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The Godfather Saga - HD Restoration (Released)

okay I just read through this thread and have to say that digitalfreaknyc quality of the uncut HBO 1080 capture of the Godfather as a 2x BD25 release looks amazing and would be enough for me.
I can’t stand arguing about screenshots or micro details which you can’t even see if you watch it on your TV in real motion. Some people think just a bit too weird.
digitalfreaknyc’s old AMC censored version looked great and the uncensored HBO one looks also great. I totally support the digitalfreaknyc release.

Info: Jaws - PCM mono track


I just read this thread and found it very interesting as a big “Jaws” fan. I don’t know if I understood everything right therefore I try to summarize it a bit.

So the '91 and '87 MCA Laserdiscs have the overall most clear dialogues but have rescored Music.
The 1995 Signatur Laserdisc is the version which is closest to the original Version which ran in cinemas in 1975 but isn’t as clear in the dialogues as the 91/87 LD’s ?

And the '95 LD is the same source which was used for the DTS Monotrack on the latest Blu-Ray which was also used as a compressed version on the 2005 DVD ?
Or was the '91 and '87 MCA track used for those with only one song restored and the other "homeversion/licence problems"changes stayed ?

Was that correct ?

Info: General Terminator 1 & 2 Discussions.

I just got myself the lossless pcm transfer of the old Terminator LD and want to create 2 ultimate versions for myself

1. The complete Monotrack with just the two bugs fixed
(switched rifle/shotgun effects during police shootout and missing shotgun effect Terminator/Reese/Sarah police car chase)
2. The new 5.1 mix with the old gun shot effects (including the above mentioned correction)

I have some questions before I start
Are there any other wrong or missing effects in the original Monotrack ?
How can I manage to fix those effects especially in the police shoot out?

As far as I read not all of the gun effects were changed in the new 5.1 mix.
I created a list with all changed gun effects I know of:

- 1st Sarah Connor kill
- Ginger kill
- Terminator Plasma rifle

Did I miss anything in that list?

All help would be appreciated. Thanks best regards