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Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Director's Edition HD Recreation (V3 Now Available.)

I’m looking for a version that has all, or as much as possible, of all scenes from all versions (theatrical, TV, director’s, etc.). I don’t mind if the scenes are moved around or not to try and make them blend better but I’m just looking for the longest version (even if it may not be the “best” version from a technical movie point of view). Do either of these versions have all/most scenes from all/most versions of the movies? I read the notes but I’m a bit of a noob…

I did some research on Star Trek fan-edits and there’s just wayyyyyyyy too many out there and the info is often a bit vague on some of the websites I checked so I figured I’d just ask 😃

P.S. Your work looks amazing BTW and thank you so very much for sharing your love & work with us.

EDIT: I sent you a PM, but it’s not showing up in my private topics section (my private messages with others are though). I sent it again but that’s not not showing up either. Figured I’d let you know in case there’s some issue with the website.

Harry Potter Extended Editions

First all, from everything I’ve read, your work seems amazing. Doing little touch-ups to increase & enhance the quality of the movie while adding scenes but while also not removing other scenes is personally my favorite type of fan-edits and it seems that’s pretty much what you’ve done. I’d absolutely loveee to watch all The Harry Potter movies through for a second ever time each but “enhanced” via your incredible work. So I want to first thank you for all the time, effort, and love you’ve put into everything. Exerting passion into things and then sharing that passion - or sharing the result of that passion - with the world is truly one of the greatest aspects of life itself.

It really sucks to hear what happened and I’m very sorry you encountered a person/situation like that. I’m a little confused though. Why would you deny sharing your amazing work with the world because of others?

For example. I used to make music mixes for friends, I’d spend many hundreds of hours making them, mixing songs, editing songs, remixing, etc. I found out a couple times that some people got hold of my work and something a little similar that happened to you happened to me. I didn’t suddenly put a ban on anyone ever hearing/experiencing my work again. Why would I suddenly deprive all those who loved listening and experiencing my work because of some idiots?

Of course you have the right to do what you want 😃 , I just don’t understand what 1 idiot has to do with the hundreds (if not thousands) of people like us who’d love to see/experience your work. Why would we be suddenly all banned from experiencing & enjoying your passionate & incredible work that you put so much of your love & passion into?

P.S. Please don’t take this post the wrong way. As indicated in the first paragraph, I am truly appreciative & thankful of what you’ve done. People like yourself bring so much happiness to others through the work they do.