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Bootlegs Yay

oojason said:

Hi m_acrylic - a patient look around the site here and you’ll have found what you drove a long, long way to go buy - and possibly, somewhat likely, in better quality too…

There are also several quality covers for the Holiday Special (some even with correct spellings and a choice of artwork 😉) - along with host of many other Star Wars releases - in the Case Covers, Disc Labels, and Fan Art section of the site.

Unfortunately, its in worse quality, atleast in my opinion.

Info & Help: looking for... 35mm or 16mm Preservation for DiC Entertainment Shows?

This is a little thread I thought I’d make.

You see, when DiC created their animations, they’d shoot them on film. However, because they didn’t think to preserve their films, and wanted to keep only the finished tape masters, they’d often junk the reels. This means that only the tape copies remain.

However, a few DiC shows WERE duplicated onto film, possibly using both tape and film masters, for foreign broadcasters, as well as theater screenings of the shows.

DiC would shoot and edit shows on 35mm, sometimes even 16mm. However, to my knowledge, only one of these prints resurfaced, that being the pilot film to The Real Ghostbusters.

The reason I’m making this thread is because I’m looking to try and preserve any surviving prints of the shows, and to have a discussion on them.

Idea & Help Wanted: The cartoon 'Kidd Video' will never be on DVD or Blu Ray, who will save it?

JoeyCruel said:

If you don’t know what I talkin’ about here’s a short description:

The title sequence explained the plot; Kidd Video and his band of the same name were kidnapped by a villain named Master Blaster, and transported to Master Blaster’s home dimension, a cartoon world called The Flipside. The show was dominated by an MTV-esque, music video theme and each episode featured at least one action sequence set to a popular song.

The problem is the music rights.
They will never release the 27 episodes so who will save this great '80s time capsule?

PS: There’s a great website: but the last update on facebook is 2014…

I have a Spanish dub of the show saved, in very high quality with all the music videos and music cues intact.