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The Outsiders (1983) Servanov Theatrical HD Reconstruction

Servanov said:

jjdout said:

Hi Servanov,
How can I get a copy of this? Can’t stand the complete novel version. I keep hoping there will be a blu ray of the theatrical cut, but still nothing. The reddit/mega link is dead. dying for an HD copy of the theatrical cut. Can you help me out?

Yes, I am a bit low on Mega space, so I will upload it to, check in about a day or so.

Hi, thank you so much for taking the time to post this. I’m really excited to see this.Hoping to download today, and will watch in the next day or so…can’t wait. Thanks again, and I will let you know what I think.

The Outsiders (1983) Servanov Theatrical HD Reconstruction

Servanov said:

Thank you for viewing my fan reconstruction of Francis Ford Coppola’s The Outsiders (1983). This is a fan reconstruction of the theatrical version of the film, available for the first time in high definition. Previously, the only version available in HD was the extended “complete novel” version, which cuts out scenes as well as adds scenes to the film. The extended cut also replaced many of the original titles, opticals and much of the wonderful Carmine Coppola score.

This fan reconstruction used the official Blu-Ray as the main source for the video, and some footage, not included in the Blu-Ray, had to be replaced with a DVD version upscaled to HD and with color correction to match with the surrounding BD footage. Some titles were also recreated in HD, such as the Warner Communications “worm” logo (which had for many years been replaced by the modern logo, and was not the logo used in the theatrical version). The Zoetrope Studios logo and the “Francis Ford Coppola Presents” card were also carefully recreated digitally in HD. Additionally, audio was taken from the official 1983 LaserDisc to serve as the main audio source. The same LaserDisc (along with a VHS copy) was used as a timing reference, to ensure that the reconstruction was as accurate as possible. Thank you, and please enjoy the theatrical version of The Outsiders (1983) for the first time in HD.

The file can be found on Reddit under the r/megalinks subreddit.

-2014 Blu-Ray of The Outsiders: The Complete Novel
-2008 DVD of the theatrical version of The Outsiders

-1983 LaserDisc of The Outsiders

-1983 LaserDisc of The Outsiders
-1983 VHS of The Outsiders

Video Specs:
1:31:11 (h.m.s)
.m2ts Format
9.92 Gb
Data Rate: 14031 kb/s
Total Bitrate: 15567 kb/s
23.976 frames/second

Audio Specs:
Bitrate: 1536 kb/s