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Ghostbusters (2016) [Re-edit] - Help Wanted

I know there are some other fan edits of this one out there, have you had a chance to check any of them out?

I’ve got at least one sat on my laptop atm and will prob give a watch soon, I think it’s certainly a film with unfulfilled potential.

In terms of editing yourself, how old is your desktop? I edit on a 12 year old laptop and although it can’t run the most up to date software, it can handle editing in full HD.

I’d recommend looking into how much it’d cost to upgrade the ram and pop in an SSD, you may find it’s quite affordable.

Nightbreed - The Alternative Cut (Released)

Anyone reading this may think I’m talking to myself, but it seems a few people have read this despite no one else commenting.

As part of the process of refining the edit, I’ve pieced together a production timeline that follows some of the changes from the second draft script to the theatrical edit that some may find interesting.

It’s pretty well known that Mark Frost ghost wrote a draft with Barker’s involvement, but I believe this was still under the name of ‘Cabal’.

I think when the name was changed to ‘Nightbreed’, Barker did his own ‘first draft’ dated September '88 and this was the version Epic used for the comic adaptation, evidenced by the inclusion of the zoo scenes that had been excised by the second draft.

(Edit: I think, following some info I’ve gleaned from Clive Barker Cast ep 149, the comic was adapted from Frost’s draft which was dated November '88. From what I can tell, this was a separate draft from Barker’s and things like the introductory zoo scene were exclusive to this draft)

The second draft script dated December '88 is available via the UK Arrow blu-ray (Edit: the version on the Arrow release, that I used as reference in the edit, is the pink draft) and was the version green-lit by the studio. It includes the opening with Boone welding, the musical number, Narcisse’s death and the ending with Ashbury killing Eigerman.

Just before filming began, there was a pink draft dated Feb '89 that made minor changes.

Filming then started March '89, during filming there were changes made and by the end of principle photography (possibly May '89) there was a yellow draft which I believe is the version that is published in ‘Nightbreed: The Making of the Film’. dates this version 25/8/89, but this date is also attributed to the green draft so I think that may be an error.

This draft swaps the opening garage scenes and original bedroom scene with the theatrical opening bedroom scene, adds the baptism, and Narcisse lives. I believe Shuna Sassi and Leroy Gomm are added in this draft. This draft still has Lori being contacted telepathically by Babette, Joyce surviving and Ashbury killing Eigerman.

I’ve seen in interviews the shooting of scenes from this draft being referred to as ‘re-shoots’ (which would explain the different Lori’s bedroom sets from the Cabal and Theatrical cut) but I believe the shooting of these scenes syncs with Ralph McQuarrie’s involvement at the end of principle photography.

Barker has described Nightbreed as a film where he very much developed ideas as they were filming, and as such I think many of the changes in the yellow draft came out of Clive’s own creativity as opposed to studio involvement.

In July '89 the studio delayed the release so additional work could be done and the final draft I’m aware of is the resulting green draft from Aug '89. I think this added all the additional Decker scenes shot in the US (I believe in Sept '89) and was very much a result of the studio wanting the film made more of a slasher and the central conflict to be between Boone and Decker.

I don’t know if much had been cut from the previous draft and I get the impression it was very much in the editing room that scenes like the musical number and Babette contacting Lori were cut.

If anyone has any additional info about the production I’d be very interested to hear it.

UPDATE 26/4/23: So, I’ve been digging through and Clive Barker Cast and I think I’ve got some clarity in regards to re-shoots / timelines. Essentially there were 2 sets of reshoots.

Principle photography was March '89 to May '89 and this shot what was set out in the pink draft. There was a rough cut tested and the studio asked for some changes to make the film clearer and Barker took the opportunity to add some more monsters (Shuna Sassy, Leroy and Lude).

The yellow and green drafts were done to incorporate this and Ralph McQuarie’s involvement, so them both being dated from August '89 may be correct. These re-shoots were shot over two and a half weeks from August '89 and another rough cut was done. I’m also 100% that the script in the making of book is the yellow draft.

The 2nd lot of re-shoots were done in LA in “late '89” and these were the additional Decker scenes (him killing the garage attendant, the hotel receptionist and his resurrection). The additional pages for these scenes aren’t attributed to a particular draft.

With all this in mind, I’m happy with the cut I’ve made. If I was a puritan I could cut everything from re-shoots, but I think Barker would scowl at the idea of cutting some of the Nightbreed from Nightbreed.

I’m hoping to grab a copy of ‘Clive Barker’s Dark Worlds’ at some point and will probably update this with any further information I glean from that.

Nightbreed - The Alternative Cut (Released)

Doesn’t seem like this has gotten much interest, but just in case someone is reading this I thought I’d seek some help in tracking down some footage.

I’m hoping to get hold of high quality BD rips of the US Shout Factory release of the theatrical cut (I believe it’s superior to the UK release I’ve used so far) and of the Seraphim Films release of the Cabal Cut. Naturally would be happy to share the end result with any contributors 😃

Update 30/6/22:
I’ve sourced a physical copy of the Shout Factory special edition, so now just praying one day I find someone with a copy of the Cabal Cut willing to let me rip it.

Update 12/7/23:
And now I have bought the Cabal Cut blu-ray

Seeking help finding Magic Bullet LUT Buddy for Premiere Pro

Hi everyone, been lurking on the forums for a while but haven’t posted much. I was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of how to find a copy of Magic Bullet LUT Buddy for Premiere Pro CS5? (actually using CS6 but I believe CS5 is the version I’d need)

I can see Red Giant have been taken over and no longer offer it for free, I’ve done a quick Google search but none of the results seem particularly trust worthy. Any help will be much appreciated.

EDIT: I’ve found a working copy and unfortunately can’t see how to delete a topic, any helps in that regards will be appreciated 😃

Nightbreed - The Alternative Cut (Released)

This edit is now listed on the Fanedit Network

This is a film that I’ve always had a special affinity for. I discovered it via TV, at the age of 15, around 2000. As an awkward young kid discovering heavy metal, the goth scene and other things that got me labelled as an ‘outsider’, even in it’s compromised theatrical form, the film’s romanticised refuge for those who don’t fit in was immediately appealing.

Like many I read the book and read interviews with Clive Barker where he discussed his desire to restore his original vision, and when the Cabal Cut was touring I drove halfway across Wales to see this glimpse into what may have been.

When the Director’s Cut was released I, like many, saw a greatly improved edit (although rushed in it’s creation) that didn’t seem to quite deliver on the promise of the Cabal Cut.

Naturally, when the ‘Ultimate Cabal Cut’ appeared I quickly found a copy, and although it’s ‘everything and the kitchen sink’ approach makes it more of an assembly than a functional edit, the potential for what I had been waiting 20+ years for became apparent.

I’d toyed with the idea of fan edits for 10+ years and through my degree I’ve got some intermediate editing skills, but it wasn’t until now I really found a project that compelled me.

Armed with the 2nd draft shooting script, an undated later revision* (seemingly before the major re-shoots were scripted), the Epic Comics adaptation, the Cabal novel and a copy of Premiere Pro CS6, I’ve put together an edit running at about 1 hr 57 min, part restoration and part fan-edit, that I feel represents where the film was headed before the studio interfered too much. Lori is a far more prominent and driving force in the narrative, as in the original script, whereas Boone is less a saviour and more every-man stuck in circumstance.

I’ve drawn from the theatrical cut (TC), directors cut (DC), cut scenes from the DC blu ray (CS) and Ultimate Cabal cut (UCC), only added back in scenes where I feel I’ve been able to do so without it being too jarring and I’ve not used any VHS video footage. I’ve removed scenes from the re-shoots to remain faithful to the early scripts. Due to footage quality I’ve defaulted to DC where possible, then using TC footage and finally heavily compressed UCC footage. I’ve not extended scenes without reason and I’ve not sought to include everything possible. In terms of source footage, it’s roughly 1 hour 42 min of the DC, 11 min from the UCC and CS and 4 min from the TC.

Below is a list of the the most prominent changes (updated 12/8/23):

• After the titles and the dream sequence, shot on Boone’s eyes opening quickly cut to black before cutting to garage scene - scene in bed with Lori cut.
• Lori returning home and calling Boone’s voice mail is now after the Rickman’s murders.
Scene with Detective Joyce at crime scene restored.
• Initial meeting between Boone and Decker extended, Boone now breaks down.
• Additional optical effect and audio added to the Boone’s hallucinations.
• Lori’s musical number is edited down for pacing, footage of her fighting through crowd to get to Boone restored.
• Examination by doctor is extended.
• Lori’s interorgation is extended.
• Decker’s ‘evil lair’ is removed.
• Lori’s ‘vision’ of Boone from DC is edited down to a brief transition shot of her packing a suitcase.
• After Lori meets Sheryl-Ann, ‘baptism’ scene is removed.
• Scene added of Lori in bed of motel and ‘vision’ of Boone at window is added from earlier cut scene.
• Scene of Lori finding Babette is re-edited so closer to the original script.
• Discussion between Decker and Lori when he reveals himself slightly extended
• Boone’s argument with Lylesberg and following fistfight are removed.
• Lori’s exploration of Midian reordered as per script and slightly extended.
• Decker’s phone call and murder of attendant removed.
• After Boone and Lori escape from Midian, Decker’s murder of hotel receptionist removed.
• Scene of Babette contacting Lori telepathically restored. This cuts with the exploration of Midian by the police.
• Ohnaka’s death (sorry Simon Bamford, he still dies) and aftermath extended.
• As Rachel and Narcisse drive away from Midian, DC cuts very jarringly. Narcisse’s line “Why do we have to get him back?” restored from TC.
• Shot of Eigerman recruiting locals in Sheriffs’ office restored.
• Scene of Eigerman, Ashbury and Decker talking in car restored to full TC version (no idea why DC cut this down).
• Lori and Boone’s talk in the prison cell is extended.
• Scene restored of Joyce and Pettine talking outside Midian gates.
• Scene added of Ashbury exploring Midian and discovering a resident as explosives being laid.
• Joyce survives Decker’s attack.
• Final battle is reordered to try and better match shooting script.
• Boones’ “brothers and sisters” line is replaced with Boone telling Lylesberg to release the Berserkers.
• Lylesberg is hit by debris, slowing his journey to do so.
• Scene with Boone giving Lylesberg a pep talk in tabernacle removed as result.
• Rachel rescuing Babette removed, she’s now picked up by wolf-man as Midian’s evacuated.
• As Berserkers are released by Boone, alternative shot used where Berserkers choose not to attack Boone (no jumping out their way and no “go get them boys”)
• Joyce now rescues Babette, meets with Boone and eventually returns her to Rachel.

There’s lots of smaller edits such as the odd line from Decker removed at the beginning to make it less obvious he’s button face and colour corrections to have scenes from different versions match.

Still rough in places, but it’s my preferred version. I appreciate when making the Director’s Cut they chose to retain stuff from reshoots and not restore some scenes and I’m not looking to replace that cut, I see this as more an alternative to the theatrical version.

I was tempted to cut down Leroy and Lude’s presence in the final fight as it seemed contrary to the spirit of the second draft, but they were added in before the studio’s interference, as far as I’m aware, so decided to keep them in.

There are some shots from the UCC I’ll replace with better quality footage from the Tribes of the Moon doc soon, but other than that the only major changes I’d make would be if I got hold of the Cabal Cut blu ray. Some of my colour correction could also probably be improved, but I think I’ve taken it to the limits of my current skills.

UPDATE 20/6/22:
So 1 edit has turned into more!

My initial ‘alternative cut’ is still my primary edit and I feel represents the film that could have been released in 1990 had the studio not interfered. The only significant change I’ve made was removing the Decker resurrection scene from the post credits, seemed silly to cut so much of Decker and leave it in, even as a post credit scene.

It’s 2 main flaws are IMO that the quality of some extended scenes (even with heavy colour correction) is variable and some of the re-shoot scenes I’ve cut are quite good.

So I made my ‘extended cut’!

Only scenes cut from the DC are those that contradict added scenes (so essentially Rachel’s rescue of Babette) and Decker’s resurrection is now added as a mid credit scene.

And then (you can tell I’ve been off work with Covid!) I ‘remastered’ the theatrical cut!

I believe the US the special edition release came with a remastered version of the TC, but the UK Arrow release seems to be a warts and all unaltered scan. There’s a lot of variable colour quality and it’s generally quite washed out. So where possible I replaced scenes with their DC counters and elsewhere I colour graded the TC. The amount of colour grading varied from minimal gamma adjustments to quite heavy handed RBG curves, colour wheels, white balancing and / or B&W level adjustments. Doing this also made me go back and improve some of the grading I did in my other cuts. This is in the slightly narrower aspect ratio of the UK Nightbreed release, whilst my others are full 16.9 the same as the US release

It was actually very eye opening to do this ‘remaster’ as it meant I was comparing the DC and TC far closer than I had before. I remember Clive Barker saying the DC had a total of 40 min alternate footage and I could never figure out where it was, but a lot of it is very brief shots where they use alternate takes. Interestingly you can also see where the DC uses the original camera negative (mostly in the early scenes) as opposed to a theatrical scan (quite possibly the same one Arrow released).

So, after all this I am done editing Nightbreed! Probably… (I can hear in my head my other half saying “Yeah, right! I’ve heard that before!”)

If I get my hands on any alternate sources I’ll dive down the rabbit hole again, and I’m sure at some point I’ll watch it back and spot something I want to tighten up, but after a year playing with this I’m taking a leave of absence from the Tribes of the Moon for a short while.

Update 30/6/22:

I spoke too soon! I’ve found a copy of the US special edition release on-line for a surprisingly reasonable price, so I’ll be swapping out the source of the TC footage.

Update 5/11/22:

I’ve got hold of a copy of the Nightbreed OST and I revisited the cut as I felt this gave me opportunities to integrate some scenes that otherwise wouldn’t have worked. I’ve only added a couple of minutes but there’s now: an extended monologue from Decker giving Boone’s history to Joyce and the doctor; a shot of Lori in her room where the ‘baptism scene’ was; an extended discussion between Lylesburg and Boone after he’s rescued Lori; and a scene of Ashbury finding Ohnaka’s remains and the entrance to the necropolis before he tells Eigerman it’s holy ground.

I’ve gone through and tweaked some colour work, adding grain to UCC shots to soften some of the compression artefacts. I’ve also updated my editing software to Premiere Pro CC 2015 (editing on very old laptop, doubt it would handle the most recent editions) giving access to some different colour tools.

*I’ve also got hold of the ‘Making of the Film’ book and found the undated script I’ve been referencing is from here. May try to find out more about where in the film’s timeline this belongs.

The only thing left for me to do now is pray to Baphomet that someone with the Cabal Cut blu-ray takes an interest and is willing to share a rip of that version…

Update 15/11/22:

I’m ill (potentially with Covid again!), so have been doing more work on the cut. I’ve re-watched some of the extras on the blu-ray and this has inspired some more opportunities to bring the cut closer to the early scripts. I’ve also been able to get some additional footage from the featurettes to either replace UCC footage or add scenes.

In the directors cut there’s a new scene between Boone being cast out by Lylesburg and Lori waking in the crypt that appears to try to show Boone arriving at Baphomet’s chamber. In the script Boone finds the mural that shows the history of the Breed and also prophecies such as Boone being made. I’ve edited together a scene so here it’s closer to the script.

I’ve also slightly extended Lori’s exploration of the Necropolis.

I’ve also been able to date the script from the ‘making of’ script as being after principle photography ended (as it features characters that were only filmed during re-shoots) but before the re-shoots commenced (as it doesn’t include the extra Decker scenes). I’ve been pretty strict on excising scenes from the re-shoots and it seems my intuition regarding scenes with Leroy and Lude were right as I’ve discovered they were 2 of the characters added in re-shoots.

However, I’ve decided not to exercise any further scenes as: a) it seems the script at this stage was still majority of Barker’s ‘vision’ rather than studio mandated; b) it would shorten the film too much; and c) it seems some elements from the 2nd draft script, such as the Breed running through the graveyard, weren’t actually filmed in principle photography. It also appears Shuna Sassi was only filmed in re-shoots, and removing her from the film I think would be to it’s detriment.

Ultimately, most films have pick-up or enhancement shoots and I think my edit is still a good attempt at anticipating how the film may have come out had the studio trusted the film-makers.

Update 12/3/23:

For an edit I ‘completed’ over a year ago I keep coming back to this. I’ve updated my copy of Premiere Pro up to CC 2017 and have re-graded from scratch 99% of what I’d done before. I’d finally taught myself how to use colour scopes and where I’d previously done all the grading by sight, this has made a huge improvement.

Update 27/5/23:

I’ve discovered some AI tools that separate vocals from music and have used this on a couple of scenes. Most importantly Boone’s “I’ll never leave you” line that’s so important in the book and script is restored (if not mumbled a bit).

It’s also allowed me to re-edit the scene of Lori discovering Babette for the first time so it’s more reflective of the script.

Update 18/7/23:

Recently I’ve felt my edit had reached it’s full potential and I put a copy out there for the fan edit world to see… So typically, I’ve just won a copy of the Cabal Cut bluray off eBay.

My expectation was that I’d be able to swap out footage from the UCC for higher quality shots, but due to how some scenes are edited I’ve also added some material bringing the run time up to 2 hours with credits.

In this pass I’ve:

  • extended the first scene between Boone and Decker, Boone now breaks down.
  • reintroduced Ashbury’s “you’re an abomination” scene. I’ve been flipping and flopping whether to include it, but it’s in the early drafts and shows how unhinged he can be.
  • slightly extended Narcisse’s and Rachel’s arrival at the police station.

I toyed with adding some other scenes in the final act, such as Peloquin’s “I just wanted meat” scene and Ashbury finding more 'Breed but I found, even after editing them down, it just killed the pacing in that act.

With each pass I’ve got closer to a cut that IMO is the best, highest quality representation of the early scripts. This project has far exceeded my hopes and expectations in what I’ve been able to achieve and I hope if Barker were ever to see it he’d think it was a respectful reflection of his original concept.

I think (hope?) I’m done now. I’ll get Fanedit Network updated in the next week or so but knowing me, once I get hold of the 2 disk reissue of the score I’ll tinker some more.

As an aside, I don’t intend to incorporate the 4K release as I use the TC minimally as a source, the version I currently use is high quality and also mastered to the same standard as the Director’s cut.