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Help: looking for... Obi-wan's message in Rebels - raw without the music and sound effect?

I’ve been looking for this awhile now for one of my edits. I finally got to looking at the actual 5.1 central channel and while the music is almost gone, the problem is there is random sound effects like chopper slapping around and Hera pushing buttons. Does anyone know of a good version in circulation without it, like maybe from the files of Fallen Order?

Would it be worth emailing Lucasfilm and asking for it since its such a short clip? Or heck even James Arnold Taylor himself and asking him to rerecord it (he’s been super helpful with fan projects in the past)?

Any ideas or leads below would be super helpful. Thanks in advance.

Return of the Jedi - A Minimalist Edit (Released)

This edit gets rid of most, but not all Special Edition changes.

Background: my definitive editions of the original trilogy are Adywan’s versions of ANH and ESB, however, it looks like its going to be a long time until he finishes his ROTJ edit. So originally this was meant to be a placeholder for that. I always liked the approach that not all of the special edition changes are bad.

Basically I prefer neither the theatrical release nor the special edition releases, so this edit is a happy medium.

4K83 1.6 (an unaltered 4K scan of an original ROTJ film reel)
2020 Blu ray


  • 98% of this edit just unaltered 4K83, so the unchanged original film.
  • Vader’s improved eyebrow removal from 2020 blu-ray.
  • Yub Nub removed, replaced with Ending Celebration sequence with Hayden Christensen also from 2019 blu-ray.

That’s it.

In the future I may reincorporate the SE sarlacc pit and possibly Oola’s scenes, but I’m kinda indifferent about them.

I’m actually done with the edit, so if you’re interested in it lmk and I’ll try and figure out the best way to share.

Edit Nov 2023:

Adding this edit since I am still getting messages about this. After I watched the final product I was quite dissatisfied as lots of rotoscoping issues from the original release bothered me. I am now of the opinion you should either just watch the special edition or 4K83. All or nothing. I deleted the edit a long time ago.