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For TRoS Edits: Dialogue for the Knights of Ren! Come help!

Wow, it’s so crazy how well some of the lines work. Personally my preferences are:

  1. “Solo’s wookie” “I get his teeth”
  2. “Luke’s scavenger girl. She’s close. Spread out.”
  3. “Still chasing the girl, Ben?” “To think we followed you. Traitorous scum.”
  4. “Ready to join your father?”
  5. “What! How!?” (or nothing)
Custom Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Crawls

Hi all. In anticipation of Rise Of Skywalker, I decided to finish my sequel trilogy edits which I have been working on for quite some time. However, I’m not a big fan of the lack of world building present in the sequels and was hoping to get a bit more in the trilogy through the crawls. So I rewrote the crawls for TFA and TLJ, but haven’t been able to actually produce a crawl (using after effects) that is of the same quality as the movies, which is where I want the quality to be as I want my edits to be completely seamless and unnoticeable as replacements for the theatricals. I was hoping someone who has experience with this could assist me in some way. I’m happy to send my cutlist, my edits, and my rewritten crawls if requested. Thanks.

The Force Awakens: Recolouring Jakku

Had an idea to recolour Jakku to a redish pink to make it stand out visually, and make it less of a Tatooine 2.0. I’ve done a few shots but have found other shots to be quite challenging, particularly ones with Rey due to the colour of her costume being so similar to the landscape. Thought I’d throw this idea out there incase someone more experienced in colour correction wanted to take a stab at it.