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The Matrix 35mm (Released)

SpacemanDoug said:

one interesting thing I noticed was the green was dialed back on the remastered 1080p disk, unfortunately has a poor encode

Interestingly they also dialed back the green from the sequels that originally had it. I can’t fully remember, but I think those ones were green in theater as well. It was nice seeing them without it.

Just curious, what makes you say the remaster is a poor encode? I also think it could be better but I was wondering what gives it away in the photos?

Regarding my original post, I realized my phone is HDR and I could do a proper comparison.

If you compare the freezeframe at 1:20 in this video (with an HDR screen) to the photo album, there’s much less blue in the HDR.

I think the dark details come off as more bluey for some reason. This makes me wonder about the accuracy of other HDR media being encoded for non-HDR screens. I might try to encode the original disc and play around with the tone mapping to see if I can get a more accurate SDR of this remaster.

The Matrix 35mm (Released)

First of all, I would like to thank the uploaders and the individuals responsible for this scan. This is one of my favourite movies and it’s great to be able to see what it was like in theaters.

3984753 said:

I’d also be interested in seeing a comparison of these 35mm scans with the 2018 4K release

That is a comparison of some shots from 35mm, HDTV, 4K and Blu-Ray. As far as I know, these are all the official gradings of the film. Another grading by KK650 was recently published but it was done on the green filtered Blu-Ray and is still different from the rest.

Sidenote: Anyone who saw this film first on home release should check out the HDTV. It may be inaccurate, but it was a real trip for me seeing it how I first watched it.


The 4K is really a great copy, and probably the best version to watch now. However, some may be sensitive enough to its flaws to ruin the experience. It still colors the scenes artifically which is not present in the 35mm scan (if you look for greens, they are often an artificial enhanced green). Also, the blues are dialed up quite a bit in the 4K all around (see the light in the lobby elevator). Lighting and color enhancements like this still make for a different watching experience than the original (based on the 35mm scan).

Another problem with the 4K release is inconsistent grading between different shots (Ex. MS to CU).

In this example, Neo’s face has a warmer color tone in the CU and a cooler tone in the MS. It happens often, and in some scenes the background will change color tone. This is an extremely disapointing flaw and I have no idea how something so obvious could go unchecked. Some other scenes have blue on character’s faces that is artificial, and because it’s introducing a color and not enhancing it the result looks almost colored in:

There is one CU of Neo between these shots so some might not notice, but the difference is distracting to me and takes me out of the scene.

Overall the 4K has much more vibrancy than the original had and very specific color enhancements all over the place, some more noticeable than others. These negative aspects also appear in the rest of the films.


Unfortunately the 35mm scan is a little too low of quality IMO and it’s somewhat misleading to give the impression that this is what was seen in a theater. When you project through these slides the image on your theater screen will be much different from this video file. Some scenes (like morpheus in Neo’s room, second link) are so extreme color wise that I can’t believe it was the original intention. I will say it’s a nice reference to gauge overall color balance and exposure of the original showing. We really wouldn’t be able to tell how modified the 4K really was without it.

Since the 4K seems to be the closest to the original, maybe it could serve as a reference to grade this 35mm scan. I think the 4K is a little too specific with its modifications to regrade properly, but who knows.

PS I’m not playing the 4K remaster on an HDR screen, so if someone notices their experience is different to what I’ve described please let me know.

Help: looking for... getting the 1080p versions of <strong>4K77</strong> &amp; <strong>4K83</strong> - please

J0E said:

heavyR said:

Michael Ward said:

How do you get an “Invitation code” to register in the forums with?

I have similarly been looking for one in order to grab the DNR/Non-DNR versions of 4k77 and 4k83 in 1080p specifically. This is my first post, so sorry if I’m jumping the gun here.

Also, not a related question, but I’m curious if anyone can confirm the following two questions?

  • Are there DNR/Non-DNR versions of 4k83?
  • From what I can tell, 4k80 is still in process. If I’m wrong and a version exists, someone please let me know.

There are DNR and non-DNR versions of 4k83.
And 4k80 is still in process. It’s been about a year or two and they’re almost 50% complete with the movie. A generous release estimate would be another year.

As far as getting an “Invitation code” to register to forums, I have no idea what your talking about. I used alternate methods to get my copy of you catch my drift. So I can’t be any help there, sorry.

I almost forgot, as far as 4k83 goes (and I assume 4k77? I don’t remember) version numbers don’t really matter. All the version numbers mean is what level of DNR the film has, not a particular iteration of the project like the version numbers between the Despecialized Edition.

Version 1.2.0 is heavy DNR 1080p
Version 1.2.2 is heavy DNR 4k
Version 1.3 is light DNR but there’s two versions. One in 4k and one in 1080p.
Version 1.1 is medium DNR. One 4k and one 1080p. So two versions of that as well.
I believe version 1.0 is no DNR and one is 1080p the other 4k.

There’s other versions floating around too of various individuals color corrections and levels of degraining but these are the main ones. I don’t remember offhand which versions of 4k77 are what. I’ll be back with an update but for now it’s sleepy time.

TL;DR: Finding the version you actually want is a confusing mess. May the Force be with you.

I believe there may be some difference with color grading as well. I know sanjuro had a version and there may even be another grade as well.