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Return of the Jedi (Chronological Saga) - (* Final version released *)

This has some pretty ambitious stuff! I’m pretty new to watching fan edits and I’ve only watched a handful of them that attempt to add their own effects and completely unique shots so this was a treat for me to see what the community is capable of.

I am personally working on an RotJ cut without Boba so I took special interest in how he was masked. I have personally been cropping but there are a couple shots where I think the cropped image loses focus on the speaking character. These masks are impressive. I’m sure most people just watching don’t even notice the edit. I was watching like a hawk of course and it’s almost like the space behind Jabba is haunted by a ghost 😃 It’s actually kinda cool when you are looking for it.

Special callout to the added establishing shot on Tattooine and the edit of the C3P0 and R2 shot that makes Jabba’s palace look close.

I do think the regrading of Endor definitely gave it a very alien feel so it matches the described intent rather well. That coupled with trimming some of the over the top “humor” and “cuteness” of the Endor scenes made this feel way different than the original in a good way.

All in all, nice work!

The Mandalorian: A Vergence in the Force (RT 2h 27mins) (Released)

I really enjoyed your take and I’m impressed how effectively you were able to trim it to the core storyline. I honestly assumed there would be some hard cuts and some moments where I just needed to acknowledge that this was a fan edit. But I truly didn’t. You can tell you didn’t let emotion in the way of your cuts. I’m sure I would have struggled with ditching a couple scenes that would have truly have rendered the edit impossible to make feel “right”. Your take felt like a standard 2 and a half hour movie and all the threads connected so naturally.

Nice work!

The Last Jedi Reforged (Released)

I just wanted to say this edit is a testament to the power of music.

I think this song perfectly encapsulates what the average viewer wanted to feel seeing Luke back on the silver screen (bravo to Samuel for the arrangement). It captures it so perfectly that it can even overpower the true context of the moments around it. I’m generally a fan of fan edits that re-score scenes, but this is one my personal favorite re-scored scenes I’ve seen (the training). I think how you moved the “day in the life” to part of this training sequence doesn’t “feel” like it should work on paper, but it came together so nicely.

I like your whole take, honestly, but I had to specifically comment how such a seemingly small change made such an impact to my viewing.

Also, I hadn’t seen that deleted scene before. I can’t believe they took it out. It really helps give a little more weight to Luke’s arc that was chosen for this movie. I’ve always claimed that I wasn’t against the creative direction of Luke… just the execution. There needed to be a lot more substance to his conflict for me to buy into it. This small scene doesn’t “fix” that but him going out of his way to demonstrate his current change in belief via example gives it just that extra bit of oomph.

You showed both of the scenes you updated the music on, I just had to let you know that, for me, they both land in context as well!

What is the main Star Wars Saga about?

I want to make a case that the claim that the PT and OT combined a story about the tragedy of Anakin Skywalker isn’t actually all that ridiculous. I know he isn’t a major focus in ANH and ESB, but the result of his choices ARE. You can have a story about something and still have other worthwhile arcs. Now it’s unfortunate that the PT quality really isn’t where it needs to be to have this all feel unified, but I personally think the original 6 movies can be viewed that way and I personally don’t believe it undermines the great arc of the OT in any way.

As for me. If you have to find a meaning in all of it together (including the ST). I agree with the awesome answer about storytelling.

💡 <strong>Welcome to the</strong>; Introduce yourself in here + useful info within 💡

Hello all!

I have a love of the original trilogy as when I was a kid I walked the living room while my dad was watching A New Hope and fell in love with the film. It was one of the first experiences that my dad and I truly loved together. Of course he got into things I was into as a young kid, but this was the first time I truly felt I was sharing the experience with him.

I was still pretty young when the prequel trilogy came around and I actually didn’t mind them when I saw them. I could kinda tell Dad wasn’t as into them though 😉. That enjoyment of the prequel trilogy faded over time and I kinda stopped watching and engaging with Star Wars for quite some time. I remember purchasing the blu ray’s early in college and I actually wasn’t aware of all the changes… but they felt off. It had been long enough since I viewed the originals I didn’t even realize the changes where the culprit!

Then The Force Awakens was announced. I wasn’t too excited at first, but each trailer left me more optimistic than the last. By the time it was in theaters, I had a child-like level of excitement entering the theater. Unlike a lot of Star Wars fans, I was not let down. I genuinely love the movie (and still do). I understand the criticism for echoing A New Hope’s trajectory, but it didn’t bug me in the slightest (and honestly might be why I fell so hard for it). I spent a lot of time defending the film to friends stating the movie kinda needed to play it safe and that the sequel was the “sequel trilogy’s” time to shine. Unfortunately, I hated The Last Jedi. It definitely didn’t play it safe, so credit where credit is due. But I just didn’t think it did a single character justice with a worthwhile arc and the middle of the movie is a complete drag. I know a lot of people actually like The Last Jedi a fair bit and I don’t have any intention to undermine their love for the film.

Anyways, with how much I enjoyed TFA… I stumbled into fan edits while looking into opinions on The Last Jedi. I watched a couple. I didn’t realize how much power an editor has as people made versions of the film that I found fairly watchable in comparison and, magically, they didn’t feel gutted. From here I stumbled into Hal9000’s Custom Special Edition of A New Hope and my love for Star Wars migrated back to the original trilogy (I know many creators had ideas and moments that made it into this cut so I thank everyone here for that!).

Realizing how much more I enjoy the original trilogy than the sequel trilogy, I decided to use some of this wonderful work and try to make a personal cut of the films (planning to put it together in a blu ray collection for my dad this year). I’ve stuck around the forums and read for quite awhile but I just recently started engaging and I hope to continue to do so on a regular basis.

I have learned that my love of fiction and entertainment has resulted in my sometimes veering me in an overtly critical viewpoint when it comes to engaging with my favorite intellectual properties. This is not a slight at the creators of the content… They are the ones that created something engaging enough for me to care in the first place. It just happens 😃. In the past it has led to me really relishing in any way I can engage with material itself in an effort feel some part of ownership of the material and I find a lot of joy in that. In the past, it has been modding games as I’m a software developer by trade. I am grateful to this community as well as that on sites such as that I have found such a cool way to engage with movies.

Star Wars Saga Redux (A non linear Machete style edit : WIP : 2/5 released)


I am proud to share my in progress take on the original skywalker saga (+ Rogue One AKA A Desperate Rebellion)!

Inspired by Machete order, An attempt for a fully non-linear format with no two movies directly in chronological order. Integrate Rogue One into the non-linear story. The story still flows in a forward direction. A New Hope -> Learn about the rebellion -> The Empire Strikes Back -> Learn about the Empire (and of course Anakin) -> Return of the Jedi. Unified presentation of the movies by using identical title sequences and opening crawl styles. Crawl episode numbers all updated to match desired viewing order. Added post credits scenes to flesh out the universe, using a mix of expanded universe material as well as movies that didn’t make the cut and fan projects. I think these scenes really help add a little extra and gives it that “cinematic universe” feeling. Note: None of my episode descriptions will give away any of the scenes used as post credits, however, the special thank you list might.

Episodes 1 and 2 are released and drafts are available for the other 3. I will add a clip from each movie as they are completed to give a feel for the editing style. I will only be using clips that are some of my original edits and not focus them on the wonderful edits I used as my source material. Change lists will not include the change lists from the source material.


Using Hal9000 Custom Special Edition as a source, there wasn’t too much to change about this movie. The only major difference is my attempt at integrating SC38 reimagined into the Death Star sequence.


  • updated title sequence and crawl
  • for around 2 minutes leading up to SC38 Reimagined fight, scale a color match effect from 0 to 50% to make the transition less jarring.
  • cut from Han running away to Storm Troopers claiming they may have split up
  • cut from C3P0 and R2D2 “where could they be” to Han Solo jumping through blast doors
  • cut from blast doors to Kenobi approaching Vader (attempted to change the color of the scene a tad)
  • cut Vader “Then I will show you the true nature of the force”. My intent wasn’t to get rid of the line, but instead to get rid of the Kenobi walking backwards shot where it looks like he is moonwalking. pros outweighed the cons.
  • cut from vader and kenobi light saber clash to re-ordered Luke and Leia on the bridge scene
  • trimmed Luke and Leia returning fire to the storm troopers on the floor above
  • cut from Luke and Leia to Kenobi and Vader in the hallway
  • cut wide shot of Kenobi force pushing Vader. Intent was to line up the force push sound effect with the hand gesture from Kenobi. The wide shot makes the sound effect seem like it doesn’t match the actions on screen.
  • shortened credits sequence
  • added post credits scene


SC38 Reintegrated


I used Rise of the Rebellion as my jumping off point. I really love Digmodification’s take here and it served as a fine jumping off point for my edit. The major change I wanted to make is that I feel the crawl should lead directly into the main present day scenario so I updated my crawl to lead into Bohdi attempting to deliver Galen’s message to Saw. After this scene, the original scene where Jyn witnesses her mother’s death and her father is taken from her is updated into a dream sequence. The intent here is to get that Star Wars pacing back. Open on the scenario that will kick us off, get lead characters to that scenario at a brisk pace. The other more sweeping change is a tone down on the AT-AT’s and removal of the phrase “master switch”. I didn’t want it to look like the Rebellion could easily handle so many AT-AT’s since I have this movie right before Empire Strikes back, and the master switch exposition really bugs me!


  • updated title sequence and crawl
  • post crawl pan down sequence is footage from The Force Awakens (The thread that connects TFA footage to RO footage is the shuttles and the shuttle pilot)
  • cut from shuttle passing the camera to ground footage from TFA (imagine it’s Jehda haha)
  • cut from ground footage to Saw’s footsteps into the Bohdi being interrogated scene
  • recolored Bohdi and Saw scene to look like night to better connect with TFA footage
  • cut from Bohdi being dragged away to black screen, fade into Jyn dream
  • many cuts and style edits to make Jyn witnessing mother’s death and father’s capture look like a dream
  • cut from dream to Jyn waking up in detainment
  • updated dream effect of Jyn’s second dream to look more like mine
  • reinstated “Are you kidding me? I’m blind!”
  • cut scene during Jehda death star blast where it looks like a ton of people are evacuating (reason: the next scene all the people are gone)
  • Cut line “his rifle was in the sniper configuration”
  • reinstated C3P0 and R2D2
  • cut any footage that implied more than 2 AT-AT’s
  • cut cockpit AT-AT view
  • cut any dialogue that referenced master switch
  • shortened credits sequence
  • added post credits scene


Opening Sequence



  • updated title sequence and crawl
  • small changes for tastes
  • shorted credits sequence
  • added post credits scene



  • Heavily inspired by Darth Awesome’s “The Empire Begins”
  • updated title sequence and crawl
  • super cut of prequel trilogy. focused on Anakin.
  • I actually think it is a fairly good take on the romance and keeps most of the conflict without feeling quite as bi-polar
  • Removed marriage and all mentions of marriage
  • Removed all references to midachlorians
  • shortened credits sequence
  • added post credits scene



  • updated title sequence and crawl
  • Start Luke on Degobah
  • Get rid of Boba Fett
  • Tone down Ewok ridiculousness in battle
  • shortened credits sequence
  • added post credits scene


  • Hal9000
  • DigModification
  • Darth Awesome
  • Jackpumpkinhead
  • Star Wars Theory
  • FXItInPost
  • Jaimie Costa