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The Force Awakens: Recolouring Jakku

Had an idea to recolour Jakku to a redish pink to make it stand out visually, and make it less of a Tatooine 2.0. I’ve done a few shots but have found other shots to be quite challenging, particularly ones with Rey due to the colour of her costume being so similar to the landscape. Thought I’d throw this idea out there incase someone more experienced in colour correction wanted to take a stab at it.

Star Wars Episode VII: The New Order (The Force Awakens Edit)

So I started a Force Awakens edit a long, long time ago and have been refining and adding to it since without ever intending to share it. However, I’m very pleased with how it turned out and think others may also appreciate it so here it is. Like many, a big problem I had with TFA was that the plot points were very similar (at least in broad strokes) to a New Hope which was obviously intentional but also understandable (very much a make it or break it situation, so “playing it safe” was probably a good call). However I also wasn’t the biggest fan of much of the humor (felt kinda marvelish to me, tension diffusing in a moment where you want to feel tension) as his characterization felt quite inconsistent to me as he has far too much personality (IMO) for a child soldier who’s been conditioned and brainwashed since he was a small child to not have an identity (FN-2187), let alone a personality. To try to realign Finn’s character with what I think is more fitting I’ve toned him way down and cut out many of his jokes that were clearly just going for the laugh (“you got a boyfriend?”). Additionally, I’ve also cut a lot of conversations to conserve the Ben Solo reveal until the bridge scene as I think that’s a far more effective reveal than Snoke just saying it kinda nonchalantly (I assume that JJ wanted to avoid a drawn out reveal that the audience easily figures out, ala Palpatine, but I still think this works better as it could also be Luke’s son for all we know upon first viewing). Then after watching Digimodifications “Heir to the Force” (great edit) I decided to add his Kylo face reveal that doesn’t occur until the bridge which is something I also thought would’ve been better but didn’t have ideas on how it could actually be done. To do this I added his interrogation scene to my edit and a couple shots for the Snoke, Kylo, Hux scene. I also used HAL’s Starkiller restructure which I think works amazingly well and is a genius edit on his part, as it does a lot to alleviate A New Hope similarities by changing up the structure significantly and is an edit that I think should be a part of all TFA edits. Anyway, here’s the full cutlist (might’ve forgotten a couple edits but you get the jist), message me if you wanna check it out.

Cut List
-Trimmed conversation between Kylo Ren and Lor San Tekka to preserve the mystery of Kylo’s identity
-Cut Poe’s jokes to Kylo (I like the jokes but think they ultimately take away from the scene)
-Cut Poe and Finn’s conversation after Finn says “Because it’s the right thing to do”
-Removed Finn’s line about shooting a Tie Fighter’s guns being complicated (seems more competent)
-Removed Finn firing on and killing Stormtroopers and the traffic control room
-Cut Kylo Ren saying “FN-2187” (stretching believablity a little bit there)
-Removed Finn’s jokey “I am with the resistance”
-Cut Finn’s “this is what we look like, some of us…”
-Cut Rey’s “No” when responding to Finn’s “You ever fly this thing?”
-Removed the Falcon taking a nose dive into the sand upon take off
-Cut Rey’s line “I’m going low”
-Cut Finn not being able to use the gun
-Cut Finn’s line “I’m working on it”
-Move Finn’s “I can do this” to after Rey tells him to fire back to make it seem like reluctance to shoot
-Cut Finn’s “I’m getting pretty good at this”. Now it looks like he’s a bit shocked at having just killed his first stormtrooper
-Cut Finn’s “Ok” before asking Rey “ready for what?”
-Cut Finn’s “wooooo”
-(Digimod’s) Add in the Falcon jumping to hyperspace from Jakku (and then falling from hyperspace later)
-(Digimod’s) Add in the Falcon jumping to hyperspace from Jakku and then falling from hyperspace
-Cut Finn and Rey’s cringey celebration after they escape the First Order (unfortunately the edit is quite noticeable as BB switches positions in the room but imo the edit is worth it)
-Cut Finn’s line “you got a boyfriend?”
-It’s now implied Finn speaks droid
-Cut scene of Finn childishly pushing down on Rey’s head
-Cut down the Rathtar scene
-(HAL’s) Removed General Hux from the first scene with Snoke, where he suggests using the weapon to destroy the Republic.
-Cut mention of Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon from Snoke’s dialogue and trimmed Kylo’s dialogue to make his lineage less obvious
-Cut the Falcon’s failed jump to hyperspace from inside the hangar. Han just goes “come on baby, don’t let me down”, presses the button and then boom.
-(HAL’s) Replaced the Hosnian system being destroyed in the sky with a Star Destroyer arriving at Maz’s castle.
-(Digimod’s) Re-helmeted Kylo and edited audio to simulate Kylo’s helmeted voice in the Rey interrogation scene.
-(Digimod’s) Re-helmeted Kylo and edited audio to simulate Kylo’s helmeted voice in the Snoke and Hux scene
-Added the portion of the Snoke scene from earlier where General Hux suggests using the weapon to destroy the Republic.
-(HAL’s) Add deleted scene of Leia sending an emissary to the Republic for aid (used HAL’s as I couldn’t find his high quality source)
-(Digimod’s) Edited Han to say “I know everytime you think about Luke you’re reminded of him”
-Cut Leia’s lines about their son’s training, Snoke, and Han being able to help because he’s Ben’s father.
-Cut Rey’s escape attempt scene after her final mindtrick attempt. Scene now ends after the force sound, and then the Bond trooper straightens up. Cut to Kylo on his way to collect Rey for Snoke.
-Moved General Hux’s speech to after Kylo’s freakout in Rey’s cell
-Reversed shot of Starkiller firing so it appears that the Sun is being drained
-During the briefing scene at the Resistance base, removed Leia identifying their base as the Starkiller’s next target
-Removed Threepio lamenting the prior loss of the Republic fleet
-Removed mention that the First Order is charging the weapon “again.”
-Removed Han’s “so it’s big” line
-Removed Han’s “there’s always a way to do that” line after asking how to blow it up. Removed Leia’s “Han’s right” line
-Removed Leia’s lines about bringing their son home; inserted shot of Han’s face when she would have been talking
-Cut Finn’s “you remember me” lines and scene with Phasma
-Reinserted the Kylo visits the Falcon deleted scene
-Removed Finn misunderstanding Han’s nod
-Removed C3P0’s line, “It would take a miracle to save us now.”
-Move Resistance lady saying “the weapon will fire in two minutes.”
-(HAL’s) Immediately after Kylo Ren kills Han, the Starkiller fires and destroys the Hosnian system, as Leia senses it through the Force.
-Edited Rey and Kylo’s duel so that it seems more evenly matched until the end where Rey just manages to get the upper hand (never liked how badly she schooled him in the theatrical, and yes, I get that he was wounded from getting shot by Chewie, but still)
-Removed shots where the fighter pilots appear way too happy considering (in the context of the edit) they failed pretty bad.
-Cut scenes of Rey arriving on Ach-To to find Luke

NOTE: To HAL9000 and Digimodification, I used a few of your guys edits in mine which I hope is ok as I don’t mean to disrespect or steal your hardwork, but just really admire what you accomplished and feel it greatly improves the film. I’m not really sure what proper etiquette is for this kind of thing but if this is a problem please feel free to PM me.

2ND NOTE: I’m not great with titles so if anyone has ideas, I’m open to suggestions.

UPDATE: May remove custom crawl as it’s a bit jargony at the moment. Still not sure though