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Star Wars Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set

solkap said:

Hi markvh123,

I’ll help you troubleshoot if you are willing to post back and forth, either on my guide thread or by sending private messages.

Downloading the blu-rays can be difficult. But please … do not buy anything that someone else has burned or ask anyone on this site to burn the discs then mail them to you.

The biggest reason Fox, Lucasfilm, and Disney tolerate Despecialized Editions is that nobody makes any money from them and the users of this site do not physically distribute them. Selling or mailing discs would cross that line and put this site at serious risk of lawsuits.

However, I can help talk you through the operation. What is the first step from my guide that is confusing you?

Hi thanks for your answer .
I did not knew about possible lawsuits . I do not want to create problems .
I can try to download by myself and if i am not able post where i will block myself in the process .
And trust me you will have to be patience with me … i am not a guru in these things to download 😃

star wars despecialized editions blu ray

Hi to all
This is my first post in this forum and i hope i am posting in the right section otherwise please correct me .
i am italian and i just subbed in here after some researches i did in the net …

i am a star wars fan since i was kid ( so …long time ago in a galaxy far and far )
I don’t follow so much forums or sites regarding star wars , but i recently discover about this star wars original trilogy despecialized editions blu rays or whatever file .
i am not good in informatic things and i red all the guide regarding how to download this despecialized editions ( here in this forum ) , and i understood only the part regarding win rar 😃 so you can understand ho much i am skilled informatic speaking.
i wanted to ask how can i get the blu rays of these despecialized edition , because i am not able to download this ones or burn blu ray disks ( i don’t have these skills ) . i am a blu ray and dvd collector so i never used these peer to peer clients for downloading movies . i buy all movies i have mostly in blu ray or 4k blu rays .
i own all official dvds and blu rays release of the classical star wars trilogy :
-the first release dvd package from 2006 if i well remember
-the second release whre as bonus disc there was the movies with the original effects
-the blu ray package release of 2011
-the steelbook release of the first 3 movies

i saw in ebay someone selling these despecialized edition ( with no extra ) and i am tempted to buy these ones .
i wanted to ask if someone can burn for me and send to me . i would pay for this service .
i am not able to download these movies but i really would like to get these despecialized edition .

this is my asking .
please redirect me in the right way ( of the force ) and if i post wrongly please advice me and correct me

thanks a lot to all and may the force be with you