he’s been through, but I guess this explanation is somewhat necessary to understand his behaviour. I’ll consider adding that back in.

For James, it may be best to reinsert one or two scenes in between James fleeing the police and returning to confront Evelyn. I think it may be necessary to bring back the scene Eveline talking to the police (if just for consistencies’ sake, given the closeups of Evelyn wearing the mourning veil in the confrontation scenes) and maybe the scene where Donna confronts Evelyn and Malcolm at the bar. As it stands now, it just feels like there’s a bit too much missing for the truncation of this plot to come off as completely seamless.

I felt your point here even on my own edit viewings before announcing it. The thing is, the whole thing still sucks and I’m trying to minimise it’s screentime lol. I’ll think about how I could do so without letting it stink up the narrative for too long.

Some other things I’d like to address/suggest would be the credits that wound up included at various points in the edit. During Briggs’ questioning at the Sheriff’s station, the credits, I would imagine, could be removed with a simple cropping of the shots in which they are featured. The framing may come off as oddly close, but in my opinion, it would be less distracting than credits randomly appearing here.

I actually spent a lot of time trying to digitally remove the credits using the After Effects AI fill tool to always immediately noticeable results when I could’ve just cropped the frame… Why didn’t I think of this before haha. I’ll take a look at cropping now to fix that issue.

As for the scene of the examination of Windom’s victim, unfortunately cropping is not an option here as the credits are center-focused in the shots. However, and you may disagree, but I feel as though this particular scene could be cut entirely, as most if not all of the important information relayed here is found in other scenes featured later in this edit.

I’m all for trimming down redundant scenes. Now that you mention it, the examination findings - that Windham was the killer - is repeated when packing up his body, so I’ll cut this scene now. It improves the pacing and sense of urgency with the Leo/Shelley attack afterwards too.

Also, some minor editing suggestions would be to extend the thunderclouds shot after Major Briggs’ reappearance by perhaps slowing down the footage. You won’t be able to get much more out of it, but it would be something. And I would also suggest that the commercial-break cut during the hostage situation at Dead Dog Farm could be edited to a more traditional kind of transition? As in, edit it to pretend there was no commercial break there at all and make it a time-passing transition, going from Sheriff Truman aiming his shotgun to the shot of the moon, maybe using a little audio layering and crossfades. I suggest this only because there was a fade-to-black/fade-in transition in the previous scene just before going from Nadine and Ed to Dead Dog Farm.

Good ideas. Will look at both.

And finally, some lingering frames! For ease of editing, here are the frames you missed that I found during my viewing of the workprint:

Gah, I thought I fixed these. This appeared in my previous versions of the edit and I thought V3 fixed them for good. For some reason in Adobe Premiere, I don’t see these flash frames in my timeline. They only appear on rendering out. I scrubbed each cut via rendering out each cut to ensure no flash frames were there, but it seems like I still missed some. I’ll fix these now.

EDIT: One last thing! I’d really like to look at a cutlist if you have one to see if there was anything that you cut that maybe I’d wanna suggest adding back in. And thanks for the work you put in here!

I’ll DM ya about this.

Anyone else want a copy of the workprint, let me know!

Twin Peaks: Between Two Ferns (a WIP)

Hello all! Joined very recently to explore the world of Star Wars fanedits a bit more thoroughly. I’ve been working away quietly on a fanedit - my second one since my first back in 2015. I wasn’t planning to announce until I’d made a fair bit of progress on it since I often get an edit idea, rigerously start on it, then lose all interest and drop it entirely. Well… Someone a few days ago was asking about Twin Peaks fanedits, and now I’ve made a fair bit of progress on it. 😄

Twin Peaks: Between Two Firs Promo Title Image

David Lynch has recently become my all-time favorite director. I think Twin Peaks is his magnum opus. Season 1 is great, the Last Days of Laura Palmer is the most disturbingly realistic horror film I’ve ever seen and Season 3 might be the greatest piece of television ever made. But season 2 is awful at times. I assumed that someone must have tried editing it into better form, right? But I couldn’t find any edits attempting that when I was searching. So I thought I’d give it a go myself. I rewatched season 2 from a more analytical perspective, trying to figure out where exactly the wheels come off. I think I more or less pinned it down - it starts and ends strong, but there’s a middle portion where the show really drags as it figures out what to do after resolving Laura Palmer’s mystery, revolving around numerous dumb sub-plots.

Twin Peaks: Between Two Firs (thanks to LeoMessiah117 for making me realize my spelling mistake) condenses that rough middle patch - episodes 11-15 - into a single movie to watch instead of those episodes. It doesn’t miraculously make the episodes good, but I hope it at least makes them less of a chore to get through. Sideplots are streamlined so that the show maintains its ensemble cast feel rather than have key cast members suddenly disappear. Between Two Ferns currently runs at 146 minutes, cutting 90 minutes of stupidity. Here’s the TLDR cutlist (there will be a detailed cutlist when the edit is finalised):

  • Dick and Andy don’t genuinely think an orphan might have murdered his parents
  • James and Evelyn’s melodrama is reduced
  • Most of Nadine’s cringey Mike flirtations are gone
  • Lana’s dumb ‘sexual goddess’ scenes are gone
  • Ben’s Civil War General psychosis is reduced
  • Other scene trims and/or cuts for tighter pacing

The edit is on it’s fourth workprint iteration. At this point, I’m personally happy with the way it flows, but I want to take my time polishing this edit. So if you are interested in checking out the workprint, leave a reply to this thread and I’ll send it over to you. I’ll be taking my time to take onboard everyone’s feedback and put out the edit when it’s ready. Hope you’ve all got plenty of coffee ready. 😉

REQUEST: Twin Peaks Season 2 - Cutting out the fluff.

Well… This is strange. I’m currently in the middle of a Star Wars re-watch and just joined this forum to explore the fan edits a bit more, but I have been quietly working on a fanedit for Season 2 of Twin Peaks that cuts out the suck. The working title is presently Twin Peaks: Between Two Ferns. I was planning to make an announcement on Fanedit.org once I have a finished workprint done to show people.

IMO Season 2 of Twin Peaks starts and ends strong, the main problem is episodes 11-15 being almost entirely subplots. My edit combines those episodes into a single film, slimming down on the filler material. The idea is to watch the fanedit as a replacement for those episodes when watching season 2, otherwise you watch the remainder of the season as is. Currently its sitting at around 2 hours 38 mins long, removing 76 minutes of footage. I guess I’ll be making a proper announcement thread here when it’s ready. 😃