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Star Wars: The Last Skywalker Awakens - The sequel trilogy 3-in-1 edit (RELEASED)

Hello again,

I thought about your craft after watching the Snyder Cut of Justice League a while ago.
Loved that one too.

I just finished v3.0 I got around the 15/05/2021.
You put the star wars goof back in it I see 😄

I really enjoyed it.
Version 2.0 is still the purest Rey focused journey I would show my brother who gave up after watching Episode VII in French at the theatre.
If you do a sub’ file, I’d try to cut it and translate it into French so it fits the 2.0!
AND force him to watch it… when the variants situation settles and we can simply cross borders again.

Keep on playing with your cut. I read somewhere that an art piece is finished only when you are fed up with it.
There are at least three layers of paint on the Mona Lisa, Leonardo had fun with it all his life.
That’s why it’s so looked after.

Please don’t be fed up until you have a subtitle file 😛

Thank you thank you!

Star Wars: The Last Skywalker Awakens - The sequel trilogy 3-in-1 edit (RELEASED)

Watched first half of 2.5 finally:
Awesome work as ever! Took me some time to get ready for part of a “marathon”.

I adored what you did bringing space pew pew Poe back at early episode VIII.

Is it possible though, at 1:46:22

Instead of seeing Leia saying:
“You did it Poe, now get your squad back here so we can get out of this place”.
Then seeing Poe’s face fighting in his X-wing.

Could we:

  • Have Leia saying “You did it Poe”.
  • Cut to Poe face and if possible isolate Leia’s voice, filtered as a radio com link, saying:
    “Now get ][ back here so we can get out of this place” while Poe’s face is showing.

The “your squad” seems to be is his lonely bum in your awesome cut, until we see more small fighters in the background.

Or… is it some kind of “one man army” joke?
Or… is squad just another word for arse? 😃

Actually maybe leave it as it is, now that I typed it, it sounds funnier that way.

Tomorrow the second half!
Thanks again for the amazing work 😄

Star Wars: The Last Skywalker Awakens - The sequel trilogy 3-in-1 edit (RELEASED)


Just finished watching your edit: it is awesome!
Thank you for doing what you do!
I don’t remember how Qwant (please don’t use google) led me to your post. But I thank the RNG gods for making me love that new trilogy the way you made it 😃

It’s like a Japanese garden: remove anything non essential, arrange it until you are at the root of harmony and beauty.

One thing I was looking for though was one cameo in Episode VIII:
“Rogue One director Gareth Edwards is snuck in as well. He’s the guy standing next to the guy who remarks that the surface of the planet is salt, after tasting it, possibly the greatest line in the film.”
Salt testing does not bring anything to the plot, but knowing that Storm Trooper Daniel Craig/James Bond gets mind controlled is fun, so seeing Gareth Edwards would have been cool too. It does not break the magic as only the crazy people looking for the cameos notice…

From Empire Strikes back to Episode VIII, the movie theatre is where I watched Star Wars first.
I left Episode VII amused, Episode VIII angry and disappointed, and never went to the cinema to watch the IX…
Eventually tried it on home screen, didn’t like it.

Your version made it all a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong but great experience. Had to watch it in installments.

Once again thank you thank you.