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Magnificent Ambersons Criterion LDrip

The transfer on the Criterion LD was good for it's time, but was struck in the late 80s.  We're talking a 30-year old transfer.  I know TCM had a much improved transfer that they used to run, but I don't know how often they play it.  


The best idea would be to capture it from TCM-HD next time they air it, and take the supplements from the Criterion LD. 

Apocalypse Now OAR

MrBrown said:

Here is a image of the cut tape.

I wonder a bit, because it is stated to be 2.20:1 But the Text says its original cinematic aspect ratio.


And here is a Picture of the Tape I got at eBay.

You may notice that they are quite alike, except for the Logo bottom left, and the small round printing on the cinematic version.


The german text for the details about the Televisin airing says, that the TV airing, and the Marketing cutted Tape should have original aspect ratio.


I just wonder about the 2.2:1 stating...


Here is a snap from my uncut Tape:



2.21 is correct if you are talking original theatrical release aspect ratio.  The original release was in 70mm in selected markets.  The 70mm prints have an aspect ratio of 2.21 and have no end credits.  It was later released wide in 35mm at 2.35 with the tacked on explosion ending.