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Harry Potter Extended Editions (Released)

JJPotter said:

Yes they did, but what is the point of fighting it anymore. People are going to do whatever they want when you put something on the internet. That’s what I’ve had others tell me, that I shouldn’t be so concerned about what happened in the past.

Definitely JJ, there will always be people stealing your work without any care. But remember there will always be a community that supports your creations, so get ahead with what makes you happy. Just bear in mind these kind of things do happen, unfortunately.

Harry Potter Extended Editions (Released)

Hi JJ, just wanted you to know I’m glad you’re back. As for the intros, they’re simply astonishing, but I’d separate the Harry Potter world from Fantastic Beasts, which I feel as a separate story. Anyway, they look long way better than the older versions, and I feel they’re the most suitable to hype the v2.0 release.
Still, don’t feel forced to please the community, just do it your way.
Can’t wait to see more…

Harry Potter Extended Editions (Released)

Man I’m sincerery grateful for what you have been doing in these years.
I really appreciate your fanedits even if I didn’t have the chance to see all of them…
I don’t comment very often, so you can regard me as one of those who registered to the forum only to take your links, and this is true in some ways, but believe me I’m really heartbroken for what has happened to you.
Stay strong my friend, I know brighter days will come!
Don’t let this dumba** ruin the work you did.
Feel free to text me in private topic for anything, I promise I’ll reply asap.
Hope you haven’t decided to give up, 'cause I know we’ll find a way out.
Love the edits and the community. We’re a team, and we can’t let a single user destroy what we built together.
Take the time you need, and come back stronger!!
Looking forward to any updates…