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Titanic - Open Matte & Widescreen Hybrid (a WIP)

Hey guys, i found out, that there is an Imax Version of the Movie “Titanic” and i wanted to make a hybrit like the Blu-Rays of The dark knight, Interstellar or Tron Legacy of it(some scenes are looking better in Widescreen and some are looking better in Open Matte). Here is the Problem; i don´t have the Imax Version of the film. I would be very happy, if somebody would send me a Mega Link of the Imax Version.
Greetings from Germany

(Sorry for my horrible english)

Alien - Extended Cut (finished!) (and looking for HD version to improve the quality)

Ich habe alle Scenen aus dem Directors Cut eingefügt( wie zum Beispiel die Eier Scene) Aber bei den Scenen, die in dem Directors Cut gekürzt wurden, habe ich die Kinofassung verwendet. Also nur kombiniert.
Für Alien 3 habe ich auch noch so einen Hybrit-Cut erstellt, der nur noch mit meinem Drecks 2009 Laptop 10 Stunden gerendert werden muss.
Aber vielen Dank noch mal für die Links 😃

Alien - Extended Cut (finished!) (and looking for HD version to improve the quality)

Hey guys,
i have been a big Alien Fan since a few month, but it always sucked for me, that the Directors Cut cuts some of the long takes. So i decided to combine both version to a longer extended Edition with the long shots and the interesting “Extendet Scenes” from the DC. The only scene i didn´t include from the directors cut, was the shot of the Alien before Bratt dies, because it looked a bit silly for me ( But that´s just my own opinion).

If you are interested, DM me please.


I just have the edit in very bad DVD quality, it would be very nice, if anybody could send me the HD versions of both cuts.

Sorry my english is very bad, i am from germany ;-D