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George Lucas's Sequel Trilogy

NeverarGreat said:

This is so strange to me. Are aliens and clones not people to George? Besides, what about everyone Luke blew up with the Death Star? I guess as long as we don’t see their faces, their death doesn’t count. And what about the good dozen Rebels gunned down by Stormtroopers in the first scene, or Captain Antilles who had his neck crushed, or crispy Owen and Beru…

Like, I don’t want to say this flippantly, but this seems like an artist in willful denial of the content of his art.

My thoughts exactly. Especially Owen and Beru, that is some tough sh*t, especially for children. Not to mention the genocide on Alderaan, by the way. Or the X-Wing pilots you see blow up in the final battle.

To the topic: I remember having read a long, long time ago in a book (!) that Lucas wrote down ideas for 12 movies in the early '70s but stripped it to 9 and later 6. If that’s true, it would be interesting to see these original drafts. They surely weren’t inspired by the Iraq War.

Unpopular Opinion Thread

Servii said:

A New Hope has tighter writing than Empire Strikes Back.

I guess it does. Apart from the story, all the world-building and character introductions needed to be done, and it also has a story arc on its own.

The first act of RotJ is my favorite part of the movie.


TRoS is the most enjoyable of the sequel trilogy. TFA was the hardest to sit through.

Just the other way round for me.

I didn’t like Harrison Ford’s performance in TFA.

Me neither, it just seemed somewhat forced. Strangely, what annoyed me most was when he shot Chewbacca’s crossbow and was surprised about its power - as if he had never used it in the decades they’ve known each other!

Phil Lord and Chris Miller should have been allowed to finish Solo, and the movie should have been a comedy, though ideally, it should have been a Lando movie instead.

Sounds interesting, maybe it would have been better?

Killing off Han in RotJ would have been a mistake. If there was any time to kill him off, it should have been at the end of ESB during the freezing process.

Agreed. Maybe that’s why Harrison’s performance was somewhat off.

Kylo Ren’s mask should have remained destroyed and never been repaired or replaced. That was one of the parts of TLJ I actually liked.

He never should have taken it off in the first place! It totally destroyed the aura. Imagine Darth Vader had taken off his helmet in ANH after a few minutes!

Modern Star Wars is mostly bad, only occasionally having moments of greatness.

How is this an “unpopular opinion”? Isn’t that a consensus?

Lando is better than Han.

No, he isn’t. Sorry.

Mandalorians are overused, and are no longer cool.

In general, maybe. But THE Mandalorian is still cool, I think.

Revenge of the Sith has gone from underrated to overrated in the span of the past few years, and I don’t fully understand why.

How was it ever underrated? It is just poorly made and an awful movie. When I watched it in theaters back then, I was more laughing at the unintended comedy of the bad writing and acting.

Anyone else dislike Rogue One? I feel like the only person.

Knight of Kalee said:

Rogue One remains my favorite Disney SW film and the one I rewatch the most, but I agree it’s certainly overrated to some extent. Objectively it wouldn’t say it’s the absolute best of the modern films, much less the greatest thing to come out of the saga after the OT. Most of the characters are underdeveloped and the pacing of the first half is all over the place. The CGI resurrection/de-aging of actors remains divisive in hindsight.

However I’ve always welcomed the smaller details and nuances of each movie that make me like them as a whole. What I liked about RO is that it felt interconnected with the wider galaxy. Classical aliens appeared (they were almost nowhere to be seen in the sequels), relevant characters like Mon and Bail played small parts, it acknowledged the prequels, there were direct ties to Rebels, a character from Clone Wars jumped to live action, etc, yet at the same time the new additions, like the Death Troopers or U-Wings, for some reason felt more memorable to me compared with the sequels aesthetic. The grey-vs-grey morality was a welcome change of pace (I also liked TLJ’s approach in this). Most of the time the visuals are majestic. The space battle of Scarif is definitely the best in the Disney era. And it made me appreciate a whole lot more of the events in ANH in hindsight.

I guess I mostly agree with this statement. As others stated, being the best Disney SW film doesn’t say much, so in general, it might be an overrated movie. I also agree that regarding character development, it really doesn’t give you much. However, I had that SW feeling that the new episodes couldn’t give me, even thought they had members of the original cast in it.
As a result, I don’t love the movie, but I also don’t dislike it. It’s pretty well made and has enough highs to make up for the lows.