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Army of Darkness - The Primitive Screwhead Edition (Released)

RidgeShark said:

Thank you very much, Rikter.

Progress is still being made on this project. The audio mix is almost done and the SciFi sequences look as good as I can make them. In the next few days I’ll be working on cleaning up the rest of the dirt in the deleted “Ash recruits Henry the Red” sequence. I’ve already spent plenty of hours removing the dirt and markings on this sequence, and in the end it will look as good as it possibly can.

Periodic reminder for those that don’t read the entire thread:

Please DO NOT ask for links in this post. I have indicated multiple times that you need to send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE to get links. If anyone posts in this thread for links, I will ignore them.

Harry Potter Extended Editions (Released)

JJPotter said:

From the original post:

PMs can be sent [URL=]FMovies[/URL] [URL=]YesMovies[/URL] [URL=]SolarMovie[/URL] to me to receive download information. You MUST own a legal version of the original movies before downloading. I do not support illegal downloading or viewing of these movies.

I was hoping someone would do this too! Except I didn’t know about these television additions and it looks like you’ve done a fantastic job. I have been aggravated forever about the line change (“I’m the guy with the gun”) and the inferior ending on the Director’s Cut (in character it may be, fun it is not). Also aggravating is the terrible picture quality on the Anchor Bay releases, which they persistently refuse to fix on every umpteenth edition of the movie.

Oh man. You are my new favorite person.