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The Clone Wars: Refocused [COMPLETE] - Renewed focus on your requests!

Finished the ‘Quality Cut’ this past week.


I can’t even imagine the amount of effort that went into this. But in short, it was flat-out awesome. This takes TCW and makes a coherent whole out of it, while dumping the worst ‘filler’ and ‘kiddie’ elements of it. I can’t imagine watching this any other way, now, nor will I next time I feel like a TCW hit.

I need to make another mention of the musical additions in this project: they definitely helped ‘make it.’ Haunting, appropriate, and in my mind, essential to the whole.

Very well done!

Mando EP4: Return to Mandalore 4K [RELEASED]

Another great edit.

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that for the first two seasons, I like the TV show / episodic format the best. (Not that the movie cuts weren’t good!) For BOBF and S3, definitely these movie cuts are the go-to.

The only thing I missed seeing in EP IV were the Morlocks on Mandalore. I understand totally why they were cut, though. I think everything else synced and timed up about perfectly.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what you’ve done with Ahsoka when you finish that. If any show in SW history ever needed a good movie edit, it’s that one.

Great work!

Ahsoka re-write

Okay, I couldn’t help myself. I re-wrote Ahsoka, attempting to take the broad storyline and characters and remake it into a more cohesive and logical narrative. Without getting too spoilery, an overview of the effort looks like this:

  1. The biggest change is that Thrawn and Ezra are trapped in the Unknown Regions rather than some other galaxy, and I’ve got a story mechanism to make that work. Also, there is very little Dathomiri lore here. No zombies, although Marrok remains some sort of weird wraith. His part in the story is fairly small, and he meets a similar fate. Morgan Elbseth’s Nightsister powers are related to the dark side of the Force, rather than ‘magic.’

  2. The ‘map mc’guffin’ is worked over so it actually makes sense, and is tied in to the old Jedi Temple on Lothal rather than some Dathomiri ruin. Wait, what? The temple is destroyed? Well, we’ll just see about that. 😉 Also, the map itself is a Rakatan artifact rather than Dathomiri.

  3. The Lothal temple angle smooths over the WBW stuff as well, which I’ve worked in despite not caring much for it in the series. Actually, in this case, I think it works better than Ahsoka’s weird, underwater NDE- it happens as part of a shared temple experience with Ahsoka, Jacen, and Sabine, more along the lines of what Kanan and Ezra experienced during the course of Rebels, and it’s all tied to getting the map key.

  4. The matter of Sabine’s past Jedi training with Ahsoka gets fair treatment as well, so Sabine doesn’t suddenly pop as a ‘magic Jedi’. This will make a LOT more sense almost from the beginning. It also has the side benefit of offering an explanation as to Ahsoka’s whereabouts and activities during the OT. Readers may be surprised to see how Sabine’s arc wraps here.

  5. Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati’s storylines are expanded, more of their background explained, and their character arcs completed by the ending. There is a redemption story here in the finest SW tradition- something I wasn’t planning but it sort of wrote itself as I went along.

  6. Thrawn is not treated like a 6 year old Checkers player. His part in this story is actually fairly minor, but when he hits, he hits hard. Likewise, the New Republic government doesn’t behave like a pack of complete idiots. Admiral Ackbar is the only ‘official’ who makes an appearance.

This story is MUCH more Rebels Season V than the show, and Zeb is included from the beginning. Jacen Syndulla is also given a relevant part to play, without it being OTT. Hera’s role is expanded and much more in line with her characterization in Rebels. Moreover, she is FAR more concerned about her son being placed in dangerous situations than was shown in the show. The work is novella length, around 84,000 words, written in a regular third person narrative format versus a script. I’ve written this as a sort of canon-legends hybrid, but that part is fairly transparent- you won’t really notice it until the end. This is a self-contained story that technically serves as a lead-in to Zahn’s “Heir to the Empire”, so it is not open ended. All story threads and character arcs resolve by the end.

This is a mediafire link to the story’s pdf file: https://www.mediafire.com/file/d4o8sha9x6pj0dt/Ahsoka.pdf/file

If anyone has a problem with the link, give me a yell. Like other fan efforts here, comments and feedback are welcome. Enjoy!

Mando EP3: A New Path (A Book of Boba Fett Edit) [RELEASED]

This was a fantastic edit.

It basically salvages BOBF and works in the Mando stuff in a seamless, logical manner. I really liked how the final battle was cut down, and most of the vespa-crew stuff was cut. If there was a way to cut all of it, that would be even better, but I realize that would be extremely difficult. The way Grogu was edited OUT of the Tatooine stuff was pretty ingenious.

My only issue here is with all the Grogu / Luke /Ahsoka stuff at the end. This story essentially concludes with the end of the battle. I thought the scene of Din leaving Tatooine would have been the perfect place to cut to credits.

I haven’t watched Ep IV yet so I’m not sure how well it would work editing all the Jedi stuff into the beginning of that one. However, if it was to be broken up, here’s one possible way I would suggest trying:

In Ep III, Mando tests the starfighter in Beggar’s Canyon. When he heads for space, wipe to him leaving Tatooine to go present his present to Grogu. A LOT of the stuff with the droids building the temple and bench could be cut with no issues- he should arrive and find Ahsoka almost immediately. Then carry on up to the point where Ahsoka talks him down. He leaves, returns to Tatooine, and that’s when Fennic Shand is waiting for him in the docking bay. Then end EP III after the battle, and work in the rest of the Grogu stuff at the beginning of IV. Again, not having seen IV, I’m not sure how well that works.

If all else fails, maybe the answer is an EP 3.5 vignette that addresses the Grogu issue. It’s painfully obvious that Mando S3 didn’t originally account for Grogu, but his popularity caused them to write him back in. The whole thing is just kind of a mess. This would cut down on the length of EP III, allowing it to end in its proper place. (IMHO).

Anyway, great job! Looking forward to EP IV!

Prism's Sequel Trilogy

The one thing I wasn’t sure I liked was the use of the Star Forge and other KOTOR references, but I will admit that Keanu as Darth Revan is definitely the way to go, if you’re going to go that way.

It was a pretty dense storyline, but given that these web episodes were all less than an hour, I think that it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to make them into a few 2.5 hour movies. Of course, I don’t make movies for a living so I dunno.

<strong>Ahsoka</strong> (live action series) - general discussion thread

I’m a huge fan of Rebels and I enjoyed Ahsoka’s appearance in Chapter 13 of The Mandalorian, so I was stoked for this series and had high hopes.

Which were dashed against the rocks.

I tried to love this show- I really did. There are a few cool elements and visuals. But overall, the pacing was so glacial, the story so non-existent, the acting so flat, and Thrawn’s decisions so inexplicably dumb that I just wound up hating it. In fact, I’m so disappointed with it that I wouldn’t care if it was canceled and left unresolved. I get that it was supposed to be a bridge to more stuff later on, but a show has to stand on its own as well, and this one fell far short of that.

Rant over.

What changes would you make to the Sequels?

I guess if I had my druthers, I’d do one of the following:

  1. Recast the lead characters and film Zahn’s trilogy as the ST. (Sebastian Stan as Luke, Millie Bobbie Brown as Leia, and give Alden Ehrenreich another shot as Han.
  2. Go with Prizm’s ST story. (Available to watch on youtube)
  3. Redo ROTJ with Luke falling to the dark side, and then a ST in which a New Republic led by Leia is at odds with an Imperial Remnant ruled by Luke.

Oddly enough, given the timescales involved, 1 and 2 could be combined if you resolved the issue of Leia being pregnant with Jedi twins in Zahn’s trilogy vs. Ben Solo being an only child in Prizm’s story. You could rework Jacen / Jaina into Ben / Rey, with Rey having been lost to the dark side early in her training. (In Prizm’s story she just starts as a fully trained darksider.) Then you’d have Zahn’s trilogy as 7-9 and Prizm’s as 10-12.

Prism's Sequel Trilogy

I’ve seen the treatments of Eps 7 and 8, and a small part of 9. I also watched his youtube video outlining the footprint he’d follow for future projects, sagas vs. odysseys, etc. All very well thought out.

So far, I think his treatment of the ST has been excellent. The old and new characters blend and work together seamlessly, everyone has an actual story-arc, there are some interesting interpersonal relationships, and there is a coherent 3-episode plot. It’s the first treatment of the sequels I’ve seen that actually stands as a potential rival to Zahn’s work, and the beauty of it is that it happens so far in the future, that it could easily flow AFTER Zahn’s work, making episodes 10,11, and 12. The only hang-up would be reconciling Leia’s pregnancy with twins versus Ben as an only child.

Anyway, short version is that it’s good stuff and I’ve been enjoying it.

The interesting thing with projects like this is that at some point in the future, AI will enable people to actually generate either 3d-cgi or animated visuals to go along with the stories. That’ll put fan-fiction / fan-editing into a whole new realm.

Info: The Star Wars Fan Edit Great Debate Thread.

I’ll throw in my .02 on the topic…

Basically, the level of fan-editing I prefer is inversely proportional to my love of the original.

Two examples:

  1. Star Wars ESB (The original theatrical cut): Damn near the perfect movie as is, so in terms of fan-editing, I greatly prefer an effort that un-does the changes in the Special Editions, and brings the coloring / lighting / VFX up to date. So basically, technical corrections versus story corrections.

  2. Kenobi. Horribly put together series with all sorts of issues. What I’m looking for in a fan-edit of a project like this is something that salvages it, for lack of a better term. That entails stuff like editing down to a movie, major story restructuring, etc. BIG changes. If a fan-edit turns out something I really love against an original that I hate, the fan-edit becomes my new go-to and I will rarely (if ever) watch the original again.

Lastly, there is a third sub-category of fan-editing that I like, but more in a ‘okay, that was cool’ sort of way without taking it too seriously. This would include projects like “The Battle of Dol Guldur”, “The Battle of Scarif”, etc. These creatively use assets from a larger movie or series to create a self-contained mini-story. It can be a really good use of extraneous material cut out of a fan edit of an original piece that is too long and convoluted. Yes, Hobbit trilogy, I’m looking at YOU. 😉

At the end of the day, fan-editing is like writing fan fiction. Everyone can tell the story they want, and others are free to enjoy it or not, as they choose. But I never think of a fan-editor as ‘ruining’ the original project. It’s a hobby, done for love and respect of the source material. If my vision differs greatly from the work someone else has done, that’s okay. I can go find something I do want to watch, and no hard feelings.


Finished watching Part I. Here are my thoughts on it:

First of all, this was very well done, very smooth and watchable. As others have said, one of my biggest gripes with the actual show is the glacial pacing. This edit does a lot to correct that. I liked the addition of dialogue from the trailer, and the dialogue cuts where they were made.

Pacing-wise, I think it could have been improved even more. During the early conversations there are still these big, thoughtful, dragging gaps. I’m not a video editor so I don’t know how well it would work, but I wondered if there was a way to cut back to characters at a later point in the takes during these conversations, to shorten the lengthy pauses. It would make those conversations flow a little faster. Of course, it’s a fine line between making it better and making it feel off. Just a thought.

In the first fight between Sabine and Shin, I greatly prefer 21C Peasant’s ‘slice vs stab’ You gave your reasons for wanting to leave it as it was originally done, and that’s fine. I just think this way would be better, and I don’t see how it could possibly affect much down the line. Personal preference on that one.

I think the idea WtarSars had about cutting the exterior space sequence could work while still retaining the Purrgil. Flow would be something like this: Eye of Sion fires on T-6, Morgan asks about the results, they’re off the scope. Cut to the T-6 starting planetfall, show the Purgill, and then intersperse some shots of the T-6 flying over the surface and landing, picking up the character shots with Ahsoka back in her normal outfit. Maybe there’s a way to make that relatively seamless, or not. I’d love to see someone give it a crack.

I’m torn on removing the ground fight at the T-6. It does tighten up the narrative and Morgan’s dialogue does provide a pathway to omitting it, but I enjoyed that scene. Mere personal preference, again. What was done here still works well.

I think Hera’s holo-meeting with Mon Mothma could be cut completely. When she contacts Ahsoka later, the same information is purveyed to the audience. I haven’t watched Part II of this edit yet, but doing this would be a first step towards eliminating that clunky (in my opinion) bit of the story completely.

Loved the way Ezra’s voiceover was added to the scenes on Seatos with Baylan and Sabine. Really gives some added insight as to how Baylan reads her inner conflict so clearly, and why Sabine makes the choice she does.

Overall, this has the look and feel of professional work. Nice job, and I’m looking forward to checking out Part II!