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Quotes from Gary Kurtz

He is often credited with helping make the films the classics they are considered today.

Yeah, and he is wrongly given this credit by disgruntled fanboys like those on this site. It's a complete load of bull. Kurtz was in no way responsible for the original Star Wars trilogy being as great as it was. He created nothing, wrote nothing, and directed nothing aside from a few second unit scenes. Typical stupidity from whiny fanboys angry at Lucas for whatever reason, who don't have a clue.


"I think we both were frustrated and decided we just didn't want to work together anymore for the time being.

Bullshit Kurtz. You split over money because you nearly ran the ESB production into the ground, skyrocketing the budget by over 10 million dollars. That's why you split. Then you ran into similar problems with Dark Crystal.


Yeah but look at Rick McCallum...

At least McCallum can keep a film on budget and on schedule, unlike Kurtz. McCallum's a better producer, plain and simple. Just look at where they're at in their respective careers. McCallum is producing at Lucasfilm because he is a damn good producer. Kurtz is producing some second rate independent fan film based on Star Wars. Case closed!

If Kurtz was half as brilliant as disenchanted fanboys think he is, he would have his pick of films to produce. The only reason anyone here knows his name is because of Lucas.
Howard Kazanjian
First of all, let's set the record straight because there is quite a bit of nonsense going on in this thread. I don't know where some of you guys get your information, but it's BS!

The Bizzle is spot on in most of his comments on this issue.

Why Kurtz and Lucas split:

Kurtz would like for you to believe that he voluntarily left Lucas over creative differences. It's nonsense. Lucas and Kurtz split was solely over money. When Lucas decided to fund ESB himself, he really played hardball with Fox and really stuck it to them on negotiating deal. Lucas hired Kershner to direct. Lucas also allowed Kurtz to produce ESB on his own with little oversight from Lucas, while Lucas stayed in the U.S. to oversee the effects work. Kurtz eventually ran ESB's production 10 million dollars over budget, forcing Lucas to go back to Fox. Well, Fox let Lucas have it. Lucas blamed Kurtz because it was his responsibility to keep the production on schedule and on budget. That's a producer's job. Lucas couldn't trust Kurtz with his money. That led to the split.

Truth be told, Kurtz was not that good of a producer. You can say what you want about McCallum, but he's Lucas' producer because he is very good at his job. Who cares whether he's a "yes" man. It's not his job or any producer's job to continually confront the director.


i'm just saying he played a role in the artistic value of epIV and epV, that you can see the degradation occurring in epVI, and that without him on the prequels, they're horseshit. he is hardly the only reason or the chief reason the prequels are horseshit, but there you go. it's a factor.

Bullshit! You have no clue what you're talking about. That statement is just another example of a disgruntled fanboy trying to take credit away from Lucas for the greatness that is the original trilogy, and bestowing up Kurtz. Why? Because you're angry at Lucas.

Kurtz in no way played a role in the artistic merits of the Star Wars trilogy. Kurtz created nothing, wrote nothing, and directed nothing aside from a few second unit scenes. He is not responsible in any way for the original trilogy being great. He's a producer, no different than McCallum.

and since the 1970's we've become the most cynical, sarcastic and cranky bastards on the planet, but enough is enough.

Well said. I couldn't have said it better. That's exactl why I can' blame Lucas for ignoring Star Wars fans. The crankiest, most selfish, obssessive group I've ever seen. Unfortunately, I'm in that group as well. Would you or I give a flip about people who constantly slam you, blame you for wrecking their childhoods(which is pathetic), and attack you on a daily basis? I doubt it. I know I wouldn't.

happy birthday Lucass

Well, I do hate him. He has treated the fans like sh**.

With fans like your dumbass, as well as the dumbasses on this board, who the hell can blame him. This board alone shows how pathetic Star Wars fans has become, and how low it's sunk.


he continues to deny his fans

What fans? None of you on this board are fans of George Lucas. Why should George Lucas give a damn about a bunch of dipshits who wish him dead over simple movies, who call him names at every turn. If I was Lucas, I'd look you in your eye and tell you that not only will you not get the originals, you won't get anymore Star Wars period.


that we, the fans, made him who he is with our money

Please do me a favor and shut up. Neither you nor any of the fans made Lucas. He made himself by starting with nothing and created an iconic series of films. Did any of the fans have a hand in creating Star Wars? Did the fans create any of the characters, worlds, or anything in Star Wars? Did the fans send Lucas money to make Star Wars? Did fans stay up and worry with Lucas during the making of these films? Did fans visit Lucas in the hospital when Star Wars put him there? Did fans help direct or produce the films? The answer to those questions is a big fat NO!

Fans contributed absolutely nothing when he was creating these films. All they did was consume. They spent money of their own free will. If Lucas had created a series of horrible films, there wouldn't be Star Wars fans today. The fact is if it wasn't for Lucas, none of you wouldn't even be here right now. This board wouldn't exist. Fans didn't make shit.

Lucas owes you nothing. What makes Star Wars fans more pathetic than any other film fanbase is this sense of entitlement they think they should have. You own nothing. You deserve nothing.
Yeah, its us OLD people George- thanks!
You guys are pretty frickin' pathetic. Please spare us the psychoanalyzing of George Lucas. None of you know a damn thing about the man, and have never met the man. George Lucas is probably more sane than any twat on this board. After all, I don't see him sitting around on a message board whining like a frickin' baby because he didn't get his way. Get out and perhaps find a girl and stop whining because some filmmaker you don't even know didn't give you what you want. That's truly sad. Insulting Lucas doesn't change a damn thing, and it's not going to help you get what you want.

New Trailer

CGI - although it looks nice you can see they've even used it for floors, walls, furniture... what happened to props or sets?

I hate clueless people. You can't tell crap. You remind me of these idiots that complain about something being CG, that turns out not to be CG at all. There were 72 sets built Episode III. There are more miniatures in the film than were used in all of the original trilogy. You don't believe me, go look it up.


I'm in the group that thought EpI and II stank.

I'm in the group that doesn't give a rat's ass what you think.
ROTS Pictures (SPOILERS!!!!)

thats fine and all but you were saying i was crying and whining...

No, you're just a frickin' twat that could do the world a favor by driving yourself off of a cliff. Frankly, your a dumb idiot that doesn't even deserve to have a computer. Sorry, but I despise asswipes like you.


truth is not many people are going to like these movies regardless of what you think...

Actually, the truth is you don't speak for a single soul but your own ignorant self. Your opinion is your own, and we all know what they say about those, especially yours.

I've lurked here and you rarely, if ever, add anything to a thread worth reading. You're the resident troll that should have been kicked off a long time ago. It's a wonder you're even here. You're not a Star Wars fan in any sense of the word.
ROTS Pictures (SPOILERS!!!!)
[quote]Darth Vader looks pathetic. I guess that's what happens when you let a scrawnly little bastard like Hayden Christensen wear the suit.[/quote]

That's not Hayden in the suit in those promotional pictures. Hayden wasn't available during that promotional shoot. That was just some guy they stuck in the suit. Don't you feel stupid now.

That is Hayden in the suit, and he looks pretty damn imposing, just like Bob Anderson did in the suit for ESB and ROTJ, even though he was a good 4 inches shorter and 50 pounds lighter than Prowse.
Okay, I just have to get this off my chest!!!!
As you can see, I'm new here. But I've lurked around this forum and seen some blatant examples of ignorance and disrespect I've ever seen, no personal offense intended. Someone has to say this and shoot down some of this nonsense. I'll post some quotes and rebuttals. Afterwards I'll leave in peace.

First, I'm a huge Star Wars fans. I grew up with these films and I love them. They are truly great pieces of work. I'm not one of these wait in line or dress up kind of fans, but I love these films just as much as they do. I support your cause and I have signed this petition. I want the originals, as well as Lucas new cuts. I believe Lucas is wrong not to release and preserve the originals. But I'm not so cynical or jaded that I'm gonna pass on this DVD. I doubt many Star Wars fans, despite their denials, will pass on it either. With that, here we go.

Posted by Luke Skywalker:
"jimbo he has proven it 3 times... and even thats being generous considering he didnt direct TESB or ROTJ.."

This was a post implying that Lucas isn't a good filmmaker, and that he's only made 3 good films, the original Star Wars trilogy. It's also the biggest load I've ever heard.

American Graffiti - Lucas created and directed American Graffiti, a film that received numerous Oscar noms, including Best Picture and Best Director. It received great critical acclaim and is widely known as a classic.

THX-1138 - He also created and directed this film, a film regarded as a great science-fiction film, as well as receiving great critical acclaim.

Star Wars - Then came Star Wars, the only film of the original Star Wars trilogy that received Oscar noms for Best Picture and Best Director. It was directed by George Lucas. Perhaps Empire should have received those noms as well, but that's beside the point. The Star Wars trilogy is Lucas' vision. He is responsible for it and a very large reason why it is as great as it is.

Return of the Jedi - According to Kershner, Lucas directed most of Return of the Jedi, because Marquand and Lucas didn't get along, and the actors didn't respond to Marquand all that well. Kershner stated it was kept very quiet. I would be glad to drag the quote out. You can find the interview online.

Willow - Not a great film, but regarded as a good, lighthearted, fun film. It is enjoyed by many. Lucas didn't direct, but he did create it, write the stories, and produced them.

Indy Trilogy - No, Lucas didn't direct these films either. But Indiana Jones came from the mind of George Lucas. He created the characters and the concepts, and wrote the stories to all 3 films. He produced all 3 as well. You can thank Lucas for this trilogy, as well as the Star Wars trilogy.

So as you can see, Lucas has proven his worth as a filmmaker far more times than just with Star Wars. Maybe you should have gotten your facts straight before you mouthed off about what a terrible filmmaker he is.

Don't eve get me started on his founding and created ILM, Skywalker Sound, and LucasArts, the best and most prolific companies of their kind in the filmmaking industry. Not to mention the massive impact Lucas has had on filmmaking, visual effects, and an entire generation of people and pop culture. You wouldn't be here otherwise. Even the great Kurosawa can thank Lucas for helping him to get "Kagemusha" made. Lucas even lent ILM's services to Kurosawa so he could make great effects for his film "Dreams."

Ask Lawrence Kasdan, who Lucas helped on his first film, Body Heat. I can go on and on and on.

Lucas' influence and impact goes far, far greater than just Star Wars. Rather than continually insulting him and calling him every name in the book, simply because you're angry over his refusal to release the originals, how about a little frickin' respect for the man. If anything, you should thank him for giving you Star Wars and Indy in the first place. You can be angry and disappointed without the mean-spirited attacks and disrespect.

"So Luke, if a bunch of us e-mailed Criterion, do you think we'd intrigue them...I mean, they're all about film preservation, so perhaps they feel as we do"

It doesn't matter what they do. They have no control over Star Wars, nor do they have the ability to put the originals on DVD. Lucas owns Star Wars. They can't do a thing without Lucas' approval.

"Richard Marquand did a great job on directing Return of the Jedi. The only thing that's his "fault" about it is how great it is."

As I said above, maybe you better thank Lucas rather than Marquand. Kershner stated that Lucas directed most of Return of the Jedi. You can look above for the reasons. Do a search for Irvin Kershner interviews. It was an interview with Shock Cinema in which he states Lucas directed most of Jedi, along with his(Kershner's) 2nd unit director filming some other, smaller scenes.

Posted by Luke Skywalker:
"but i understand that being of your intelligence... you need a lot of action to hold your attention and a very simple story..."

After reading many of your posts, you of all people shouldn't be insulting anyone's intelligence. Your opinion is not fact. It's like all other opinions, and we know what they say about opinions. I bet you even own AOTC on DVD, which says a whole lot about you, especially if you hate it so much.


That is a poll about the Star Wars DVDs to the general public. This was not on a Star Wars site or anything.

I was surprised to see so many people not going to buy it (general public) because of the changes."

A poll from an internet gaming website is not the general public. In fact, they make up many of the online fanboys. The general public does not chat about movies online. Internet fans make up probably 1% of all Star Wars fans. They just tend to be the loudest and most fanatical.

If you honestly believe that only 50% of Star Wars fans are going to buy this DVD, then I've got a bridge to sell you. Almost all Star Wars fans will buy the DVD sooner or later, even the vast majority of those who claim they won't. It's a bunch bull and they know it. Some won't buy it, but those will be few and far between. Online polls and threats are meaningless, because nobody can call you on it. For all we know, people can claim they won't buy it, then go out and buy it, and we wouldn't even know.

"George Lucas listens to fans, not in my lifetime!"

Considering how pathetic, mean-spirited, and possessive they've become, why should he. Star Wars fans have now surpassed Star Trek fans as the most pathetic lot in all of movie fandom, and I have to include myself in that fanbase. I wouldn't listen to them either, if I was in Lucas' shoes.

Posted by Luke Skywalker:
"yes and these people who like the changes are fanboys who like anything that Lucas dishes out.."

Quite funny coming from someone who has racked up nearly 3,000 posts on a Star Wars message board. Kind of like the pot calling the kettle black.

I've seen these rips, and they are a vast improvement over the '97 SEs. The new Jabba is a huge improvement over the '97 SE Jabba, and it isn't even close. The new dianoga is far better than the old one. The new ending to Jedi is much better than the original, abrupt ending with the silly ewok yub-nub song. The new Emperor change in Empire, is a huge improvement over the original, monkey-eyed emperor. The removal of the scream from Luke's fall is also a great change. Not to mention all of the other cleaned up shots, including lightsabers. If you complain about these, you need help.

As for replacing Shaw with Hayden. I don't like it. It's half-ass work. I prefer the original.

Now, you can flame me, rip me, call me names! Whatever! But get a clue and a grip. If you think you're going make Luc